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Posted in: Japan racks up record deficit; lowers growth estimate See in context

All is well! Happy days are here again!


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Posted in: U.S. job gains lift hopes See in context

Those "shovel-ready" jobs are just popping up everywhere! Look! There goes one now!

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Posted in: Tokyo investors eye more BOJ easing this week See in context

Right,... because they haven't hyperinflate the currency supply quite enough yet. Morons.

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Posted in: Malaysia launches terrorism probe over vanished jet See in context

What a tragedy. Unless the plane managed to land somewhere, which doesn't seem likely at this point, then quite probably all on board perished whether by aircraft failure or other cause. Condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones.

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Posted in: Ex-BOJ official sees little risk of tax hike harming Japan recovery See in context

" I'm looking real-world evidence over an extended period. That is indeed the "forest.""

What you mistake as the "forest " is a handful of saplings at the forest's edge. Indeed the very short-term effects of Abe's retread experiment appear to make a beginning, but as the seeds sown on shallow ground have no deep root, when the heat of summer begins the roots in the shallow ground dry up and the whole field of young plants wither.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

As usual, the CCP makes ludicrous claims. Utter cow poo. Surely the Tibetans would more accurately compare the CCP to the Nazis.

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Posted in: China says Germans fine if their war atonement is compared to Japan See in context

As usual, the CCP spews BS.

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Posted in: Judge rejects Apple bid to ban Samsung devices See in context

" I don't use any phone but I think more than 300 million iPhone users would disagree with that?"

Look at the global market share.

" By manufacturer

In 2013, Samsung set at 31.3 percent Shipment Market Share, a slight increase from 30.3 percent in 2012, while Apple set at 15.3 percent in 2013 and decrease from 18.7 percent in 2012. Huawei, LG and Lenovo set at about 5 percent each and significant better than 2012 figures, while Others set at about 40 percent or same with last year figure. Only Apple loss its market share, although the shipment volume in one year still increase by (small) 12.9 percent, but the rest increase significant in shipment volume by 36 to 92 percent."

Apple is losing its former grip on the market.

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Posted in: Ex-BOJ official sees little risk of tax hike harming Japan recovery See in context

" The risks have been cited for many years now, every since Japan dropped its int. rates to zero and flooded the system with liquidity....14 years ago! None of doomsday scenarios have come to pass. None. Did you hear that? None."


Patience, boy. That day is coming. As the adage goes, "Bankruptcy comes slowly, then very abruptly". When you look only at the tree in your face, you can't see the forest.

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Posted in: Abe promises Japanese support for U.S. in Ukraine crisis See in context

He can give them loan guarantees backed by BOJ worthless bonds...

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Posted in: Composer Samuragochi apologizes for fake work See in context

What was that honorable thing the samurai did when they were caught in some scandal?

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Posted in: Camera facial recognition program put on hold for Osaka train station building See in context

The proliferation of Big Brother never rests long.

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Posted in: Putin rebuffs Obama as Ukraine crisis escalates See in context

In Obama's pretzel-logic world, a violent mob overthrowing a democratically elected, legitimate though corrupt president is worthy of international support, but referendum of the citizens' choice is "illegitimate ". Does that also depend on what one's definition of "is" is?

What if a large mob of say one million citizens fed up with the president's willful violations of the Constitution opted to lay siege to the capital and demand his resignation and he fled to ... wherever. Would Obama and his supporters also view that as legitimate? What if Spring were coming to that nation as well?

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Posted in: Crimean MPs vote to join Russia; U.S. unveils sanctions See in context

Great post: " - the demonstrations in Kiev overthrew a not very likeable but nevertheless a legitimate president of Ukraine , not at a ballot box but through street protest...the western media headlines are all about freedom, liberation and bright future for the people. When Crimea on the other hand which has a predominantely Russian speaking population that seems to ovewhelmingly prefer to stay close to Russia and its 78 out of 86 MP,s vote for headlines are all about "illegitimacy ", illegality and increasing tensions. Hmmm....."

Indeed! Violent illegal ouster of legitmate(yet unpopular, corrupt) president = good; Referendum for citizens to decide their region's fate = bad. Got it. Democracy without rule of law.

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Posted in: Judge rejects Apple bid to ban Samsung devices See in context

Apple just can't compete.

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Posted in: Ex-BOJ official sees little risk of tax hike harming Japan recovery See in context

Muto can't see his hand in front of his face. An old fool in clear denial.

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Posted in: Crimean MPs vote to join Russia; U.S. unveils sanctions See in context

Any economic sanctions that EUS impose will boomarang and result in negative economic effects both in EU and in US.

Obama is holding a hand full of mixed suit low cards, no pairs, no straight. Ante up?

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Posted in: Another delay to Obama health law See in context

" but we do not want a "Stupid Party", quoted by Jindal, to come to Denver."

Nice to see Jindal take the high road instead of namecalling.

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Posted in: American bitcoin exchange CEO dies in suspicious circumstances in Singapore See in context

"… or if it were an actual suicide then obviously Bitcoin is going the way of the US great depression era.... lots of bodies were falling from skyscrapers in that day."

You might want to look into the recent rash of investment banker "untimely " deaths. There have been several.

Whether her death is related to business or her private life is pure speculation at this point.

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Posted in: Another delay to Obama health law See in context

" The rule change was the latest delay or modification to the health care law, which ranks as Obama’s signature domestic achievement but has been plagued by problems and political unpopularity.

The law is a significant weight on many Democrats fighting mid-term elections, in which the party is seen as having little chance to take back the House of Representatives and in deep peril of losing control of the Senate."

Forest, meet trees.

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Posted in: Russia denies controlling pro-Moscow forces in Crimea See in context

" dcog9065 at Mar. 06, 2014 - 01:43PM JST @JanesBlonde: Mugabe, Napoleon and Hitler were all DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED too.."

We can add Obama to that list as well, but much more importantly what JanesBlonde posted is correct and the Western controlled media is as usual distorting the facts and instigating trouble. Lavrov is right.

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Posted in: 'Upskirt photos' legal, Massachusetts top court says See in context

I don't know. When a woman wears a skirt so short that when she shifts and recrosses her legs that her undies are easily in view, the invasion of privacy concept is as questionable as wearing a nearly sheer top, a la Paris Hilton and others.

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Posted in: Another delay to Obama health law See in context

The depths to which collectivist defenders of the atrocious legislation will stoop and grovel defies all logic.

It's a centrally planned debacle built on bad economics that can only implode under its own weight.

If ACA is so good, then why has the administration delayed key provisions which would take effect just before elections? The legality of the Executive Branch changing the law at will is especially concerning when that power lies in Congress only.

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Posted in: 24-year-old man arrested over knife attacks in Kashiwa See in context

Maybe nutboy needed money to get a PS4.

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Posted in: Man killed, 3 others stabbed in same street within 10 minutes in Chiba See in context

Real nutters on the loose, and a completely defenseless society. In addition to the usual criminal-robber types there are the mentally unhinged variety. The police always arrive well after the fact.

@tmarie, the thumb-downers don't like their logically incompetent economic theories scrutinized by reality.

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Posted in: Japan considers bitcoin tax after Mt Gox failure See in context

Ah yes, the governmental solution to everything is, of course, to tax. As I've said before, governments(and their central bank Ponzi schemers) abhor any real competition especially regarding currency. Who do you really think is behind the attacks on Bitcoin exchanges?

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Posted in: Obama says Putin not fooling anybody over Ukraine See in context

The United States is growing increasingly isolated on Russia, as a leaked document in the UK has hinted ministers there are second guessing sanctions. They don't wish to lose Russian investment into the country.

"The government document that was leaked read that Britain "should not support, for now, trade sanctions… or close London’s financial center to Russians.” For the US to impose sanctions on Russia, the support of Britain and Europe will be needed. “Unilateral US sanctions against Russia are not going to have much of an effect if Europe remains a haven for Russian banks and Russian oligarchs to stash and invest their money,” said Senator Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat. “If the United States shuts its economic doors to Russia and Europe leaves its doors open, there won’t be much change in behavior from Moscow." US lawmakers have been voiciferous in proposing aggressive sanctions against Russian banks. Congress also has acted to freeze the assets of Russian public institutions and private investors. US lawmakers are also looking into loans for the coup regime in Kiev which overthrew the elected government of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Many people claim the current events over the Ukraine are not betokening of a "new Cold War", but there is much evidence to suggest we've already entered into a prolonged period of intense "diplomatic" jockeying a la the Cold War. It is no secret that the US has an imperialistic war agenda, and Russia is not dumb. Putin has not and will not tolerate NATO expansion to its' borders. In fact, the west - mainly the US -promised NATO would not expand to Russia's borders once the Iron Curtain fell. The US lied. And Russia noted it."

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Posted in: Man in coma after being assaulted outside his home See in context

sharkeisha, it's not unusual for adult children and their parents live under the same roof in many countries including Japan. Sometimes it's in the established family home, and sometimes in the newer home owned by the adult child.

I hope this murderer is identified and prosecuted soon.

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Posted in: Bus driver in fatal crash suffered from sleep apnea See in context

While sleep apnea can lead to exhaustion, perhaps the writer has confused sleep apnea with narcolepsy?

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Posted in: Baptist churches in Kentucky give away guns as prizes See in context

I find this rather perplexing. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with religion. Clearly, I support both religious freedom and gun rights, however including firearms in a church raffle leaves me near speechless. I've gone hunting with various church members, but not a one would, I think, propose to offer one for proselytizing. Non sequitor.

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