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Posted in: Abe strikes conciliatory note on S Korea See in context

Abe should really be an adult as he is now over Moon and propose a way for peaceful severance of diplomatic ties between Japan and Korea. A lot of marriages would end up in homicides if there were no divorce. Likewise, it's better for two countries to sever ties, as in the case of Japan and Korea. Both may even thrive. And it can be done in a peaceful and respectful manner. Time for Abe to take initiative now!

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Posted in: Trump calls for more from Japan as security pact turns 60 years old See in context

Abe should say something to the tune of "promise is a promise" and start "export control" right away. Oh wait, he does that only to Korea

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Posted in: Toshiba finds doubtful transactions in subsidiary See in context

Toshiba-sized company gotta have a few foreign executives whom they can send to jail for this. Maybe Nissan will gladly lend their private jet to ship them in from abroad LOL

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Posted in: Renault chairman says there is 'real desire' to make Nissan alliance work See in context

I only read what's between the lines from the Japanese media. Renault-Nissan breakup is inevitable. They are only negotiating terms at this point. French want more money, while Japanese want to give less. Ghosn's escape will cost Nissan additional billions they didn't have to pay cuz they now have to shut him up. French, in turn, will pay Ghosn millions in form of severance pay and everyone will be happy in the end.

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Posted in: Ghosn used company money for private events: Nissan report See in context

What Sore losers! Not talking about Ghosn LOL

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Posted in: Nissan denies reported plans to split with Renault See in context

Whatever is diametrically opposite of what Nissan claims may be the closest thing to the truth that we can get...

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Posted in: Japan asks Interpol to issue red notice for Ghosn's wife See in context

Embarrassing and nauseating

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Posted in: Fast Retailing cuts outlook after Asia strife hits Uniqlo sales See in context

It's not surprising that on a global level, the South Korean boycott did practically nothing except lose jobs for local South Koreans.

Did u even read the article? It clearly says the impact of Korean boycott as one factor lowering the profit forecast. It says nothing about local Korean job losses. Do you use this comment section as ur own propaganda tool?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

Japan can't apologize, ever

That's not quite true. They do apologize at times but their subsequent actions always negate their apology.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

It's hard not to draw parallels from the Midway. Japanese lost 4 aircraft carriers, yet Japanese claimed victory. And no Japanese doubted victory. Japanese credibility, what's left of it if there were any in the first place, is burning down and Japanese people cheers, just like they did in the pacific LOL

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Posted in: S Korean court rejects wartime labor claims from 54 plaintiffs See in context

Severing the diplomatic ties will bring happiness to both countries. What's stopping them?

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors, Nissan call Ghosn's accusations baseless See in context

Ghosn will be laughing so hard when Nissan declares bankruptcy in a few years

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Posted in: Japanese gov't, prosecutors condemn Ghosn's remarks in Lebanon See in context

Any Gov't that can't handle a healthy dose of criticism, do what North Korea does; control media, persecute political opponents, form a political oligarchy, and... oh wait, Japan is all that and more! LOL

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape breaks up legal 'dream team' See in context

Dream team or not, u have no hope when ur opponent is a prosecutor AND a judge.

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Posted in: Nissan bolsters taskforce to prepare for Ghosn onslaught See in context

Wow. Just wow. Nissan is so afraid of him speaking his mind freely that they need a task force to deal with that? Let the company-wide forgery begin!

I guess office politics and backstabbing exists on any country but what's unique to Japan is that they actively employ Gov't and prosecutor's office to achieve their aims. Something like this only happens in African warlord countries and Japan. To appease some of you, let's say it happens in Korea also LOL

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Posted in: Arrest warrant issued in Japan for Ghosn's wife See in context

How about making a voodoo doll of Ghosn and poking it every day until he returns? That outta be more persuasive lol

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Posted in: Golden Globes rev up award season with Netflix in pole position See in context

No Japanese film nominated? I cry injustice!

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Posted in: Turkey detains 7, including 4 pilots over Ghosn's escape through Istanbul See in context

Ghosn escaped with absolutely no consequences. People who supposedly helped him will deny everything and will let go when heat dies down. Japan has no bargaining chip against Lebanon and France. And the realities of Japanese legal system will be exposed in the following months. I can't wait to see this upcoming circus LOL

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Posted in: Ghosn met Lebanese president after fleeing Japan See in context

Japan should demand the immediate extradition with a threat of imposing export ban of, um... mouthwatering Japanese beer and Ps4, perhaps? That worked well with Koreans, LOL

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape leaves Japan red-faced See in context

He was a political hostage to begin with. Good for him!

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Posted in: Girl slashed by cyclist in Chiba Pref See in context

Probably a jobless single male in the 40s whose mother cooks for him while he watches Anime all day

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Posted in: NHK broadcasts erroneous North Korean missile launch report See in context

If you dream really hard, it will come true. Besides, the only way Japan can dig itself out of the economic stagnation hell hole is another war in Korean peninsula. Si Japan has no choice but to keep dreaming

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Posted in: Abe-Moon talks, Seoul's donation plan could lead to improved ties See in context

More of the same band aid fix. Not gonna work. Threaten to sever the diplomatic ties and watch Moon crawling back begging for the mercy. That's the only language Koreans understand.

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Posted in: Leaders of Japan, China, S Korea to promote N Korea-U.S. dialogue See in context

Abe should never compromise his stance and principles for the short term band aid fix. If what it takes is a complete and final severance of diplomatic ties, so be it. The world will look up to Japan for uncompromising its principles.

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Posted in: Gov't proposes Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant water release into sea or air See in context

If it's really safe as the gov't claims, why don't they use it as a drinking water for the metro Tokyo? After all, processing drinking water costs money and it's already processed so why waste it? Besides, that will shut up all the detractors, especially the pesky Koreans.

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Posted in: Putin calls Japan-U.S. security alliance a threat See in context

Japan should throw some economic sanctions to Russia, like how it did to Korea. That way, the world will know Japan is a nation that respects international law and peace. Doing anything less would give the world a false impression that Japan barks only at those that are deemed doable.

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Posted in: S Korea wants 'rising sun flag of hatred' banned at Olympics See in context

I wonder what kind of history Japanese are taught in K-12 school. Naturally every nation glorifies its triumphs and put its wrongdoings and humiliation in lesser light but there exists a consensus on which some events are judged not based on one's petty politics nor pride but a morality which represents "what we learned as a humanity". There are exceptions, however. North Korea, for example, wildly diverges from this consensus but they represent a fringe of humanity so no one cares. Japan, on the other hand, is a major nation that carries weight, yet it too seems to have diverged wildly from the mainstream consensus when it comes to certain historical issues, mainly the issues at the turn of the 20th century leading up to the end of WWII. No one's blaming Japanese for the past sins but the mindset of present Japanese seems to be not too different from that of Japan 100 years ago. That's deeply worrisome...

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Posted in: Hot water: Pressure to move Olympic open-water venue from Tokyo Bay See in context

Take some antibiotics pill before the competition. Problem solved. Ordinary Japanese can also help by pooping less next year... way less during the Olympics.

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Posted in: Worst likely over for S Korea boycott effect on Japanese economy See in context

Japan has a strong domestic market that's self-sufficient and self-sustainable. Both Korea and China look risky due to their ignorant populace. Japan should focus on countries other than Korea and China for its imports and exports need. Any business from Korea and China should be treated as one time boon and never should be factored in the long term business plan.

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Posted in: Seoul faces major decision over military pact with Tokyo See in context

The next logical step would be a termination of visa-free agreement between Japan and Korea.

Abe himself said over and over that Koreans are not trustworthy, yet millions of Koreans roam about freely in Japan. They pose a great security risk.

Abe played GSOMIA rather brilliantly. It's time to step up the pressure. Japan will be doing just fine with no ties to Korea.

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