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Posted in: Many popular TV shows of the 1960s, '70s and '80s might be considered offensive today for one reason or another. What TV shows that are popular today do you think will be seen as offensive by audiences 50 years from now? See in context

Agree with theResident.

But to answer the question, here follows a list of shows that won't be considered offensive, if the current trend persists:

End of list.

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Posted in: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 13 at Russian school See in context

And how do you know if he was a Nazi???..

Could have been the nazi symbol on his shirt.


"A video posted online by the investigative committee shows the gunman lying dead on the floor wearing a T-shirt with a Nazi symbol and a balaclava. Investigators are searching his place of residence."

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Posted in: Swastika-wearing gunman kills 13 at Russian school See in context

BBC reporting 13 dead and 21 injured. Always sad to see, no matter where it happens.

Condolences to the victims' families.

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Posted in: Hundreds demand cancellation of Abe's state funeral See in context

A great man deserves a great funeral.

Which is why people are against Abe's.

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Posted in: Mayweather expects 'easy payday, easy opponent' in Japan fight See in context


explain then if boxing is not fighting, what is it?

It is, and I'm not disparaging Mayweather. His 50-0 record pretty much speaks for itself.

But what I mean by that is that he was able to hype up all his fights by mouthing off, ensuring that everyone would watch in the hope of seeing him get knocked down and shut up. And then his wins were pretty much all built on defence. He lets his opponents throw hundreds of punches, then nails them on the counter or when they've blown up. As Canelo Alvarez said, ""He doesn't expose anything. He's a fighter that if with three punches he wins the round from you, he's fine with that. He doesn't expose anything and give a beautiful fight. He doesn't care in what way he wins as long as he wins." 

Then you have cheap shots like the two he put on Ortiz in 2011. And yes, you could argue that was in retaliation to a headbutt but Ortiz had already had a point deducted for that.

Since he 'retired', his fights have been against opponents who could most likely destroy him if they were allowed to kick or take it to the ground (except Jake Paul) but wisely he will only box them. Case in point his $275 million from fighting McGregor.

So yeah, boxing is fighting, but "Money" would much rather box.

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Posted in: Mayweather expects 'easy payday, easy opponent' in Japan fight See in context

Shameless money grab.

anyone who buys a ticket is a complete sucker

Mayweather's a boxer, not a fighter.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II mourned by Britain and world at funeral See in context


As ever, a quality post.

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Posted in: Witnesses: Myanmar air attack kills 13, including 7 children See in context


But these events will not really attract as much attention in the West as the war in Ukraine.

Sad but true. And with the current illegitimate government being supported by China, no help is coming.

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Posted in: Springboks beat Argentina to set up last-round title shot See in context

we don’t want those cheating all blacks to win

Good one. Three yellow cards (one should have been a red) to one and a higher penalty count, one for blatant time wasting, and it's the All Blacks who cheat.

It was a great near comeback, though. Eden Park's going to be a belter. Hopefully Foley will listen to the ref this time, eh.

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Posted in: Springboks beat Argentina to set up last-round title shot See in context

Cant' wait for the exciting finish to the tournament. I can't see the South Africans losing to the Pumas at home, and despite the author's opinion ("in the unlikely event of the All Blacks losing to Australia at their Eden Park fortress") nothing is guaranteed with these All Blacks.

The Aussies will be particularly motivated by the ref's completely justified decision to ping them for repeated time wasting and then not being able to defend their scrum or their try line.

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Posted in: All Blacks set to give Japan a tough test in Tokyo See in context

The way the All Blacks have been playing, I think the headline is the wrong way around.

That refereeing decision v Australia was a disgrace

Sure was. Swain's deliberate attempt to break an All Black player's leg should have been a red card, no doubt. And Kellaway's try should have been scrubbed because of that obvious forward pass. Foley wasted no time taking that conversion, funnily enough.

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Posted in: All Blacks retain Bledisloe Cup after contentious 39-37 win See in context

Nothing 'contentious' about that final decision. The referee warned Foley four times in forty seconds to stop wasting time, as he had been warning the Aussie team as a whole throughout the game. You can even see Foley's teammates in the background screaming at him to take the kick. And all the ABs got was a scrum. They still had to score from it.

Swain's (yellow card) for dangerous play when he rejoined the ruck and appeared to target Quinn Tupaea's knee.

...wasn't contentious either. The ref simply got that one wrong. This player, with a history of poor behaviour, deliberately attacked the All Black player's leg and could have dealt him a career-ending injury. He's out for the season as it is. And Swaim has since been cited for the action, meaning it should have been red.

Also, a pass before Kellaway's first try was at least 17 miles forward. Foley didn't waste any time taking that kick, seeing as the TMO can't review anything after a conversion is taken. The try would rightly have been ruled out.

Yeah, the Aussie and northern scribes are going to cry about the result, but only because it wasn't the one they wanted.

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Posted in: Vietnamese man fatally stabbed in Kawasaki See in context

He also said he heard the two arguing in a language that wasn't Japanese.

Perhaps the assailant was a Japanese person who spoke Vietnamese?

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Posted in: Drunk driver arrested after head-on collision kills 2 women See in context

Kobayashi was taken to a hospital after sustaining minor head injuries. 

No information about the type of car the drunk was driving, but it's telling that the two in the kei-car were killed. When the wife and I were shopping for a little run around, I refused to even consider one of those death traps.

In that case, people should not ride motorcycles on the road because a head on collision is certainly fatal.

That's a risk they take, just like kei-car drivers, although riding a bike is much more fun. It's up to them, I reckon.

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Posted in: New Zealand removes most remaining COVID rules as cases wane See in context

NZ did not go into recession and it has been one of the most resilient economies in the past 3 years.,

It did. Then it bounced out again quite quickly, but now prolonged border closures and other factors are likely sending it back into recession at the end of 2022 or in 2023.

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Posted in: My father passed away and I had no choice but to leave it empty. I’m glad to see it put to good use. See in context

There are over 9 million Akiya in Japan and the main cause of that is the land tax BS they have here. Just do away with it already.

Also, people avoid inheriting them because then the 'second-home' tax will kick in.

How about an amnesty? If there is such a property in your family, you have one year to claim it and you'll be exempt from taxes for (5 years). After one year, any remaining akiya will be demolished and the land sold. I'm sure there are a billion problems with this plan (cost for one), so any better ideas?

How about promising to turn a blind eye if the 'owners' want to take a gallon of gasoline and a match to it?

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Posted in: Fiji dazzle to beat New Zealand in World Cup Sevens final See in context

Congratulations to both winning teams. The Fijian team in full flight is one of the most exciting sights in sports.

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Posted in: My father passed away and I had no choice but to leave it empty. I’m glad to see it put to good use. See in context

I wish some of the owners of the local eyesores around here would also take advantage of these services.

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Posted in: Eye on the ball See in context

A real hero, this man.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 See in context

RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

A great innings.

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Posted in: Canadian police say 1 suspect in stabbings has been found dead See in context

One of the suspects has been found dead with apparently non-self-inflicted visible injuries.

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Posted in: All Blacks thrash Pumas 53-3 in Rugby Championship See in context


I agree. Argentina completed their mission last week with a win against New Zealand at home and didn't get anywhere near that level of quality tonight. I'm sure they would have been extremely happy with another win but the All Black players themselves - forget the coach - weren't going to let that happen.

Alternating wins and losses just aren't good enough for an All Blacks team, and I'm wondering if the pattern will be repeated against Australia. It certainly won't be adequate in the knock-out stages of a World Cup. If Foster can get them there, that is.

Some great performances from some of the All Blacks tonight. Taukei'aho the hooker was outstanding and Sam Cane (who I bagged earlier this week) had a blinder as well.

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Posted in: To China’s fury, U.N. accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses See in context

Nope. They are acceptable if done by the US and allies

I disagree but you're entitled to your opinion.

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Posted in: Slumping All Blacks face Argentina as fans lose patience See in context

And I'm pleased for Cheika - a passionate transparent coach who was mocked by the NZ media a few years ago.

That was just stupid from the NZ media. They did the same thing to Gatland, drawing him with clown make-up. Who's laughing now, I wonder.

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Posted in: To China’s fury, U.N. accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses See in context

Nobody really cares,what White people say about human rights abuse 

Right. No human rights abuses in African countries. Except for Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Sudan, Angola, Burundi, Eswatini, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe ...

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Posted in: Slumping All Blacks face Argentina as fans lose patience See in context

Argentina played great last weekend and deserved the win. But:

That's shifted the mood of fans from denial, anger and depression to acceptance.

Denial? No. All Blacks supporters are not backwards in coming forwards with criticism of the team after a loss(es), and suggestions of what went wrong. Hint: It's always the ref. Anger and depression maybe, but a better word for acceptance would be despair (used elsewhere in the article, to be fair). The rugby public of New Zealand has identified and been calling for changes to selections and positions since at least the semi-final loss to England at World Cup 2019, maybe even as far back as the drawn British and Irish Lions tour in 2017.

A couple of these changes were made (at 10 and in the front row) before the second test in South Africa, which they won. Unfortunately, they didn't work so well last weekend against Argentina, although Foster brought on replacements too early, in my opinion.

At present, the biggest problem is that you have probably their best player, Ardie Savea, playing out of position at eight when he should be playing in his specialist position, seven. The reason he is playing out of position is to preserve captain Sam Cane's place in the squad. Cane hasn't been performing well in that position for quite a while now, and his captaincy skills aren't particularly good either.

Furthermore, Rieko Ioane plays much better on the wing, but he's managed to convince Foster that he's needed at his preferred position in the centres. If he knew how to pass, he'd have a point but all he does is run lines in the wing's channel, leaving no space for the final pass to the actual winger.

And speaking of wingers, Caleb Clarke is fantastic on attack but a turn-style on defence. Sevu Reece is also fantastic on attack (just ask his partner) and his defence is much better than Clarke's. He gets lots of turnovers at the breakdown, too.

They also need to develop someone else at ten because neither Beauden Barrett nor Ritchie Mo'unga seem to be the answer there. Perofeta looks promising, and he is in the squad, but he got exactly 50 seconds last week in a game that was already lost.

In addition to that, Jordan Barrett is a better centre than he is a fullback, but he's not played there, and Will Jordan is a better fullback than he is a wing, but he's played at wing to keep Barrett at fullback.

Finally, New Zealand Rugby have now had three chances to make the biggest and most important change - the head coach - at least three times now. After the two losses in Europe last year, after the lost Irish series, and after mixed results in South Africa. But no, they're content to keep scratching at the walls of failure with sandpaper when they need to smash them down with a mallet.

Well, that was cathartic. Can't wait for tomorrow. Go All Blacks!

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context


A tranquilliser intended for a 15 kilo monkey knocked an adult woman (50~60 kilos?) out cold for an hour, and left her incoherent for another hour? What kind of effect would it have had on the monkey? A fatal dose?

That's a good observation. Perhaps the tranquiliser itself has a smaller effect on monkeys, or it penetrated the woman's skin further than it would have a monkey's and delivered a higher dose. Pure speculation, I have no idea.


I think the goal is to tranquilise and capture, rather than kill. I think monkeys in Japan are protected under the Wildlife Protection System and Hunting Law. Hunting them is definitely illegal. However, as you say, if the monkey is attacking and injuring people, killing it (accidentally) wouldn't pose too much of a dilemma. Again, I'm speculating.

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Posted in: Biden defends FBI, promotes ban on assault-style weapons See in context


Great website. Love their American flag and tiki-torch motif.

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Posted in: Biden defends FBI, promotes ban on assault-style weapons See in context

Yes sir, assault-style weapons, machines guns, automatic weapons, a 50 caliper sniper rifle all have NO PLACE in a civilized society, only psychopath would want to own one.

Machines guns (sic) and automatic weapons are the same thing. And heavily regulated in the United States.

50 caliper (sic) sniper rifles have been involved in crimes (usually illegal possession, transfer, or found during an investigation of another crime) about 50 times in the last 30 years. Here's a list (perhaps not exhaustive, and it's from 2004):

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Posted in: Biden defends FBI, promotes ban on assault-style weapons See in context

"I’m determined to ban assault weapons in this country! Determined. I did it once before. And I’ll do it again.”

Well, kind of. Due to the grandfather provision, there were (and remained) about 1.5 million assault weapons and 25 - 50 million large capacity magazines in circulation when the ban was introduced. Also, the manufacturers quickly adjusted to produce weapons that avoided the ban, for example, by dropping some cosmetic features such as bayonet mounts.

The effectiveness of the ban itself is questionable. One recent study estimated that it prevented exactly one mass shooting per year during the decade it was in place, although it also maintained that more would have been prevented had the ban remained in place. Also, the kinds of weapons banned were used in about 2% of crimes before the ban, and any reduction in the use of banned weapons was "offset ... by steady or rising use of other semi-automatics equipped with large-capacity magazines.”

All that said: A federal ban, without a grandfather clause, and with more strictly defined terms, allowed to continue for more than 10 years, would gradually have an effect in reducing the number of mass shootings, and the number of deaths and injuries that occur in those events. That's got to be a good thing. But as Disillusioned said, "Good luck" getting it done.

Personally, I think the capacity of any weapon should be limited to three. One chambered and two in the mag. If you can't take down a white-tailed deer or a feral hog with fewer than four shots, you probably shouldn't be in charge of a firearm. As for home defense, get a shotgun. Or a dog.

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