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Posted in: Why do people spend so long in jail without going to trial in Japan? See in context

Nice try at "explaining" a profoundly unfair practice widely recognized as an abuse of human rights.

For example, no mention of lawyer access in this alleged "explainer" article. ("Misleader")

Suspects must have the right the defend themselves in a civilized society. They need the right to counsel after arrest, during the detention period and especially during the marathon interrogations by several interrogators at a time, a Japanese practice which is so clearly aimed at extracting confessions under duress. Ask the former Nissan president about that!

As for the re-arrest, that is done to extend the detention period for a long, long long time while a suspect is technically innocent. I remember when a suspected aum member was thrown in a cell for three weeks for "trespassing" - he was on an outdoor landing of a condominium building where he didn't live.

 anyone in Japan should be careful not to do crimes unless they’re willing to do the times

Right. I'll remember to stay away from condo buildings where I don't live. Three weeks in a tiny cell with the lights on 24/7 even before any charges are filed is best avoided. I'd lose my job, my career, maybe even my family as a result.

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Posted in: Kishida cautious about same-sex marriage See in context

When is Kishida not cautious about something?

When is Japan not cautious about something? The Japanese are considerably more conservative on these kinds of issues than the West.

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Posted in: Suruga Bank: Helping foreign nationals thrive in Japan See in context

does anyone have any real negative examples ?

Please read posts before commenting on them. My post has 2 "negative examples." I've got about a dozen from the last year or so alone I could mention but the typing would have worn me out.

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Posted in: Toranomon Hills Station Tower to open in Tokyo in autumn See in context

I didn't realize that July is "autumn."

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Posted in: Japan defense buildup helps triple primary deficit projection See in context

What is the point of a "primary surplus"? What does it do? What happens after it's achieved?

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Posted in: Tech giants Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook parent Meta and others have laid off tens of thousands of staff in recent months. What sort of a future do you see for these companies? See in context

They aren't going away, with the possible exception of META/Facebook. The Meta idea seems dumb and personally I'm spending less and less time on FB and posting less and less.

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Posted in: Kishida's intention to raise consumption tax in focus at Diet See in context

Consumption tax hikes have a history of triggering recessions.

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Posted in: Heavy snow warnings issued for parts of Japan; flights canceled See in context

leading to a possibility of snowfall in Tokyo and Osaka, the agency said.

And yet the agency shows no chance of snow in Tokyo in its forecast over the next week. Strange.

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context


@@JeffLee What huge profit growth is that?

"Japan corporate pretax profits hit July-Sept. record, capex up 9.8%"

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context

... if Japan collapses as fantasized by some..., 

It would be a grand fantasy, indeed. Japan would have to run out of yen (as nearly all its obligations are denominated in yen), a currency it prints at will.

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context

 People need to wake up to the alarming deterioration of economy and country as a whole.

Thats what happens under austerity, not thru govt spending. Japan's problem is that employers have been refusing to pay workers in line with their huge profit growth and either hoarding the the cash or giving it to shareholders and share buybacks, rather than distribut it throughout the economy.

The govt spends, because the private sector hoards.

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context

It's the job of the Government to be sure this kind of thing does not happen.

What has actually "happened"?

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Posted in: Finance chief: Japan's fiscal health worsening on unprecedented scale See in context

None of the symptoms of bad "fiscal health" are present. Sky-rocketing inflation and interest rates, bond default? Angry creditors. Hello?

Japan spends its own money, which it "borrows" almost entirely from itself.

In other news, japan is the biggest owner of US debt and remains the world's largest creditor nation. Forest for the trees much?.

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Posted in: Much of Japan to see heavy snow from Tuesday as winter storm arrives See in context

No snow at all in Tokyo's forecast this morning for at least the entire week. Today's high is 13, so quite warm and sunny.

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Posted in: Murder of 90-year-old woman linked to online site recruiting members for house robberies See in context

Residents not keeping millions of yen of cash in their home might help reduce the problem.

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Posted in: Suruga Bank: Helping foreign nationals thrive in Japan See in context

Sounds promising. I may check them out. In the last couple of years, I have NOT been able to do most procedures online at my Japanese banks, credit card providers and phone carrier. They require paper documents sent back and forth through the post office, taking weeks. Updating my password at my card company, for example, took over 2 weeks. Ideco renewal was 4 months. Crazy.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Kishida has been saying raise wages, raise wages, but the decision to hike pay isn't done on the words of a prime minister. Rather it's because a company needs better human resources to achieve its growth potential. If the company isn't competitive, raising wages translates just to higher costs that will only worsen its situation. See in context

Nice piece of corporate apology-ism.

Japanese companies, at their annual and highly formalized graduate recruitment campaigns, have long shown they are unwilling to offer higher wages for "better human resources" regardless of labor or skill shortages or other economic situations. The hiring is en-mass and everyone gets the same (low) salary.

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Posted in: Protests in Stockholm, including Koran-burning, draw strong condemnation from Turkey See in context

Swedes are starting to see the fallout from its reckless and irresponsible immigration/refugee policies over the past decade or two. No NATO for you!

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Posted in: JCB launches #BetterWithOmotenashi campaign to drive brand awareness across Europe See in context

If I were a Japanese financial services company, the last thing I would do is brag about my "Japanese heritage." LOL.

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Posted in: Japan reports inflation hit 4%; 41-year high in December See in context


Do you remember US and Europe? They were both telling us inflation is transitory and now it is really hard for them to get it back under control.

Hard, really? US CPI was 9.1% June, and last month was 6.5%. Gas was 5 bucks a gallon in the spring, now $3.40. There is a definite deceleration trend.

As for the EU, Russian energy dependence (thanks, Merkel) is a big driver: 9.1 percent last month. However, that was down from November, and further down from the peak in Oct.

Facts over narratives

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Posted in: Japan reports inflation hit 4%; 41-year high in December See in context

other nations include food in their calculation

So does Japan. The 4% headline figure includes food. The 2.3% figure is core inflation, excluding food. Japan's price rises are still relatively modest, so hiking interest rates doesn't seem like a great idea.

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Posted in: Job cuts in tech sector spread as Microsoft lays off 10,000 See in context

The Fed's tightening policy is working.

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Posted in: Japan Inc finally giving raises, just not to everyone See in context

we'd be out of business in two years

Then do us a favor and go out of business. Many of these firms exist because they are family/legacy endeavors and can only be competitive by underpaying their young or foreign workers. The system puts a drag on the economy by suppressing wages thus consumption, and thus ultimately economic growth.

there's no way Hideki Kawada can afford raises for the 18 employees at his printing firm.

So restructure to 10 employees and pay them better.

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Posted in: Ambulance workers struggle to find hospitals to admit patients for 4th consecutive week See in context

Remember when the govt built a few large-scale dedicated COVID facilities...and then shut them down after a few months? Boggles the mind.

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Posted in: Business trusted most in a more polarized world, report says See in context

No surprise. Nearly all the posters on this forum blame the government - not companies - for companies' willful refusal to pay salaries in line with their huge profit growth, and seem happy with the fact that corporations are taking a larger and larger share of the national income, leaving less and less for working people.

The brainwashing works!

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Posted in: Tokyo shares jump after Bank of Japan keeps policy unchanged See in context

Oh well, the higher yen was nice while it lasted. The BOJ is asserting its control.

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Posted in: Solo travelers can enjoy tatami flooring and Japanese beds at a hotel in the heart of Shibuya See in context

I walk past that place from time to time. It used to be Hotel Emit. It's odd that with a decent sized restaurant, it doesn't serve breakfast. But that's the Japanese travel industry for you.

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Posted in: Japanese company defends Van Gogh ownership after lawsuit See in context

When I used to date Japanese office ladies in the 1980s and 90s, it used to make my blood boil that they had to work 10 hours a day for 160,000 yen a month while their corporate bosses were using the companies' enormous surplus funds to buy famous and very expensive art pieces and other vanity objects.

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Posted in: China’s population falls for first time since 1961; highlighting demographic crisis See in context


There is no evidence at all that a lower birth rate leads to higher economic growth,

So what? Economic growth is merely a change in aggregate output. The more people, the bigger the output. But that doesn't tell us much about a country's economic health or living standards. Luxembourg's output is tiny but its people are the among the world's most affluent. Singapore, Switzerland, Norway, New Zealand, etc...the global ranking of the world's best places socio economically is dominated by countries with small populations.

The last major famine in China occurred decades before the one child policy was introduced and was the result of idiotic Mao BS 

Yes, in the 1960s, while China's population skyrocketed. The population doubled from 1950 to 1990. But once the pace of population growth was slowed down, living standards started to rise rapidly.

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Posted in: China’s population falls for first time since 1961; highlighting demographic crisis See in context

China’s economic miracle came largely as a result of its successful efforts to suppress its population growth though the one-child policy, etc. The famines and grinding poverty ended and the prosperity started once the population size was stabilized.

The narrative that economies need ever-expanding populations as a condition of prosperity is the biggest myth out there.  The opposite is true.

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