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I wonder what kind of history Japanese are taught in K-12 school. Naturally every nation glorifies its triumphs and put its wrongdoings and humiliation in lesser light but there exists a consensus on which some events are judged not based on one's petty politics nor pride but a morality which represents "what we learned as a humanity". There are exceptions, however. North Korea, for example, wildly diverges from this consensus but they represent a fringe of humanity so no one cares. Japan, on the other hand, is a major nation that carries weight, yet it too seems to have diverged wildly from the mainstream consensus when it comes to certain historical issues, mainly the issues at the turn of the 20th century leading up to the end of WWII. No one's blaming Japanese for the past sins but the mindset of present Japanese seems to be not too different from that of Japan 100 years ago. That's deeply worrisome...

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Take some antibiotics pill before the competition. Problem solved. Ordinary Japanese can also help by pooping less next year... way less during the Olympics.

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Japan has a strong domestic market that's self-sufficient and self-sustainable. Both Korea and China look risky due to their ignorant populace. Japan should focus on countries other than Korea and China for its imports and exports need. Any business from Korea and China should be treated as one time boon and never should be factored in the long term business plan.

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The next logical step would be a termination of visa-free agreement between Japan and Korea.

Abe himself said over and over that Koreans are not trustworthy, yet millions of Koreans roam about freely in Japan. They pose a great security risk.

Abe played GSOMIA rather brilliantly. It's time to step up the pressure. Japan will be doing just fine with no ties to Korea.

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Abe himself said over and over that Korean Gov't is not trustworthy. Therefore it's preposterous to have a military treaty for which mutual trust is a prerequisite.

Scrap the treaty. Japan can and will do just fine without it.

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Even the New Deal 1 and 2 didn't get the US out of the prolonged recession since the Crash of 1929. WWII did. The circumstances are similar for Japan at the present time. I wonder if that's why Abe is demonizing both Koreas cuz they are the perfect enemies that carry weight and that's doable.

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I think it's time for both Korea and Japan to work together with the aim of cutting diplomatic ties in a peaceful manner. Both countries definately need a break from each other. Japan will do just fine without Korea.

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I do not understand.

Koreans are not trustworthy. Then would any intel supplied by Korea be trustworthy? Not according to most of you.

Then why even bother? Wouldn't it be logical to sever ties step by step if both Korea and Japan don't consider the other to be trustworthy?

That seems to be the sentiment of most Koreans these days.

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It was an awkward translation in Korean. It was probably an awkward translation in any language. I mean, for such a short and rapid-paced conversation, there's no way anyone would translate it the way Uniqlo in Korea did. In fact, that translation seemed so out of place that it didn't even seem like a piece of conversation. Rather, it seemed like an independent mini statement of some sort. Naturally, one would have to wonder what the statement was really trying to say. Considering everything, it was not hard to figure out.

Any other company, or any other time, it probably went unnoticed. But these are different times. And Uniqlo happens to be under the microscope in Korea at this moment, with every move they make being closely watched.

I'm a Korean so I'm naturally biased but to my best judgment, I do feel that someone at the Uniqlo organization tried to pull something behind the backs of Korean people and got caught this time.

Some of you wanted a viewpoint from a Korean. Now you have it.

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I am a newly registered member and a Korean. My opinions are naturally biased toward Korean's viewpoint but I'm not here to argue.

Rather, I would like to ask some questions.

It seems that Japanese are sick and tired of Koreans demanding apologies for the past sins when the Japanese feels that enough apologies had been made.

Bit in Koreans view, some apologies were made but then almost immediately, the apologies were negated and/or obfuscated by the same people(usually some politicians for political gains I presume) so it's actually worse than not having apologized. Because apologizing and taking back the apology seems like an insult.

Koreans are sick and tired of asking for apology because they feel that it will only come as an insult since it will be immediately denied, negated and obfuscated.

I feel that this is the root of the all the animosities between Korea and japan.

What do you guys think about this? Do u guys agree with my assessment? If not, please comment.

Im trying to understand the root of the problem. Please let me stress that I'm not here to argue.

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