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Posted in: Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media See in context

The Vietnamese might be being used by the local inamkamono. Who knows how and what to steal than the locals.

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Posted in: Olympics cancellation likely to sock populace with nasty tax surprise See in context

That would be better than being socked with the bill for Coronavirus 19.

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Posted in: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87 See in context

She held on as long as she could. Thank you Justice Ginsburg.

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Posted in: Foreigners in Japan becoming target of discrimination due to virus See in context

I believe Abe is indirectly responsible for much of this discrimination. It was Abe who barred the return of resident non-Japanese earlier this year, stranding thousands from their homes in Japan. In this way he helped to fan the fires of xenophobia.

In the majority of cases, Japanese get the coronavirus from diseased Japanese.

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Posted in: PM hopeful Suga says he may need help from Abe on diplomacy See in context

Well said, OssanAmerica, "We all knew this. Suga can work fine as PM only if Kono is made FM again. And Ishiba DM." But this like saying he needs a popsicle stick taped to a major area to carry out his functions.

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Posted in: PM hopeful Suga says he may need help from Abe on diplomacy See in context

'Japanese prime minister hopeful Yoshihide Suga says that he lacks the kind of diplomatic skills that outgoing leader Shinzo Abe has, including Abe's personal friendship with President Donald Trump, and that he will need his assistance if he assumes the top job.'

That's like asking Jeffrey Epstein to babysit you .children.

There cannot be anyone more diplomatically cognately challenged than Abe, with the ecception of Donald Trump.

Watch Japan go downhill with stupid Suga.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

One idiot following another. Consumption is already low because of the pandemic. A consumption tax will only make people spend less.

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Posted in: Tokyo to end shorter hours for bars; virus alert to be lowered See in context

There is the above headline: "Tokyo to end shorter hours for bars; virus alert to be lowered" and then there another headline: "Tokyo reports 276 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 692." You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that Tokyo is still in a crisis. Yet the Tokyo government seems unable to see the obvious.

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Posted in: Nissan received record ¥130 bil state loan guarantee See in context

Who in this time would want to buy a Nissan? At the current rate it may be gone before the pandemic is over.

The taxpayers aside, thing of the poor Nissan owner suddenly discovers he or she has no backup because the company is bankrupt.

It makes me wonder if the wrong people are under arrest.

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Posted in: Trial of former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

"Let this be a lesson to any foreigner wishing to take up a high position in a Japanese company in Japan."

Don't work for anything in Japan.

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Posted in: 75th anniversary of end of WWII marked at Pearl Harbor See in context

Had the Japanese not decided on imperialism as national policy, this would have been a happier world. The millions who died in wars would have lived out normal lives. By all means, preserve Article 9.

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Posted in: Japan considers offering COVID-19 vaccines for free to all residents See in context

This would be a most sensible policy once the vaccine in proven and ready for distribution.

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Posted in: 75 years later, Japanese-American man recalls bitter internment in U.S. See in context

Did you know that German-Americans and Italian-Americans? Japanese-Americans finally received compensation while the German-Americans and Italian-Americans did not. Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold tried to get bill though to rectify that but failed.

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Posted in: Japanese divorce rate drops nearly 10% during coronavirus stay-at-home time See in context

Sequestering and working from home with my wife. Except for the pandemic, the best time of our lives.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher apologizes for peeing on students’ futon during club retreat See in context

Frankly, anyone supervising students should not be drinking. Suppose there was a fire and the teacher was too drunk to deal with it.

(Hey, no jokes about how the teacher could have put the hypothetical fire out.)

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Posted in: Abenomics failed to deliver as Japan braces for post-Abe era See in context

There is one Abe failure we can be thankful for. He failed to revise (ruin) Article 9. The antiwar diamond of the Japanese Constitution Is still there for the Japanese people and the world to be proud of.

But Abe's last major act, conditionally halting permanent foreign residents from coming home, was not simply a failure--it was a disaster. Thousands permanent foreign residents were put jeopardy and Japan lost face internationally. Not an elegant exist.

When September rolls around permanent residents will be returning to an Abe-less Japan. Why does the end of summer feel a bit like the beginning of spring?

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

Artists are fragile people and no artists are more fragile than actors.

I suspect she suffered from depression due to overwork.

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Posted in: Japan to lift re-entry restrictions on foreign residents from Sept 1 See in context

Abe out, permanent foreign residents back in. There is a good feeling to that. Gone Is ultranationalist who made a mess of this country and back about are the Japan loving foreign residents who are working hard for the good of Japan.

The damage Abe cause in locking out foreign residence is done--hopfully not for good.

Fro the New York Times:

Japan’s Locked Borders Shake the Trust of Its Foreign Workers

By BEN DOOLEY/ © 2020 The New York Times

August 6, 2020 at 18:10 JST

This was before the lifting of the ban. Yet, havoc it has created is far from over. What Dooley wrote must still be taken into due consideration:

For many, the damage is done: The restrictions have split up families, hurt careers and caused students to miss months of school. Some of those stranded outside the country have been saddled with mountains of debt as they continue to pay taxes and rents on homes in Japan while also bearing the costs of being abroad.

The ban has also affected the 2.5 million foreigners who remain in Japan. Many have faced agonizing decisions over whether to leave to care for a dying parent, grieve the loss of a loved one or reunite with a spouse or child, knowing that doing so may make it impossible to return.

Abe is gone. We can hope that all that he was as prime minister goes with him.

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Posted in: Shinzo Abe sought to revive economy, fulfill conservative agenda See in context

Abe was not just an ultra-nationalist--he studied at an obscure second-rate right-wing university--he was also a xenophobe: One of his last major acts was to bar permanent non-Japanese residents from coming home because of the coronavirus while allowing Japanese, diseased or not, to come and go as they wished. In the dispute S. Korea over wartime slaves" compensation he slapped dubious sanctions on S. Korea. That backfired when the S. Koreans launched a boycott of Japanese goods and services. None of his conservative reforms worked.

Abe lived in an isolated Gone with the wind fantasy life which captivated a lot of Japanese--not a few most likely enjoyed seeing permanent residents put in their place by being shut out. But no matter what, Abe did, like Jay Gatsby, he could not bring back the past, thought it always seems just within his grasp.

So it's Abe out and foreign permanent residents back in. Somehow things do turn out as they should.

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Posted in: Japan, with eye on Olympics, lines up half a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

All vaccines carry a risk, be it allergy or something else. Check out the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), "Preventing and Managing Adverse Reactions." Adverse affects happen. The risks are many for a new medication that is supposed to tried en mass early next year--if it can be developed in time.

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Posted in: Japan, with eye on Olympics, lines up half a billion doses of COVID-19 vaccine See in context

I've reread this article and must ask do we actually have a COVID-I9 proven and tested vaccine or are we talking about angel dust? In other words, as the above poster says, " does not exist yet." I think the answer is a yet "angel dust."

From the above article:

Japanese officials have discussed putting on a "simplified" Games, originally expected to attract 600,000 visitors. But the event would still involve some 11,000 athletes.

Holding the Olympics requires "mass quantities of an effective vaccine", said Kenji Shibuya, director of the Institute of Population Health at King's College, London.

Staging an Olympics in a pandemic will be a huge logistical challenge...

Can you you visualize immunizing over half a million people streaming into Japan? Consider also some people will be resistant or have bad reactions to the yet to be developed vaccine.

Staging the Olympics in midst of a pandemic would be a disaster.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners with resident visas: NHK See in context

Irony of all this is that the pandemic is primarily a Japanese issue. There is absolutely no news about foreign permanent residents have the coronavirus.

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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

In tweets hypothetically posted on Aug 20, 1945, or five days after Japan's surrender, Shun, while traveling to Saitama from Hiroshima by train, wrote about how a crowd of Koreans forced their way onto a packed train in Osaka by smashing windows and shouting, "We are citizens of a victor country! Get out, (people of) the defeated country!"

Likely an urban myth. Japanese discrimination against Koreans is well documented.

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Posted in: GOP convention showcases rising stars, dark warnings See in context

Now we know exactly what the Republican Party is all about. They are on the extreme right and they have nominated a madman for the presidency.

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Posted in: UK leader urges parents to let kids return to school See in context

The fact is things are not normal and the children cannot go back to school right now. Distancing? Other safety measures? Whoever said that doesn't know kids.

Britain is an advanced country. They can use Zoom.

Nothing is normal in the UK---from the coronavirus to Johnson and the Torys.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry restrictions for foreign students See in context

Quote from above:

All foreigners will be required to take polymerase chain reaction tests and prove that they are not infected with the virus when entering Japan, the sources said, adding that they will also be requested to stay in self-isolation for two weeks to monitor their health.

So what about the potentially diseased Japanese coming back to Japan?

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

From above: "The government is planning to allow the re-entry of all residential status holders on the condition that they take PCR virus tests and quarantine themselves for two weeks at designated hotels."

Nice but nearly half a year late..

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners with resident visas: NHK See in context

That's nice, but a lot of damage has been done.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

Meanwhile how many cases have you heard about foreign residents coming down with the coronavirus? That you have heard nothing suggests that few if any foreigners have come down with the disease. Yet the coronavirus is soaring among Japanese for whatever reason. How many Japanese that go abroad take the disease with them or bring it back?

Does Abe think about this? Or is he so mad with hatred of foreigners that he doesn't.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

This is all Abe's doing. We have yet to see the full damage he has caused to permanent and long term residents. The truth will come, though likely not in Japan.

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