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Posted in: Thousands stranded after typhoon; death toll at 41, over 50 missing See in context

I hope the victims of this latest disaster will receive aid quicker than the victims of the Mar.11 who after six months have received none or very little

yeah, those affected by the march 11 disaster have not received any help after 6 months... exactly how can you compare this to the march 11 disaster and the aid given/received? well done.

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Posted in: Efforts to stabilize nuclear crisis on track, say gov't, TEPCO See in context

You seem to miss that this article is about the nuclear catastrophe. Not the natural one. It is not unprecedented. Look up Chernobyl, 1986.

exactly, they are one and the same. "not the natural one"...? the natural nuclear disater? still, it's not like Chernobyl, stop the fear mongering would you.

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Posted in: Cases of emergency patient refusal by hospitals rise to over 16,000 See in context

Japan: the safety country indeed...

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Posted in: Moderate quake felt in Tokyo, but causes no damage See in context

you need to shut your mouth for an afternoon and read "the man who predicts earthquakes".

yeah, coz he predicited the march 11 quake didnt he... or he told people he knew about it AFTER it happened. thanks for posting a link to such an accurate and totally logical source on quake prediction. mr berkland is a hack.

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Posted in: Club manager arrested for hiring high school girls to flash underwear for patrons See in context

steak dinner the high school girls loved it

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Posted in: Water power See in context

They need to release the CCTV. All the photos.

and that would achieve...? as if everyone hasnt seen enough images like this, you think they NEED to release more? what possible good would that do? (im dying to hear your answer)

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Posted in: M7.0 quake jolts eastern Japan; two killed See in context

There's a long way to go til the joints settle for a while.

yeah, give it another few millenia.

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Posted in: Yon-sama greeted by 4,000 fans at Haneda See in context

4000 lame housewives with nothing better to do, and i bet they'd all scoff at the thought of buying korean made products...

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Posted in: 'Single' Akina Minami wins Wedding Best Dresser Award See in context

A wedding ceremony at Disney Land... how very Japanese of her.

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Posted in: Japanese widow, son of Marine closer to immigrating to U.S. See in context

A complete waste of tax payers money. Married by phone. You've got to be kidding me.

Yeah buddy, because having a priest marry them or having the ceremony in a church would make it more legit. Get a grip.

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Posted in: Time for change See in context

Younger people, WOMEN (herbivore men do not count) and MINORITIES that have Japanese citizenship would be nice. But you know what, it will never happen because the old grumpy men do not welcome in those groups.

Got a problem with herbivore men? They can join this movement if they want, and i bet theyd have a better understanding than YOU on this matter!

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Posted in: Time for change See in context

LOL, trying to change Japan? Good luck!

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Posted in: Nailed again See in context

If I was nail king my dad would give me a knuckle sandwich

Your dad sounds awsome

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Posted in: Santa Claus Academy See in context

Nice one, Japan. Expertly maintaining it's status as the leading global laughing stock. Well done.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda performs at Billboard Live See in context

Well this is certainly news-worthy.

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Posted in: Hello Kitty telegrams See in context

The hello kitty suit is the most intelligent thing in this photo.

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Posted in: Let's dance See in context

it is nice she act like a child and not like an adult

she will become an adult after her 50th visit to disney land.

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Posted in: Let's dance See in context

"sports" day in japan... a relentless assault of atavistic etiquette, excruciating "sporting" events and parents acting proud because the school principal tells them to act proud. Where will it end?

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Posted in: Mos Burger See in context

a good model for this burger - shes about as tasteless as the burger.

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Posted in: Walk this way See in context

watch out for that bus!!

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Posted in: Kyoto riverside See in context

@pamelot. but what? you could take a better photo?

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Posted in: Over 1,000 items found during search of underwear thief's home See in context

Hold a "get your panties back for free" yard sale

yeah, thats coz thats a good idea...

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Posted in: Who will win the World Cup on Sunday? See in context

All I know is I have had bags under my eyes for a month with these 3AM games....

well no one told you to watch all of them did they...

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Posted in: Taxi plows into pedestrians near Dotonbori canal in Osaka; 7 hurt See in context

@ my2sense. "yak controlled area" my arse. even the yaks wouldnt be so stupid to draw so much attention. this area is no dogier than other areas of minami in the wee hours. yak controlled my arse

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Posted in: Iga-Ueno: Birthplace of ninjas and Basho See in context

Yes, well you sure know what youre talking about. Ninjutsu dates back at least 4 centuries BEFORE Masaaki Hatsumi, and was mostly practiced by peasants and farmers as a means of standing up to the haughty and oppressive Samurai beurocracy.

For the charlatans and marketing whores, look no further than Hollywood for twisting the Ninja image.

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Posted in: 'Sexting' is more common than you might think See in context

thanks to Captain Obvious for writing this article.

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Posted in: Jackson's `This Is It' tops $200 million worldwide See in context

I have no interest

thanks for telling us...

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