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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets to monitor Chinese bombers near Okinawa See in context

I’m sure China will claim Okinawa as a part of China in the coming years..

China is such a third world country….

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Posted in: Nearly 2 million excess deaths followed China's sudden end of COVID curbs: study See in context

No wonder people are escaping China anyway possibly!!!


what a 3rd world country.. nothing but lies and deception..

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Posted in: U.S. approves new $500 mil arms sale to Taiwan See in context

Keep wasting money on lost causes, like the one in Ukraine...

It’s money well spent!!! And they are holding their own against the joke that is the Russians.

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Posted in: N Korean attempt to launch spy satellite fails; alarm sounded in Japan See in context

Another well made communist product!! Such a utopia… lol lol

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Posted in: China's youth worry about tough job market See in context

The whole Chinese economy is about to collapse!!!! We really don’t know how bad of shape their economy is in..

Just read today how Mexico is now the number one trading partner with the USA. A lot of companies are pulling out of China because of their laws and unfair practices.

Mean while the free world is doing just fine.

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Posted in: Evergrande seeks U.S. court nod for $32 billion debt overhaul as China economic fears mount See in context

No way!!! We (Americans) shouldn’t help this company at all.. Nor should our tax dollars go and help them..

Let China fix their mess…

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Posted in: Slogans in Seoul See in context

South Koreans have actually surrounded the US embassy, physically attacked a US ambassador with a knife, and scaled the walls of the US embassy to protest these exercises over the years...but as usual most JT neocons don't actually do their due diligence before posting their comment LOL

Obviously you’ve never lived in South Korea… Not everything you read on Facebook is true.. Go visit and let us you know what you find out.

fyi I lived in Korea for 4 years.

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Posted in: U.N. says N Korea increasing repression as people reportedly starving in parts of the country See in context

Hate to say it, but the North Korea is a Communist state. You can down vote all you want..

There is no freedoms is Communism..

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Posted in: Japan's greatest export? A look at some of the country’s best Major League Baseball stars See in context

I got to see Hideo Nomo play! He was incredible during his tenure!!

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Posted in: U.S. jobless claims applications fall as labor market continues to show resiliency See in context

America is on the grow again!!! Don’t forget about all of the new factories that are being built!!!

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Posted in: China's government tries to defuse economic fears after real estate developer's debt struggle See in context

Unfortunately, we have no idea how bad the Chinese economic situation currently is.

The Chinese government completely underestimated, so many western businesses, pulling out and find a new places for production.

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Posted in: U.N. says N Korea increasing repression as people reportedly starving in parts of the country See in context

Communism at work!!!! Such a great system!!!

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Posted in: China snubs Canada as restrictions on tourism travel lifted See in context

Seemed to be a lot of Chinese at Niagara Falls last month…

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Posted in: China retail sales growth slows, falling below forecasts See in context

China’s economy is one BIG lie… the whole thing is collapsing…

Also the free world is waking up and walking out of China!!!

I’m sure Russia will help them, the ruble is currently One Penny to the Dollar!! Lol lol

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Posted in: How China is responding to economic challenges See in context

Even with its problems, China's economic keeps stronger than the whole decadent west.. 


> No not really!!!

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Posted in: Biden issues an executive order restricting U.S. investments in Chinese technology See in context

Both sides of the aisle have woken up to the Chinese government… The sleeping giant is finally waking up…

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Posted in: Asian markets struggle after more weak China data See in context

China announced its biggest drop in exports since the beginning of the pandemic more than three years ago, while imports also tanked owing to slimming demand at home.

A lot of the Western Companies are pulling out of China. We are waking up to the constant threats, and unfair business rules. It will only get worse for China.

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Posted in: U.S. lab repeats nuclear fusion feat, with higher yield See in context

Another first for the USA!!!

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Posted in: Pentagon confident on sharing intelligence with Japan despite China hacking report See in context

Good ole China, always trying to stop democracy…. I’m glad the free world is finally waking up to this threat.

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Posted in: U.S. employers add 187,000 jobs in July; unemployment dips to 3.5% See in context

Great news!!!! The job market continues to be hot!!!

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