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Posted in: NHK apologizes over tweets said to fan discrimination against Koreans See in context

In tweets hypothetically posted on Aug 20, 1945, or five days after Japan's surrender, Shun, while traveling to Saitama from Hiroshima by train, wrote about how a crowd of Koreans forced their way onto a packed train in Osaka by smashing windows and shouting, "We are citizens of a victor country! Get out, (people of) the defeated country!"

Likely an urban myth. Japanese discrimination against Koreans is well documented.

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Posted in: GOP convention showcases rising stars, dark warnings See in context

Now we know exactly what the Republican Party is all about. They are on the extreme right and they have nominated a madman for the presidency.

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Posted in: UK leader urges parents to let kids return to school See in context

The fact is things are not normal and the children cannot go back to school right now. Distancing? Other safety measures? Whoever said that doesn't know kids.

Britain is an advanced country. They can use Zoom.

Nothing is normal in the UK---from the coronavirus to Johnson and the Torys.

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Posted in: Japan to ease entry restrictions for foreign students See in context

Quote from above:

All foreigners will be required to take polymerase chain reaction tests and prove that they are not infected with the virus when entering Japan, the sources said, adding that they will also be requested to stay in self-isolation for two weeks to monitor their health.

So what about the potentially diseased Japanese coming back to Japan?

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

From above: "The government is planning to allow the re-entry of all residential status holders on the condition that they take PCR virus tests and quarantine themselves for two weeks at designated hotels."

Nice but nearly half a year late..

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners with resident visas: NHK See in context

That's nice, but a lot of damage has been done.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

Meanwhile how many cases have you heard about foreign residents coming down with the coronavirus? That you have heard nothing suggests that few if any foreigners have come down with the disease. Yet the coronavirus is soaring among Japanese for whatever reason. How many Japanese that go abroad take the disease with them or bring it back?

Does Abe think about this? Or is he so mad with hatred of foreigners that he doesn't.

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Posted in: Rakuten CEO urges review of Japan's COVID-19 entry curbs on foreigners See in context

This is all Abe's doing. We have yet to see the full damage he has caused to permanent and long term residents. The truth will come, though likely not in Japan.

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Posted in: Should encouraging someone to commit suicide be a crime? See in context

I believe everyone has a moral duty to prevent a person from killing him or herself.

A case in point. Two foreign researchers in Sendai (who did not speak Japanese) saved her. It was a happy occasion for all concerned. The Sendai police department gave each of them certificates. (This was in the Asahi a few days ago.)

There is always the question of whether people truly want to die when they attempt suicide.

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Posted in: Fears pandemic will worsen birth rate, exacerbating Japan's aging crisis See in context

Welcome to modern urban society. It breeds less children and has the faculties to keep older people alive.

In rural life children are a necessity. The more children the more unpaid labor to do the many chores of farming. In urban society children are expensive pets that take up valuable space in small apartments. There are few extended families in cities to help with the many requirements of child raising.

In a country like Japan, nutrition and advanced medical care keep people alive longer. If this was the 16th century, I would have been dead 20 years ago.

I have a simple solution for old people. Don't force them to retire. Then there would be less of labor shortage.

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Posted in: Moon says he is always ready to talk with Japan over historical disputes See in context

"Here we go again with this endless story."

You know Who started started this "endless story?" In case you don't, it was Japan. The "endless story" will end when Japan stops hiding from the facts everyone knows.

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

I've often heard this mindless, predigested accusation, "the Democrats really hate America.." Learned as children, Conservatives repeat it to their grandchildren. Generational humbug used to to silence those who want constructive change.

I'd like to ask how much Trump loves the United States. My coclusion in this short posting is that Trump does not love America. He does not love the people living in America. He does not love anyone. And this is a terrible person to have in charge during a pandemic. He wants to stifle the pandemic bill because it contains a necessary item, voting by mail. Trump fears this provision because he fears he will lose. A president who truly loves his country would say, "Anything that saves lives and the democratic process must stay it. It is more important than winning the election."

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

The headline is shocking. It is very shocking. It was so shocking that I had to read this article twice.

The first paragraph summarizes what is most important: "President Donald Trump said on Thursday he was blocking Democrats' effort to include funds for the U.S. Postal Service and election infrastructure in a new coronavirus relief bill, in a bid to block more Americans from voting by mail during the pandemic." It is more subdued than the headline. As is the equally more subdued article. Yet, reading it carefully it is as shocking as the headline.

Trump is holding up the coronavirus bill in order to kill mail-in voting. This is a form of political blackmail. We won't give you A unless you give up B. Both aid and mail-in voting are necessary during the pandemic. Trump is doing this because he is afraid he'll lose through mail-in voting. Thus, he is will to sacrifice the lives of thousands of his fellow citizens to win the election by eliminating his fellow citizens either through death or disenfranchisement.

I've never seen anything anything this horrid.

A side note. A noted scholar wrote that this is the first time ever the world is feeling pity for the United States. One cannot, however, feel pity for the monster in charge who has made the pandemic worse than it had to be.

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Posted in: 75 years later, 1 million Japanese war dead still missing See in context

How about leaving the dead in peace and using the money for treating sufferers from black rain?

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

Surrender Speech, not speak.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

Okay V.C. here is how the surrender speak (that did not used the word for surrender) begins:


After pondering deeply the general trends of the world and the actual conditions obtaining in our empire today, we have decided to effect a settlement of the present situation by resorting to an extraordinary measure.

We have ordered our government to communicate to the governments of the United States, Great Britain, China and the Soviet Union that our empire accepts the provisions of their joint declaration.[8]

Note that the Soviet Union is listed with the other Yalta allies. There was hope that the Soviet Union would broker an end to hostilities, not surrender.

Here is what says indirectly about the A-bombs:

Moreover, the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb, the power of which to do damage is, indeed, incalculable, taking the toll of many innocent lives. Should we continue to fight, not only would it result in an ultimate collapse and obliteration of the Japanese nation, but also it would lead to the total extinction of human civilization.

The fear of "the total extinction of human civilization" has haunted us ever since.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

Most probably, the atomic bombings hastened the surrender of Japan. This is to say it provided a solid reason for surrender. If you read Hirohito's surrender speech he indirectly mentions the atomic bombs as one major reason to give up.

This was a blessing to American G.I.s who were dying as Japan dragged its feet after Potsdam. it was also a blessing to POWs: According to "Time" :

The treatment of American and allied prisoners by the Japanese is one of the abiding horrors of World War II. Prisoners were routinely beaten, starved and abused and forced to work in mines and war-related factories in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions. Of the 27,000 Americans taken prisoner by the Japanese, a shocking 40 percent died in captivity, according to the U.S. Congressional Research Service. That compares with just one percent of American prisoners who died in German POW camps.

I must remind you that after Hirohito's surrender speech the fanatics of the Navy and Army attempted a coup--and almost succeeded. They preferred to have Japan "shatter like a jewel" rather than surrender.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors worry that the world will forget See in context

There is one reason the U.S. decided to use the A-bombs. The Battle of Okinawa. The battle killed some 49 thousand American servicemen. The U.S. military realized an island by island invasion would crease unimaginable carnage. The A-bombs were really a last resort.

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Posted in: Hiroshima survivors worry that the world will forget See in context

Did you know that the Japanese, like the Germans, were working on making an A-bomb? They would have used it on us non-Japanese if they had it.

In fact a German submarine was on its way to Japan with weapon-grade uranium in its hold. Before the sub could get to Japan Germany surrendered. The captain very sensibly announced that the sub would surrender. The Japanese on board said they would commit suicide. The captain asked them to used poison. He did not want blood and guts all over his submarine.

Did you know that the fanatic military hierarchs attempted a coup after Hirohito finally had the good sense to surrender? Did you know that these fanatics would have sacrificed every Japanese rather than surrender?

Had Japan surrendered sooner there would not have been any atomic bombings.

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Posted in: Suga says no problem with Abe's health after blood-vomiting report See in context

Ulcers. I am sure of that.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel to appeal S Korea ruling allowing seizure of assets See in context

Thanks for the support and supporting Korean victims of Imperial Japan. I have to make a correction, My about posting should have been in quotes.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel to appeal S Korea ruling allowing seizure of assets See in context

Pay attention to what a group of Japanese lawyer have to say about this issue.

Joint statement by Japanese attorneys on the Korean Supreme Court ruling regarding victims of forced labor (Nov. 2018)

The forced labor issue is fundamentally a human rights issue.

The individual right to seek compensation has not been extinguished by the Korea-Japan Claims Settlement Agreement.

The ruling is in line with advances in international human rights law that values remedies for individual victims.

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Posted in: Why COVID-19 is killing U.S. diabetes patients at alarming rates See in context

"Robert Washington, 68, knew his diabetes put him at risk from COVID-19. When his employer, Gila River’s Lone Butte Casino in Chandler, Arizona, reopened in May, he decided to keep working as a security guard so he could afford insulin"

If the U.S. had universal healthcare, as we do in Japan, Robert Washington would not have to work for his insulin and still be alive today.

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Posted in: Coronavirus dampens Japanese man's plan to save bathhouse culture See in context

"Coronavirus dampens Japanese man's plan to save bathhouse culture."

I certainly hope he is not washed up!

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Posted in: Nobody knows for sure how the Spanish Flu pandemic, which killed millions of people around the world between 1918 and 1920, ended but it did end over a relatively short period of time, without a vaccine. Do you think the coronavirus will end in much the same way? See in context

Since I am not Donald Trump, I do not have any whiz-bang solutions for the current pandemic. I do ofter a consideration from Wikipedia on the so-called Spanish Flu. It does, I believe, have some correlatives and contrasts with the Cover-19. Here it is:

*Scientists offer several possible explanations for the high mortality rate of the 1918 influenza pandemic. Some analyses have shown the virus to be particularly deadly because it triggers a cytokine storm, which ravages the stronger immune system of young adults.[6] In contrast, a 2007 analysis of medical journals from the period of the pandemic found that the viral infection was no more aggressive than previous influenza strains.[7][8] Instead, malnourishment, overcrowded medical camps and hospitals, and poor hygiene, all exacerbated by the recent war, promoted bacterial superinfection. This superinfection killed most of the victims, typically after a somewhat prolonged death bed.[9][10]*

In short, causes external to the flu itself likely contributed to the deadliness of the pandemic. I believe there are correlative with the current pandemic. The U.S. may not have been as hard hit if it had socialized medicine. Certain unhygienic behavior, like not wearing masks or taking them of when hanging out, is without a doubt a contributing factor.

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Posted in: Japan reports record new coronavirus infections for 3rd straight day See in context

If the drinking establishments are the problem let Tokyo city and prefecture give the owners and workers enough money and tax wavers to let them stop operating and working for as long as it takes to kill the pandemic. This would be infinitely more cost-effective and anti-pandemic than what is going on now.

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Posted in: Japan to lift virus ban on re-entry of some foreign residents from Aug 5 See in context

From the above contributor: "And who have been going to hostess bars, izakayas, karaokes, massage places and in large group of people to any sort of restaurants and bars?" It may well be that returning permanent residents have one more thing to fear: bon vivant Japanese.

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Posted in: Japan to lift virus ban on re-entry of some foreign residents from Aug 5 See in context

As suddenly banned reentry permanent residents return and settle in there will be a lot of painful and angry stories to tell. Abe did a great job on losing friends for Japan.

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Posted in: Hiroshima court recognizes atomic bomb 'black rain' victims See in context

About time.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

"S Korea needs to move on, what was done is done, we cannot go back to history and fix it right? "

Translation: Japan wants you forget its crimes against humanity. The Japanese "cannot got back and to history and fix it right" which means the wrongs Japan committed will remain forever. Thus, the outrage must remain forever. The statues are reminders. They are not retribution.

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