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Posted in: The committee has set the marathon’s start time at 7 a.m., 30 minutes earlier than initially planned. However, in the wake of this summer’s heat wave, some have called for introducing daylight saving time while others have proposed holding the marathon’s events at night. There is no end in sight for discussions over the time schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics marathon. See in context

If summer time can help relieve the heat during summer, why not have it every year throughout the entire season?

There's a reason Singapore, Bangkok and other overheated muggy cities don't apply to host the Olympic Games.

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Posted in: The number of virtual currency theft cases through hacking in Japan more than tripled from a year before to 158 in January-June, National Police Agency data shows, with financial damage in the theft cases totaling 60.5 billion yen. What do you think is the most effective way to prevent these thefts? See in context

To not shout out the world that you're a crypto paradise, which is what the Japanese authorities have stupidly done.

After the China and Korea crackdowns, some Einsteins in the Japanese govt envisioned a new role for their country as the Swiss banker of the crypto world. Good luck with that, LOL

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Posted in: Kansai airport fully back in business 17 days after typhoon havoc See in context

Will the authorities release an accounting for the total specific financial losses? I imagine they're immense, given that the airport's cargo services are still seriously disrupted and passenger traffic remains down 50 percent.

There ought to be a parliamentary inquiry over KIX's vulnerability and its prolonged state of indebtedness, among other problems.

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Posted in: France's Le Pen ordered to undergo psychiatric tests over IS tweets See in context

Many European countries could and should have prevented the rise of the far right with sane immigration policies.

An academic was quoted in the Guardian saying public opinion polls over the past 20 years consistently show the Swedes DON'T want increased levels of immigration. So what do the ruling govts do? They jack up immigration levels all that time, with shutting down public discourse.

And then.... the mainstream parties start losing at the polls to populists, and start the hang wringing, including calling some members of the public racists and bigots. The mainstream pols are reaping what they've been sowing.

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Posted in: Pricey new iPhones make debut in Japan See in context

No more dedicated mic-headphone ports. No thanks. I'm glad I got an LG V30

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Posted in: Japan inflation edges up but way below target in August See in context

Raise our salary, Abe san,

Good one. Unless you work on the prime minister's staff, he can't raise your salary. Your employer can raise your salary, or your union representative can negotiate for wage rises. So take your complaint to them.

How hard is this for people to understand? This forum has had millions of comments of people blaming the prime minister or central bank for being denied raises. Get a grip, people.

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Posted in: It became clear that a large amount of unpaid taxes can be collected from overseas assets, so the latest case will have high ripple and deterrence effects on other tax defaulters. See in context

They're also cracking down on foreigners who receive inheritances from their home country. The problem is Japan has the steepest such taxes in the OECD.

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Posted in: Japan inflation edges up but way below target in August See in context

Deflation is bad for the economy... 

Get used to it. Deflation, or least very low inflation, is endemic in today's globalized world.

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Posted in: Recharge your brain at work with exercise that doesn't require much thinking See in context

Exercise at work? How many offices in Japan have showers, change rooms and workout equipment? A few, I guess, but not many. Why not just allow workers to leave the office early to hit the gym or exercise at home?

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Posted in: Japan's average land prices rise for 1st time in 27 years See in context

A one per cent rise in Tokyo after decades of no growth is laughable!

I come from one of the least affordable places on earth, a city where teachers, nurses and other essential workers don't earn enough salary to house their families without incurring a lifetime of debt, because newly arrived foreign multi-millionaires have jacked up prices and occupy a disproportionate amount of the best land.

So, yeah, I'm pretty happy the price of Tokyo real estate is NOT getting more and more expensive.

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Posted in: The number of one-yen coins in circulation has fallen sharply in Japan, and the government has stopped minting new ones for circulation, while deteriorating units are being withdrawn. Do you still use them much? See in context

They're very effective for reducing change, ironically. If my bill at the combini is 567 yen, for example, I'll hand over 1,067 yen so my change is a single useful coin: 500 yen, as opposed to a handful of small coins.

I own only a few Japanese coins at any given time, even though I make numerous cash transactions a day.

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. trade talks to be delayed after new U.S. tariffs on China See in context

Japan should see its future with China....

Good luck with that. China is on an official mission to become self-sufficient and globally dominant in all the key technologies and industries, with the aim of cutting its dependence on others.

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Posted in: UK's Hunt says Britain can flourish even without Brexit deal See in context

ARM is no chip maker but a designer

Yeah, I know that. And the designs are produced in the UK, as the poster questioned whether the UK "produces" anything important other than financial services.

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Posted in: UK's Hunt says Britain can flourish even without Brexit deal See in context

What else does the U.K make or produce that is world leading or even comparable with the very best?

Jet engines and other aerospace equipment? Defense? Aren't Rolls Royces and Bentleys manufactured in the UK? 60% of the world's mobile devices had chips by ARM, a British company, a few years ago. I don't know about now, the current (pro-Remainer) UK govt allowed the Japanese to takeover the manufacturer, , the kind of moronic move that hopefully will end if Brexit results in a national industrial program that protects, rather than gives away, the nation's finest industrial assets.

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Posted in: U.S.-China tariffs: What's behind them, who stands to be hurt? See in context

The U.S. also asserts that Beijing uses state money to buy American technology at prices unaffordable for private companies.

An analyst on Hong Kong radio pointed out all the industrial financing in China is done at below-market rates. Hail the supremacy of Communist economic planning! It IS working, you gotta admit.

It's gonna be weird when the world's biggest economy will be a Communist dictatorship. I wonder what Reagan and Thatcher would think of that? Today's neo-lib free-marketeering globalists in West have no problem with it, which is scary.

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Posted in: Trade war escalates as China announces tariffs on U.S. imports See in context


"Silly comment based on the search for a scapegoat and a lack of knowledge :)"

A silly response to a post based on a couple of irrefutable facts. :)

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Posted in: Do you think Okinawa should hold a referendum on whether or not it should host any U.S. bases? See in context

The Japanese govt and public would never tolerate it. Most Americans right now would love to see their troops come home and make Japan take more care of its defense needs.

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Posted in: Trade war escalates as China announces tariffs on U.S. imports See in context

 The U.S. says the plans are based on stolen technology, violate China's market-opening commitments and might erode American industrial leadership.

They are right. China's grand strategy is to become self-sufficient and dominant globally in the most important and strategic technologies and industries by 2025. This is what the neo-lib free-traders don't understand -- and also that China's global dominance is being orchestrated by a communist dictatorship.

If people in the West care about their kids' future, they need to do something about this now.

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Posted in: Japan eager to be on board vertical-takeoff 'flying cars' See in context

Surprising, since the Japanese authorities have always been very draconian toward approving new types of vehicles and issuing permits for specialized road use, such as vehicle testing and even film shooting.

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Posted in: Trump imposes tariffs on $200 bil more of Chinese goods; Apple smart watches, other gadgets exempt See in context


Actually, the US government has already started it's socialist program of providing tax money to farmers who have been hurt by the tariffs.

YOu don't know what socialism means. It refers to state ownership of capital. The provision of subsidies by the Trump administration does not affect the farmers' property rights, unless you can prove otherwise.

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Posted in: Trump imposes tariffs on $200 bil more of Chinese goods; Apple smart watches, other gadgets exempt See in context

 It would have been smarter to get Canada, Mexico, Japan and the EU to pressure open Chinese markets together with the USA.

Yes it would. But they had the chance to do something about it for many years, and chose NOT to act in a meaningful way. They didn't want to rock the globalist boat, or make that "mega-yacht."

Time for mainstream parties in the West to get real.

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Posted in: Trump imposes tariffs on $200 bil more of Chinese goods; Apple smart watches, other gadgets exempt See in context

 The US Consumer pays the tariff.

The revenue of which ends up in the hands of the Federal govt. I guess the govt can redistribute the money back to consumers through tax cuts and tax breaks, giving them more spend. LOL.

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Posted in: We can't continue without financial assistance. We need to look at supply and demand when preparing medical services. See in context

So lay off your workers and downsize your operations.

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Posted in: Trumped: How Seoul's U.S. trade 'coup' left Korea steel in limbo as Japan marches on See in context

So much for tariffs being a "lose-lose" proposition. In this case, it's win-win. Japan steelmakers increases sales, the US govt gets more revenue, which it can use for all manner of things, like funding healthcare or more tax cuts.

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Posted in: London mayor calls for second referendum on Brexit See in context

May is Remainer, and she is in charge of the Brexit negotiations, while other leaders of the ruling class, like Carney, are also Remainers, who, incidentally, is now strategically coming out with doom and gloom comments. That is a big part of the problem.

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Posted in: Japan's booming July machinery orders point to accelerating growth See in context

Getting used to reading good news about the Japanese economy. It was a very different situation 4-5 years ago.

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Posted in: Operation Tsukiji: Tokyo battles rats as iconic market prepares to shut See in context

My wife used to work in a restaurant in Tokyo that was filled with rats. The staff used to spot nests with litters of babies in the kitchen and then the staff would watch them get bigger and grow up. The owner refused to call in pest control because he feared taking a day off would hurt his revenue, the greedy so-and-so.

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Posted in: Japan, Vietnam urge U.S. to rejoin Pacific trade deal See in context

"....unfettered access to U.S. markets was a major draw."

Funny of no mention of "unfettered access to Japanese markets." That ain't gonna happen!

That's "free trade" folks. It's a boon for strictly controlled communist states like Vietnam but poison for working folk in developed democracies whose govts conspire with multinationals to push "free trade."

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Posted in: ANA Travel Wellness Initiative to help passengers recharge while in-flight See in context

However recently, I noticed that planes are just noisy. 

I've noticed that too. In the 90s, I used to have normal conversations with passengers beside me. Now, I almost need to shout. Maybe because they were 747s in the old days, which put the engines farther away from the cabin, or my habit now of sitting near the front of the cabin.

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Posted in: 10 years after Lehman Shock: Safer financial system yet much hasn't changed See in context


"this industry is another area where bipartisanship is alive and well....The margin was 258-159, with 33 Democrats supporting the legislation.

"Bipartisanship"? Those numbers show it's an overwhelmingly a Republican thing, with the vast majority of Dems opposed.

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