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Posted in: Chiemi Hori posts on blog she has advanced oral cancer See in context

From the article, it sounds like she was misdiagnosed, as it took 5 months or so before the doctors finally figured out it was cancer. Scary.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka loses 2nd round match in Dubai See in context

I don't really like attention...

Then her father shouldn't have made her represent Japan. She'd get a reasonable amount of attention as a US player, but not nearly the mass frenzy (and thus pressure) she gets in Japan.

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Posted in: Court orders gov't, TEPCO to pay Fukushima evacuees over nuclear disaster See in context

The Einstein who decided to locate a nuke plant on the very coast that the world the word "tsunami" should be sued....big time.

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Posted in: Brexit accelerating Japanese exodus from UK: analysts See in context

The EU market has to be tough for them and they can make more money in China and the US markets.

It's not tough now. The new EU Japan free trade deal will lower EU tariffs on Japanese cars to zero, which means the Japanese will make more cars in japan and the EU auto industry will suffer drastically.

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Posted in: Honda to close UK car plant in 2022 with loss of 3,500 jobs See in context

The Bexiteer fantasists cannot admit that Brexit was a large factor in this and other closures.

Probably because the "fantasists" are correct. The people actually involved in the deal have clearly stated Brexit has nothing to do with it. Honda is in fact pledging to keep the UK as its European headquarters, despite the claim by the Remoaning fantasists that Brexit would trigger an outflux of foreign HQs.

I wouldn't want my country's policies and laws be dictated by a foreign council.

Indeed. The vast majority of citizens in US, Canada, Japan and most other countries would never accept "free movement." Yet they slam the British people for rejecting it. Hypocrisy much?

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Posted in: Muslim women can rent 'wagara' hijabs to match kimonos in Kyoto See in context

What's their stance on Burkas, I wonder?

I see those items worn quite a bit by female tourists in Bangkok and other SE Asian spots. Veils, too.

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Posted in: Companies need to instill flexibility in career paths, eliminating the gap between regular and irregular positions. Workers need to be judged and rewarded based on output rather than face time. See in context

@fxgai's still very unlikely under Abe's regime,

This is mostly about internal company policies, not the govt, as the speaker indicates. The government's "reform" moves to promote labor flexibility have ironically led to this situation, whereby private employers themselves establish these unfair, irrational divisions.

The government has since introduced further regulations forcing the private sector to give certain benefits to qualifying non-regulars, simply because the private sector is resistant to making such moves on its own.

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Posted in: In America, high-speed train travel is off track See in context

High speed rail doesn't make much sense in the US. The US rail network is dedicated to freight, and it's the best such rail network in the world, and a profitable one too. Strategically it makes more sense to use the network's capacity for freight and not bother with passenger HSR.

The Interstate system is free and the costs of owning a car are relatively low. Japan's Shinkansen, by contrast, works financially only because all Japan's highways are steeply tolled and motorists are financially punished in other ways as well. That policy would never, ever fly in the US. Stick with freight, give HSR a miss.

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Posted in: Abe nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize on U.S. request: Asahi See in context

How many wars has Trump started? Because under his two predecessors, the US become involved in conflicts in more countries than at any other time in its history.

Trump's withdrawal of US troops from Syria sounds like a good thing to me, now that the caliphate is in its last throes. With liberals, though, it's gotta be a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" narrative, otherwise their world stops making sense.

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

@Amir Marzouk

"...not knowing her name is to help protect her from potential attacks or hate enthusiasts. "

So, people who publish their racist comments should enjoy the protection of anonymity? Sorry, that's not how the world works.

As for "hate enthusiasts," SHE is the "hate enthusiast" in this case . So your argument makes no sense at all.

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Posted in: Islamic State's last pocket under fire on all sides in Syria See in context

Trump's withdrawal deadline, announced a couple of months ago, now seems to make sense.

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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

Why aren't we allowed to know her name? It was a blog, for crying out loud. If a foreigner says anything offensive about the Japanese, their names are splashed all over the place.

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Posted in: U.S. auto dealers worry Trump will impose tariffs on imported cars See in context

Spare a thought for the US auto industry in the 70s when the Japanese put a 40% tariff on US cars while it stole way market share in their home market, resulting in mass layoffs in Detroit.

Spare another thought for the people who build and sell the US cars in China and S. Koreans which are slapped with steep tariffs as a matter of course, and which the globalists have no problem with.

Tough luck, dealers. You chose to be part of a sleazy skewed industry that has gotten a free ride on America's excessive open market.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs limiting health insurance coverage to Japan residents See in context

Common sense, it seems. If you don't live here or pay into the system, why on earth would have the right to use the national health system?

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Posted in: War kills over 100,000 babies a year: Save the Children See in context


The US and others armed him (Saddam) with them.

Let's have some perspective. Several German companies built Saddam's chemical/biological infrastructure in the 1980s. Several other -- GERMAN -- companies shipped over 1,000 tons of ingredients for mustard gas, sarin, tabun, etc. to Iraq. From that point, Iraq's OWN researchers and military made extensive efforts to develop their OWN program.

US companies at the time sold Iraq pesticides and steel tubes, which could be converted for military use.

As for conventional "arms," Iraq's arsenal was nearly all Eastern bloc.

There's a disturbing trend in the West - among people who should know better - for knee-jerk anti-Americanism, while dismissing or shielding the real culprits.

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Posted in: The reasons why Abenomics is sputtering can be summed up with two words: public relations. More than six years on, it’s still more PR than clear product. See in context

China's sputtering, Germany's sputtering, the global scene is sputtering right now.

Nearly all the problems in Japan are due to the greedy private sector, which that same article lists, as if they're Abe's fault. The prime minister is hardly responsible for decisions made in boardrooms nor for the quality control scandals in factories that Pesek lists.

His bearish view on Japan has been shown wrong time after time after many long years now.

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Posted in: ¥100 mil in old banknotes donated to Ehime prefectural gov't See in context

How was it "delivered"? In person? By post? By courier?

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Posted in: U.S., China open trade talks in Beijing See in context

China is an authoritarian Communist regime bent on global domination. Until that changes, there is no way that China can be a partner of the West. At least Trump understands that. China made this a zero-sum gain long ago, and the US negotiators need to squeeze everything they can out of Beijing.

Respect has to be mutual and earned and not expected just because your America. 

America is finally starting to aggressively protect its markets, just has Beijing has been doing since the 1980s. That's why the enhanced respect for the US these days, not just in China but elsewhere in Asia, like Vietnam and the Philippines.

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Posted in: October still opportune time for Japan to raise sales tax: Moody's See in context

They should only do if certain fiscal targets are met.

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Posted in: Suicide attack on Iran Revolutionary Guards bus kills 27 See in context

No doubt the world's biggest exporter of terrorism, the US, has a hand in this, 

Of course it does. I'm sure the Sunni-Shite conflict that has raged for 1,500 years has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Foreigners make the best scapegoats.

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Posted in: It's not something Japanese people can ignore as someone else's problem. See in context

The tiny plastic stir-sticks at the coffee station at my Japanese combini are each individually wrapped in plastic. Is that necessary?!?

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Posted in: 24 of 50 new slots at Haneda to be given to Japanese, U.S. airlines See in context

How has the increased international traffic at Haneda changed traffic at Narita?

Still busy bustling. Narita was given a massive facelift about 15 years ago. Its passenger areas are a lot better now. Its speedy, direct and dedicated rail link, which Haneda lacks, also has more frequent departures.

Also, the "Haneda premium" still exists, based on my experience, ie flights out of the Tokyo airport tend to be more expensive than their Narita counterparts.

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Posted in: What do you think of the quality of food sold in convenience stores in Japan? Has it improved since you first came to Japan? See in context

Yeah, it's improved a lot, by leaps and bounds. I like the mixed salad bags, desserts and even the coffee machines. The coffee isn't the best but it's quite fresh and 100 times better than the canned coffee that was only available before.

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Posted in: No-deal Brexit could cost 600,000 jobs worldwide: study See in context

tariffs imposed at the border, "tangling up global supply chains,"

China's has rafts of tariffs and other barriers on nearly everything entering the country, and yet has the world's most extensive and effective "global supply chain." Why is it not entangled?

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

"the city of Odate in Akita Prefecture said that "many companies have no know-how about accepting foreigners" and called for support from the central and local governments."

The companies will be the ones raking in the $$$ by employing people from developing countries paying them rock-bottom wages. Get those companies to set up and fund their own training and orientation programs and not muggins the taxpayer.

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Posted in: I have never seen so many reservations being made in a short period. See in context

That means there is a significant number of consumers who can't consume as much as they'd like due to bottle necks imposed by the state, the same state that's struggling to figure out ways of getting consumers - to consume more.

End the national holiday system once and for all, and allow consumers to choose when to take their vacations.

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Posted in: Environmental test for new train link to Haneda to begin in spring See in context

Getting to Haneda from western Tokyo is a major pain. Local line, then Yamanote and then Keikyu, all jammed with commuters, or the bus from Shinjuku. Ugh. The monorail route takes forever.

Narita is waaay better, thanks to its fast, dedicated rail links.

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Posted in: The world's postal services are struggling with lower demand for letter deliveries. How would you feel if the mailman became a thing of the past? Do you still eagerly look in your mailbox each day? See in context


In my case, I'm using letter postal services a lot more now than a few years ago. I bought a stack of envelopes a couple of weeks ago and they're all used up.

My business clients and my financial services just want more paper than ever before, nearly always as part of stepped up security measures.

Japanese compliance officers, for example, now want to see an original signature, whereas in the old days a faxed copy (and then later a scanned PDF) would suffice.

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Posted in: Abe defends BOJ's policy See in context

The BOJ has blamed falling oil prices and the Japanese public's sticky deflationary mindset for delaying achievement of its price target.

Yeah, right. Cutting workers' salaries year after year - which is what Japanese employers did -- for over a decade after the bubble burst is what created and established the "deflationary mindset." And now, we're trapped, because the same companies are choosing to hoard the windfall of the highest corporate profits in the nation's history rather than pay substantial raises despite a severe labor short.

Why are the pundits so reluctant to put blame where blame is due? I guess they're employed by the same billionaires who are the real culprits.

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Posted in: The world's postal services are struggling with lower demand for letter deliveries. How would you feel if the mailman became a thing of the past? Do you still eagerly look in your mailbox each day? See in context

Not true. I moved last year and about half my change of address procedures could not be done online -- only paper. MUFG often requires a stack of paper forms, since they refuse to do password related issues on the phone or online. Several of my clients require original paper invoices with my signature.

These are usually anti-hacking and anti-money laundering measures, and there's a lot more of them now than before.

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