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Jeff Ogrisseg comments

Posted in: Japanese sumo wrestlers lack mean streak, says new champion Kotoshogiku See in context

"All the Japanese wrestlers want to win championships," the 32-year-old told a news conference.

So, get off your fat asses and stop using your inferiority complexes about foreigners as an excuse. I heard the same kind of whinging about Konishiki, Akebono and Musashimaru when I first came to this country. I'm disgusted.

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Posted in: Man assaults ex-wife, fatally stabs her mother in Sapporo See in context

How did he get into the house? Or did the attacks take place outside? I'm a firm believer in doors and locks strong enough to keep an intruder at bay until help arrives.

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Posted in: M4.6 quake jolts Kanagawa, Tokyo See in context

A jolt that lasted about a second.

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Posted in: Cruz defeats Trump in Iowa; Clinton, Sanders in tight race See in context

The Iowa caucus is not an "election" in the way some of you apparently are imagining it. And untold thousands of working-class people on evening shifts who can't get special permission to participate or can't afford the loss of hourly pay are essentially disenfranchised.

It's another media circus after months and months of media circuses. Let's see how the "primaries" turn out, shall we?

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Posted in: U.N. announces start of Syria peace talks as government troops advance See in context

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" is NOT a "group," it's one guy in a house in Coventry, and his information is notoriously unreliable.

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Posted in: Apple this week reported the slowest sales ever of its market-leading iPhone, after years of rocketing growth. Has Apple peaked and what does the company need to do to find new sources of growth? See in context

Drama queens of so-called business reporting, my iPhone is not an ice cream cone that melts or a bag of candy that needs to be continually refilled. Go out and find a real story you lazy hacks.

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Posted in: Kerry says North Korea a threat to the world See in context

For a moment there, I thought I was reading a headline from The Onion.

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Posted in: An increasing number of pets are being left to fend for themselves as Japan’s population ages See in context

Shutting down the puppy and kitty mills would be a step in the right direction. Outlaw any store selling small quadruped slaves and end their caged humiliation (and slaughter in the event they reach their "sell-by" date).

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Posted in: Wisconsin manufacturer stands by policy on Muslim prayer breaks See in context

Putting ALL of the religious BS aside, why can't they have an extra 10-minute break if it contributes to productivity and retention of experienced workers. Is it 2016 yet?

What we have here is a failure to communicate and a typically pointy-headed management. The America-Islamic council is just trying to stir up trouble and should butt out.

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia warns against "nefarious activities" by Iran See in context

Saudi Arabia is finally in the international fear-mongering business, just like its ally Israel, who has kept the rhetoric hopping. For about 20 years now, Tel-Aviv has been screaming that Tehran is "only a year away from having a bomb." Still waiting...

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Posted in: Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey dead at 67 See in context

All weekend long I was wondering who would be next, because these things seem to happen in threes... RIP Glenn Frey... You may have checked out, but you will never leave our memories.

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Posted in: 'Fast food' becoming a dirty term in restaurant industry See in context

Right about now, Edward Bernays is laughing in his grave. (This is the man who saved Betty Crocker instant cake mix by suggesting the simple change that made post-war housewives add an egg.)

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Posted in: Looking ahead See in context

And all this time, I thought those odd vehicles with spinning barrels were cement trucks. Who knew?

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Posted in: Becky in hot water over rumored affair See in context

Becky's eyes kinda freak me out, and I don't watch Japanese television. But I'd support a boycott of any sponsor that ditches her because of this.

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Posted in: Historic S Korea-Japan deal stumbles over statue See in context

One of the above posters is right: Japan could easily turn this on its head by embracing the statue and taking ownership of the symbolism. Send an embassy minion out there every day to say a prayer, leave a paper crane, whatever. And insist that SK provide the necessary extra security. It'll be gone in a year.

What's the alternative, move the embassy?

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Posted in: Japan still on starting line of inbound tourism market See in context

...We agreed on a penguin, because it’s aquatic.

Donki is such a phenomena that I'll just agree to remain stumped by this statement.

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Posted in: Here comes trouble -- of the IS variety, weekly warns See in context

More needless fear mongering, pure & simple.

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Posted in: Man dies after consuming caffeinated drinks over long period of time See in context

Not sure which is funnier: 3 cups of coffee a day maximum for an adult, or the fact that the government's "food safety" geniuses think it's OK to give a can of Coke to a 4-year-old.

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Posted in: Truth is Superman, Donald Trump is Kryptonite See in context

At the risk of overdoing the symbolism...

Let's see: Superman, Kryptonite, gun massacres, cancer.. Yup! You way overdid it.

Gawd, lady, Trump bash much? LOL!

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Posted in: U.S. plans to sell warships to Taiwan See in context

I was all excited about Taiwan getting new defense toys until I saw that Senator John McCain was pleased about it; anything that dirty traitor supports has to have a shady side to it. After hearing that a Chinese sub lined up a firing solution on USS Ronald Reagan, I doubt that the U.S. Congress will object.

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Posted in: Japanese space probe goes into orbit around Venus See in context

Congratulations, JAXA! Looking forward to learning more about Venus in the months to come.

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Posted in: Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in Islamic State oil trade See in context

@ White House regime spokesman Josh Earnest, how stupid do you think people are? Since ISIS oil is STOLEN from Syria and Iraq, why would Bashar al-Assad be buying back his country's stolen property?

The Kool-Aid is really strong today!

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Posted in: U.S. sending new special ops force to fight Islamic State in Iraq See in context

The five-sided idiots could have done this a long time ago, if they were serious about actually fighting ISIS. Curious that this announcement comes on the heels of Moscow outing Turkey on its illegal oil business with ISIS.

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Posted in: Turkey won't apologize to Russia over warplane downing See in context

Has Putn apologized to the Dutch yet?

Why would Putin need to apologize to the Dutch?

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Posted in: In Syria, the joke's on Washington See in context

Mr. Cohen presents a reward for Putin's crimes in the Crimea... @kcjapan

I'm not sure whether to laugh at this or cry for a drink of your Kool-Aid...

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Posted in: Irate passenger arrested after getting off train stopped between two stations See in context

So, where's the rest of the story about the suspected groper jumping onto the tracks?

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Posted in: Man arrested for spitting coffee on woman See in context

arrested a 26-year-old man for spitting coffee on a woman

It would be nice to state what he was really arrested for: battery, causing a stain?

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Posted in: New 'Star Trek' TV series to debut in 2017 See in context

The new series will “introduce new characters seeking imaginative new worlds and new civilizations, while exploring the dramatic contemporary themes that have been a signature of the franchise since its inception in 1966,” CBS said.

In other words: We can't tell you what it's about, just in case it's as bad as "Babylon 5," but we're pretty sure there's a spaceship and aliens."

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Posted in: Police to be out in force in Tokyo for Halloween on Friday, Saturday nights See in context

The Tokyo metropolitan police will be out in force on Friday and Saturday nights to prevent any trouble from Halloween revelers.

OK, thanks for that bit of Friday afternoon mirth. Met cops don't "prevent" trouble from large crowds, they mostly just stand around faking a game face. I've seen how they respond to skirmishes in Roppongi. If things start getting out of hand, better run or hide.

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Posted in: Toyota at top in global vehicle sales for first 9 months See in context

The U.S. is going to have to replenish all the ISIS Toyotas that Russia is destroying, so Toyota sales should stay up for a bit. lol!

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