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Mr. Sato was the commander of Japanese self defense force who was to Iraq after the war. The people there loved him and at that time he had a mustache to fit in and has had it ever since. I have met him several times and found him to be rather shy and a very nice person.

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This happened to us. Exactly the same experience but the guy used a stun gun on my we don't open the door unless they show ID!

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Really rude! Very bad taste!

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I received my watch from my son for my birthday and love,love it. I don't have to remember to turn off my telephone in meetings because if the telephone rings I just cover my watch with my hand and it stops. I don't have to dig around in my bag looking for my telephone when it rings. As I can just talk into the watch....I feel like Dick Tracy talking into my watch.???? It might be too easy a gadget for you males but for us older women it is the perfect accessory.

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I took care of my ill husband for 13 years and I had plenty of help. I had an excellent care manager who put a great team together for me and it was all paid for by the kaigo system the government has in place. No excuse to kill an ill husband/wife....what happened " to death do us part"

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What about visiting the 10th most livable city in the world ....Fukuoka with our beautiful mountains and ocean.

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I have met her and she speaks perfect English and is her own woman. She is against raising the tax to 10% and on the other side of the fence on some of her husbands policies . A vary good First Lady and she doesn't try to change the kids lunch habits.

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I also volunteer at one of the homes here in Fukuoka where the children live in wonderful conditions and are well cared for by a loving staff. They are even better dressed than the average Japanese child. Our group have been going there as English teachers for over seven years and have never seen anything but happy well treated kids. When the courts agree that the children can be returned to their families most of the them would rather stay at the center than return to the abuse and/ or neglect from where they came. All of the children go to high school and some on to collage or university. Lions clubs and other groups arrange for exchange programs for the high school age group to go abroad during the summer. As for adopting I know of several foreign couples who have adopted and others who foster.....don't criticize what you don't know or understand....there are many terrible tales of abuse in the foster system in the US but you will never hear that here as foster parents are chosen is better for the the children to be in a safe environment than in another abusive situation where some one can make extra money just by taking in a bunch of kids. ..... Yes, it's more profitable than teaching English!!! Y100,000 a month for every child you foster so it is necessary to make sure the foster parents are not taking advantage of the system...... if you love children and would like to help out check into your local children's welfare centers and you will find they can always use more volunteers.

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I have spoken with Mr. Aso and I assure you his English is perfect! No matter how stupid the press makes him out to be he is a very articulate and intelligent man.....wonder if it is because he is from Izuka in Kyushu and the press thinks that anyone from this part of the country is a country bumpkin.

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Mr. Ohara is the fifth head master because he has finally grown up and can take over from his aunt who became acting head of the Ohara school when Mr. Ohara's father died when he was still a child. The Ohara school has been waiting many years for him to advance to this position which originated with his great grandfather...Most heads of Ikebana schools are men with the exception being Ikenobo and Sogetsu because those head masters had no sons to take over and it is a position that is usually handed down from father to son or grandson. To bad that many think that Ikebana is only for women...I personally know many foreign men (straight men) who are members of Ikebana International and are wonderful arrangers.

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