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Posted in: Sakura Uehara divorces husband after his punchup with cameraman See in context

punching and kicking the cameraman isn't the only reason for divorce. from all the news about this "starlet" (no idea until when she's gonna be a starlet), you could tell that she herself is a big problem.perhaps common with japanese women of her kind. but still glad that they aren't really that much. still we have lots of good ones out there.

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Posted in: If Tatsuya Ichihashi continues to refuse food and refuse to talk about the murder of Lindsay Ann Hawker, what do you think prosecutors should do? See in context

Put him into trial at once and sentence him to death. There wouldn't be any justice for Lindsay if he just died of starvation.Make him confess in the court and hang him dead!

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Posted in: Ichihashi's lawyers say he doesn't want any contact with his parents See in context

There won't be any jury for this case's trial. The incident happened before the lay-jury system was implemented. In short, he falls under the old system. I understand that everyone wants justice for Lindsay Hawker, of course and for the record, I'm not defending Ichihashi here. I just couldn't take what other people are writing. Sounds like they know everything and accept no corrections. Please....if you're gonna write something, write something meaningful, not annoying ones.

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

Why not take the first class seat if you hate all these stuffs on the economy. Planes weren't built for people just like you guys! Grow up!

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Posted in: Ishihara blames Tokyo 2016 failure on behind-the-scenes deals See in context

Tokyo doesn't need to host any Olympic Games anymore and in fact, only few residents supported for this bid. And now that the amout spent just for the bidding campaign was made public, a lot of people will burst to anger. That amout of money could help solve many problems of the city and it's another proof of "wasteful spending!" I think it's time for you to wake up Mr. Governor, forget about your own desire! And whoever the next governor would be, I hope he wouldn't bid for the 2020 Olympics. By that time, Ishihara is not on this earth anymore!!!

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Posted in: More than 100 Y10,000 bills found in Yamanashi recycling plant See in context

After 6 months, if nobody claimed the money, all the amount would automatically go to the person who found and reported it the police... That's how it goes here in Japan.

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Posted in: Man held for punching 50-yr-old woman on Saitama train over playing games on cell phone See in context

This young man is a result of having "monster parents" who spoiled him in many ways!!!

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume leader 'Mikitty' to wed comedian Tomoharu Shoji in July See in context

Best wishes for both of you....Hopefully, your marriage will last forever!!!!

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Posted in: What's wrong with the way English is taught in Japan? See in context

Change should start first with the environment and after that with the education system. They should stop using all those Katakana English on television and introduce more English programs especially for kids... There should also be some encouragement from parents to help their kids learn English while they're still young...Adults are a little difficult to teach so they need to develop new approach for them...English schools, some are really helpful but sad to say that most are just after the cash!...

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