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Posted in: Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S. See in context

Gokai. Yes, Japan is doing much better than what the "official" reports suggest. As long as people think Japan isn't a threat they'll keep buying Japanese products. It's a brilliant strategy.

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Posted in: Speaker Boehner resigns from Congress; victory for tea party See in context

IMO, both sides of US politics are both equally to blame and equally insane.

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Posted in: Indonesia scraps fiercely contested rail project in favor of slower train See in context

Maybe one day Indonesia will have high-speed rail, but being indebted for half a century seems foolish.

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Posted in: Pentagon teams up with Apple, Boeing to develop wearable tech See in context

Wherever the Pentagon is involved one can expect inefficiency and pools of red ink.

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Posted in: Ajinomoto could spend up to Y200 bil on M&As by end of FY2016 See in context

Sure, fxgal, this from someone who only knows Japan via the Internet.

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Posted in: Indonesia favoring China over Japan in railway bid: gov't sources See in context

And yet another country passing us Americans by as our infrastructure rots and falls apart.

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Posted in: Mobile language apps help millions learn less, more often See in context

I use "Before You Know It" on both my PC and HDX. It's an electronic flashcard program. The mobile version only costs $7.99 a language, with 70+ languages to choose from.

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Posted in: China announces sharp fall in value of yuan currency See in context


When the East-Asian countries need foreigners to fix their economies I'm sure they'll call you.

Seriously though, the US has less than 100 million full-time workers, the lowest since 1977. However, if anyone criticizes America the ethno-centrists come out and state how perfect and infallible America is.

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Posted in: Japan's Jan-June current account surplus biggest since 2010 See in context


Yeah, lets put everyone on Japan on the dole and let China walk all over Japan. /.s

Try thinking like a realist/adult

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Posted in: Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war See in context

Obama's statement is endemic in US politics. Too many people in America see morality in Black and White with no shades of gray. IMO, the US should aim for neutrality as much as possible. We've got too many domestic problems, so shrinking our empire makes the most sense.

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Posted in: Republican debate: the good, the bad and the Trump-y See in context

Since when are lunatics allowed to leave the Asylum without supervision?

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Posted in: Made in North Korea: goods store opens to brisk business in Seoul See in context

Maybe this is North Korea finally (beginning) to open up to Capitalism?

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Posted in: Apple pushed down to 3rd in China smartphone market See in context

Maybe the beginning of the end for Apple? A company can't just rely on reiterations of the same product forever.

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Posted in: Colorado resident is 2nd to die of plague there this year See in context

I thought only the third-world got diseases like this.

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Posted in: Fire sale on stuff that burns: Oil, natural gas, coal down See in context

However, oil stockpiles at an 80-year high. Everyone who can produce oil is producing oil. If Everything is as peachy-keen as the politicians and talking heads say, then why the big rush to secure oil?

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Posted in: Obama warns rejecting Iran deal would spell war See in context

There would be far fewer wars if our Government did what was best for the people rather than Defense contractors.

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Posted in: China's manufacturing shows zero growth in July See in context

Up to this point China's manufacturing has been mostly junk that people buy at thrift shops. They'll have to start making higher-end goods if they want to stay in the game.

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Posted in: Apple, BMW in courtship with an eye on car collaboration See in context

What?! A business article on Japan Today without a dozen Liberals being jealous of the "1%"?

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Posted in: Fuel cells provide electricity for homes See in context

I was being sarcastic.

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Posted in: NEC posts April-June loss on weak telecom sales See in context

Jerseyboy, the Japanese are doing better than what their false economic and business articles and stats say. I have two friends, both well-connected multi-millionaires. Both have told me more than on one occasion that Japan is doing much better than the Japanese Government states.

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Posted in: Japan's Sharp says April-June loss widens to $274 mn See in context

I agree, but that's assuming anything the Japanese government or businesses on this the media prints is true.

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Posted in: Kyushu Electric aims to restart first reactor Aug 10 See in context

And you honestly believe the official MSM predictions on Japan? All I hear from you anti-Japan people is, "The sky is falling!". What makes you think that Japan needs a white person such as yourself to run their country for them?

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Posted in: Greek bailout talks with auditors begin as market to reopen See in context

The EU should quit avoiding the inevitable and let Greece collapse.

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Posted in: Bin Laden relatives killed in UK plane crash See in context

Obama is a politician, what do you expect?

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Posted in: Facebook ready to test Internet-beaming drones See in context

It's a sad fact, but tech companies like Facebook are supposed to be driving the U.S. economy.

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Posted in: Suspected Jewish extremists burn Palestinian child to death See in context

Show me, in any religious text, where God says to slaughter the innocent.

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Posted in: Facebook profit dips as expenses bite into revenue See in context

Tech Bubble 2.0 is here.

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Posted in: Fuel cells provide electricity for homes See in context

According to the Japan-hating "Engrish" teachers on this site nothing good comes from Japan.

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Posted in: NSA to stop using bulk US phone data in November See in context

An older-lady I'm friends with and who is well-connected told me once that US phone lines have been bugged in one way or another since the late 1920s. On another interesting note, German-speakers were spied upon until 1956. The U.S. Government is unbelievably paranoid. IMO.

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Posted in: Boeing looks at pricey titanium in bid to stem 787 losses See in context

Boeing might become the Government Motors of the aircraft industry. Putting everything high-tech they could think of on their planes, whether the technology was proven or not, was probably a bad idea.

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