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Posted in: China aligns with Japan on piracy patrols See in context

It's about time China did something about piracy... ;)

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Posted in: Woman injured after bolt falls from rollercoaster in Yamanashi See in context

They should change the name of the ride to: Noranakute, eejanaika?

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Posted in: Cases of emergency patient refusal by hospitals rise to over 16,000 See in context

Hippo, I'm sorry to hear this practice affected you, but it looks like everything worked out in the end. Thankfully I've never had a bad experience with Japanese hospitals, but it sounds like this is enough of a problem that something should be done about it.

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Pretty impressive for a seven year old.

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A search was conducted of Nomoto’s home where police found around 280 items of underwear, according to Nikkan. Police are currently investigating the likelihood that he has committed other similar thefts.

Yeah, maybe he bought the remaining 262 items. :)

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Posted in: No. of tainted cattle shipped around Japan nears 1,500 See in context

My wife is quite worried about the radiation, and we decided back in April to leave the country after much deliberation. After spending some time searching for a new job, I'm finally leaving this week. :(

Best of luck to those of you sticking it out here. I hope this is just a minor bump in the road, and everything gets back to normal soon. Hopefully things aren't as bad as some believe, and this doesn't drag on too much longer.

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Posted in: Japan bans all cattle shipments from Fukushima over radiation fears See in context

I beg you all please read this and learn. It is from maff the people measuring all export products andpublishing the results.......... I haveposted this here before but no one reads it,. Just go here http://www.maff.go.jp/e/seisan/meat_inspection/index.html

Very good information. It looks like they've actually been doing sampling on lots of different products since the quake. I guess the "bad" farms (even results within the same Minamisoma-shi, looked pretty low until recently)

Anyway, I guess I would prefer they had simply enforced this ban earlier, rather than playing "Battleship" for contaminated areas, but I guess hind-sight is 20/20. Easy for me to say, as I have been living on a pretty stick foreign-produced diet these past few months.

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Posted in: Japan bans all cattle shipments from Fukushima over radiation fears See in context

Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs Geoffrey Wiggin Discusses Food Security http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qnLek-hSG8&feature=player_detailpage#t=227s

"So, what does that mean for you as consumers? It means that if you go into your supermarket to buy produce, it's almost certainly....I won't say certainly, but you know.... safe, because it's not only you cannot get product which has been contaminated from the regions which have been affected, but the private sector entities are going well beyond what the government is telling them to do, and simply not putting on the shelves products which even come from Fukushima or the affected prefectures"

Granted, this was from 3/25, and was specifically talking about produce, but I can't help but wonder about how the system (both government, and private sector) let us down, and turned Mr. Wiggin into a liar.

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Posted in: Japan bans all cattle shipments from Fukushima over radiation fears See in context

I am seriuosly asking myself now why we never see or get any food from Russia being the country next door. If it is just because of these Kuril islands, then, maybe it is time to wake up and forget that story.

Snickers are produced in Russia, actually (been paying much more attention to food labels recently) :)

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Posted in: A global goodbye for Hikaru Utada See in context

I respect her success, and wish her the best in the future.

However, "You're easy breezy and I'm Japaneesy"? Wow. Takes guts to have that line appear in the chorus of a single you're using to try to break into the US market.

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Posted in: Tamaki heating things up with Noriko Aota See in context


From the original article:


 玉 「そんなことは言う必要がない。暮らしてても、暮らしてなくても、2人でセックスはしてます!よろしく!」


When did you start living together?

Tamaki: I don't have to answer that. Whether we're living together or not, the two of us are having sex! Thanks!

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