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Posted in: 'Nobody likes him' - Hillary Clinton bashes Bernie Sanders See in context

Please remember this. As soon are Clinton got the nomination Sanders immediately gave her his support and campaigned for her. He had to put a lot behind him: super delegates who nullified popular primary votes, primary rigging and other shenanigans. Well, he did. Sanders is not petty and he puts the good of the people before himself. Sanders, unlike Clinton does not hold grudges.

I once thought Clinton would make a dandy Supreme Court justice, given her legal background. Listening to her whine and slander Sanders I would not put her in charge of a bingo game.

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

"...awkward questions as to why generations of politicians and officials have done nothing about it."

My guess is that Japan's hostage "justice" system is of no personal concern to those politicians and officials. They never have to worry about being put in substitute prisons if they commit ordinary crimes like bribery.


Well, there is a ritual you do if you have been busted for bribery or misappropriation of funds (otherwise known as theft). You publicly apologize and make a deep bow to show contrition. You forsake whatever you got illegally and you give up whatever position you held.

There is no ritual for trespassing, particularly if you are a foreigner. So you get 44 days of hostage "justice."

Japanese in power seem to have an invisible "Get Out of Jail Free Card." Hence, "generations of politicians and officials have done nothing about it," the evil hostage "justice" system.

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Posted in: Thousands of armed U.S. gun rights activists join peaceful Virginia rally See in context

Have you ever directly talked the gun goons? What you get: arguments off the point, personal attacks and total nut jobs like that guy who claims gun ownership rights come from God and not our elected representatives. These are the very people who should not be owning guns.

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Posted in: Abe strikes conciliatory note on S Korea See in context

South Korea used extreme diplomacy, brinksmanship. Abe buckled and he's still bending over. But that is good for the general welfare of the region.

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

This from 17 Jan. 2020, Japan Today:  “The report found Saikawa received an excess of around 96.50 million yen ($877,000) before tax via stock appreciation rights, and six other executives were overpaid under the scheme by a total of 57.72 million yen. Nissan expects the amount to be repaid by March.”

So if Ghosn misappropriated funds like Saikawa who could he not gotten the same reprieve as Saikawa? Return X number yen by March?

There is a double standard in Japan. Japanese get the breaks. Foreigners are broken.

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

17 Jan. 6.37 a.m. Thank you.

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

Educator60: I've been searching the Internet for the source of your above quote and have been unable to find it using Google.

That quote is: “The report found Saikawa received an excess of around 96.50 million yen ($877,000) before tax via stock appreciation rights, and six other executives were overpaid under the scheme by a total of 57.72 million yen. Nissan expects the amount to be repaid by March.”

Could you give me your source and its date?

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Posted in: Ghosn lawyers rebut new Nissan claims against fugitive exec See in context

"Saikawa resigned last year over allegations about dubious income. He has not been charged."

Welcome to the land of the rising double standard. The foreigners are charged. The Japanese gets a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle.

I presume Saikawa got to keep his dubious income.

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Posted in: 25th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake observed See in context

The Daishinsai is like yesterday. I remember not having running water for 20 days. But the most vivid memories are of wrecked houses, many of them honored with flowers of remembrance outside what used to be the gentians. One flattened house that I saw from the bus particularly moved me. White curtains with pictures of Micky Mouse stuck out like dead tongues from what were once windows. There was a family life there once, a simple life but likely a happy life, I guess. And now it was gone. The next time I passed by that spot the entire wrecked house had been taken away. Dump trucks formed conveys to take the remains of broken homes to some dump. I believed the memory of Kobe as it was just after 17 January 1995 had to be remembered--photographed, recorded and archived.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

Whatever Ghosn did or did not do, I am sure he would have treated differently if he were a Japanese executive. What he received was prolonged mental torture and that is enough quash or ignore the charges against him.

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Posted in: Neo-NEETS: Living on other people’s money See in context

I'd like to believe that one can live on one's good looks and charm. Unfortunately, you need cash to stay alive. Either you marry into money or get it yourself. Look at this article: It's about how these Neo-Neets get their money: "Living on other people’s money." If only these people were artists then they would have some redeemable purpose in life. At least they would have something to give to society. (I happen to know the "starving artist" scene as I was a part of it in my youth). As it is, these so-called Neo-Neets are like university students who sleep in class or text or talk or plagiarize or all of the above and then whine to the administrators when they don't pass.

But that aside, the Neo-Neets are more sinned against than sinning. Japan's great depression, which began in 1989 and ended just recently (more or less) has created generational despair. Also these young kids have ever heard have been stories of failure and desperation. Somehow you cannot completely blame them.

Paul Goodman wrote a book called "Growing Up Absurd" around 1960. This was about alienated youth in a time of prosperity. The Neo-Neets are growing up absurd in a time slow economic recovery overshadowed the memory of the burst bubble.

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Posted in: Neo-NEETS: Living on other people’s money See in context

The Neo-NEETS described here are likely not as blithe as this article suggests. This reminds me of La Vie De La Boheme, which I have seen in the Beats, the Hippies and, of course, the so-called starving artists, painters, sculptors and poets. There is this exuberance to be found in the young. By middle-age, if they haven't found something that makes money for them they are miserable. I mean nasty miserable. I mean self-pitying miserable. And these are people who had visions of some kind. Which the Neo-NEETS don't have. I can see their future already. Down and outs cages money on the street.

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Posted in: Aso apologizes for remarks about Japan's historical unity See in context

You would think that Aso would have watched samurai movies if he hadn't studied any Japanese history. What do you see in those movies? Japanese slicing up other Japanese from different clans or kingdoms.

Good points and history above posters.

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Posted in: Ex-adviser brought ¥20 mil in cash to Japan in casino scandal See in context

"They gave some politician a million yen. I didn't realize politicians could be bought so cheaply."

There may be more money involved. Has anyone been arrested and interrogated yet?

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Posted in: Japan eases export controls against S Korea ahead of summit See in context

"Let the trade war rage." = Let Japan lose some more.

Abe realized, or more likely was clued in that his sanctions were not a great idea. He is now trying to diplomatically slither out of the mess he created.

Please remember that this whole mess started when Abe turned what was a judicial issue into a economic issue. In poetry this is called a metaphysical conceit (opposes forced together by violence, in Samuel Johnson's words). In realpolitik, as in chess, it called a bad move.

And the South Korean Supreme Court's ruling was just. Former slave laborers should be compensated by the companies that enslaved them.

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Posted in: Review panel says controversial Aichi art festival had many faults See in context

The only faults were censorship and right-wing harassment.

The rock-headed mayor of Nagoya should by now admit that official Japanese sex slavery was real.

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Posted in: Truck driving wrong way hits 2 vehicles, leaving elderly couple dead See in context

You know, Japan's highways are quite orderly. The job is to keep the absolute idiots off them.

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Posted in: Johnson's win may deliver Brexit but could risk UK's breakup See in context

Johnson is a clown who will prove himself as moronic as Trump. Meanwhile good-by Great Britain and hello independent Scotland and Northern Ireland. RIP the United Kingdom that drowned in its own snot.

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Posted in: Thousands sign Hiroshima petition to save A-bomb buildings See in context

I'd rather they remembered the non-Japanese who suffered from the A-bomb. These include a large number of Koreans, who were denied A-bomb sufferer status under the bigoted Japanese government.

Let these rotten buildings fall apart. They are not worth the money.

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Posted in: Japan gov't eyes new law to draw more tourists to museums See in context

A law to make people visits museum and places of interest? Haw, haw! These bureaucrats aren't happy if they are not forcing someone to do something.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea find 'common ground' in trade dispute talks, agree to meet again See in context

Thank you Abe for caving after creating this mess. Don't forget you have only until March to clean up after yourself. And don't forget, Abe, the boycott is still on. And keep in mind all the evil things Japan did to Korea.

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Posted in: Under pressure, Hallmark pulls gay-themed wedding ads See in context

A person who discriminates again anyone deserves to be called a bigot. A person who molests little girls deserves to be called a pervert or a deviant. A person who does not do those bad things should be be called a bigot, pervert or deviant. You have every right to call Evangelicals bigots.

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Posted in: U.N. calls for truce around next year's Tokyo Olympics See in context

After reading months of bigoted attacks on South Korea, I hope there will be efforts made to contain the ultra-nationalist far right Japanese.

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Posted in: Abe determined to amend Constitution after debate in next Diet session See in context

Abe must be stopped.

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Posted in: Historical documents show Japanese gov't role in providing sex slaves See in context

OOPS! he Japanese enslaved young women as "comfort women." The Allies did not. No young men. As far as I know.

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Posted in: Historical documents show Japanese gov't role in providing sex slaves See in context

"WWII was nasty business, no matter how u slice it."

Not quite.

The Japanese enslaved young men as "comfort women." The Allies did not.

The Japanese tortured and killed Americans and their allies. The Americans and their allies did not. In fact, the particulars of Japanese torture of American and allied POWs was kept from G.I.s so they would not mistreat captured Japanese soldiers.

The Japanese used non-Japanese for gruesome experiments. The U.S. and its allies did not.

The Japanese put children into suicide aircraft. The U.S. and its allies did not.

The Japanese slaughtered captive populations (Nanjing). The U.S. and its allies did not.

Many Americans have expressed remorse for the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese have never officially expressed any remorse for their war crimes.

The American Occupation was relatively kind. Japanese still discriminate against their former victims, mostly Korean people.

The Japanese have never apologized for Pearl Harbor. Abe expressed his "eternal condolences" when he was there--which is closer to an insult than an apology.

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Posted in: Japan not considering removal of export controls in talks with S Korea See in context

In fact, these "export controls" are retaliation against a ruling by the South Korean Supreme Court that said former slave laborers of the Japanese should be compensated. Thus, Abe, in his short-sighted, Pearl Harbor-like way, made an economic attack against a judicial ruling. That is all there is to it. If the Supreme Court had ruled otherwise all would be well right now.

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Posted in: Anti-high heels campaigner steps up to fight 'glasses ban' See in context

If there are two items that are most hazardous to the body they have to be contact lenses and high heels. The first can damage your eyes and the second can damage your feet, legs and back. These are purely aesthetic--"beauty"--items. They have no purpose other than to turn on men, to appeal to their sexual fantasies.

It must be noted that in much erotic photography one will see a totally nude model on a bed wearing high heels.

Ogden Nash wrote in a poem, "Boys seldom make passes / A girl who wear glasses." So do Japanese guys at work fantasize about making passes at women who wear contact lenses? Is that the real purpose of business?

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Posted in: Tetsu Nakamura: Japanese doctor who devoted his life to Afghanistan See in context

A terrible and unnecessary loss. RIP Doctor Nakamura.

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