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Jeff Quigley comments

Posted in: Woman gives birth on flight from Canada to Japan See in context

They're lucky the baby is healthy.

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Posted in: Police arrest 30-year-old man over 5 acid attacks in Gunma See in context

Dunk him in a vat of sulfuric acid once caught.

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Posted in: 'American Sniper' triggers angry debate See in context

Spoiler alert...

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Posted in: Abe vows to rewrite constitution, instill patriotism in schools See in context

The low voter turnout is very unfortunate, especially considering that - and I guarantee you - those black-van driving, hate-speech spewing, racist scumbags ALL showed up at the polls...

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Posted in: Google buying satellite maker Skybox See in context

Am I overlooking the Japan angle here?

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Posted in: The top 8 fast food chains in Japan See in context

This survey is irrelevant without considering chain donburi places like Sukiya and Matsuya.

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Posted in: JAL Dreamliner, bound for Tokyo, returns to Boston See in context

Boeing dug their own grave with the 787.

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Posted in: Lawson store closed after employee puts photo of himself in freezer on Facebook See in context

If the family based their livelihoods on this shop, I expect a sting of suicides to be reported in Kochi. What he did was wrong, but the whole idea of "one strike and you're life is over" appalls me. Probably the one "non-conformist" thing the poor guy ever did in his life -- "the nail that sticks up gets hammered down" at its finest.

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