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Posted in: Chinese ask: Why doesn’t Japan hate America for dropping the A-bombs? See in context

The bombings were necessary. Nuff said.

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Posted in: Osaka cop arrested for assaulting police sergeant girlfriend See in context

@acebedo, Huhuhuhuhu.... Then he kicked her? Nice try at comedy...

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Posted in: 10-yr-old boy, using cell phone, falls off platform at train station See in context

yeah well done japan. way to educate your kids. i make it a special point to bump into anyone walking towards me while looking at their phones. they stumble and act like its not their fault.

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Posted in: The ins and outs of arranging homestays See in context

Many japanese host families treat their foreign guests as pets; they savour the novelty of having a real-life gaijin in the house. It's just like the movies! But when they turn out to be different from Micky Mouse or Brad Pitt, they turn off. Typical.

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Posted in: Survey reveals Japan’s 'Top 10 Words' - all remarkably positive See in context

Gaman. Taihen. Kawaii.

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Posted in: Shimane town demands pants for Michelangelo's David sculpture See in context

Rubbish. I wonder, if the model in the sculputre was japanese... Wake up. This sculpture is going nowhere. Lame houewives just want an outlet for their frustrations.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people die after falling from roofs while clearing snow See in context

They nver learn. You'd think that by this age they'd have learnt a thing or two about living and life in general. But no, they stick to their old, stubborn ways and contribute nothing in the way of common sense to their children / grandchildren. Wake up Japan. Take notice of what people with common sense and life experience tell you. It's dangerous to go out on your roof in the snow and try to clean it at over 75 years of age!

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Posted in: One Direction See in context

I don't understand what do they find attractive from those tight jeans wearing weak looking dudes? Freak me out.

what makes you think theyre weak? so people with tank tops, buldging muscles and lame, baggy jeans are strong? these boys wear what their manager tells them to wear. they might not like it but its in their contract. is it because by wearing skinny jeans they can attract girls that wouldnt even dream of being seen standing next to you that you are jealous...?

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Posted in: 7 services that don’t make sense to foreigners in Japan See in context

Well, these jobs are as useless and as unnecessary as all hell, but at least they keep people employed.

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day See in context

it just wouldnt be a "traditional" japanese event without the appearence of a disney character. mental age aside, happy coming of age day

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Posted in: 2 men found dead in sauna in Wakayama hotel See in context

I started using one at 3, and now, spending 3 sessions of 15-20 minutes on the top (hottest) bench in a 90 degrees sauna is kind of routine for me.

clap... clap... clap... want a medal? not everyones parents are smart enough to let their 3 year old into a sauna...

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Posted in: Praying for success See in context

and Japanese people will still insist that they have no religion. When it comes to money, however...

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Posted in: JR West executive accused of molesting schoolgirl commits suicide in park toilet See in context

One less sick, perverted old man to take advantage of a young girl. Couldnt even grow a pair to own up and face the fact that he is (was) a sexual predator. Now look at him.

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Posted in: Birthday greetings See in context

How many people in this crowd would have a clue as to why or to whom they are celebrating. "everybody else is doing it, so let's do it, too." - seems to be one of the themes of Japan's mass-celebratory events.

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Posted in: What single women in their 40s want out of life See in context

They want Disneyland, cute little outfits for their dogs and weekly eikaiwa classes.

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Posted in: Miyoko Sumida See in context

This human waste died the way it lived: a coward.

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Posted in: Royal wax See in context

They can get so close to these two because there's no danger of a wax figure speaking to them in English...

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Posted in: Cartoon bird warns Fukushima children of radiation See in context

File this under the "only in Japan" file.

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Posted in: Nepal man who served 15 yrs in prison acquitted of 1997 murder See in context

What a strong man. C'mon Japan, grow a pair. Safety country indeed...

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Posted in: JKT48 See in context

@ duke 3 of them are in their 20s and you had no idea which ones. It's not a rant, it's common sense.

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Posted in: 14 suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning at indoor barbecue See in context

"Common Sense 101" needs to be taught in schools in Japan.

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Posted in: JKT48 See in context

Yes - Hell yeah - yes - no - no - uh huh

Incredible knees

from left....yes OH YES yes no yes yes

wow... it's not only Japanese men that like under age girls...

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Posted in: Animal welfare laws tightened to regulate buying and selling of young pets See in context

I agree with masterbape. "The Japanese" pamper their pets silly, but have absolutely no idea of how to treat it properly or with any sense of care. if it's kawaii, it sells. "The Japanese" tend not to think past the day when the animal gets old and loses it's kawaii-ness. They arent taught right from wrong. Just "kawaii" from "futsuu". Disgusting.

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Posted in: Hot time at Wendy's See in context

Baaa! Baaa!!

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Posted in: Masami Nagasawa and Emi Takei team up for Valentine chocolate commercial See in context

@love not. Whoa.. more bitter than dark chocolate. Maybe if you made more of an effort (they) men would appreciate your chocolate.

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Posted in: 35-year-old man arrested for paying 15-year-old girl for sex See in context

Well done again, japanese education. Theyll never get it, just keep turning that blind eye to all this stuff and if you get caught, chalk it off to ¨japanese culture¨. This country is in the sink.

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Posted in: Toy poodles to join Tottori police See in context

Once again, japan outdoes itself as the joke nation of the pacific. Ridicurous.

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Posted in: Dalai Lama visit See in context

really wish he could also sit down, have some tea and great talks with Ikeda sensei

I doubt the Dali Lama would be interested in talking to cult leaders like Ikeda...

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Posted in: Fukushima a chance to reform Japan's mental health care system: WHO See in context

japanese people are messed up.

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Posted in: 52% of Japanese favor whaling, poll shows See in context

all in the same boat. typical of "The Japanese".

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