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Posted in: Suga says adequate measures in place to prevent virus cases spreading from Olympic athletes See in context

If the number of those who test positive stays at a high level, it will lead to a shortage of hospital beds.

You and your friends have been saying this repeatedly for over a year now. How about doing something about it?

Thailand is now racing to build a massive field hospital in an airplane hangar in response to the delta variant's rapid spread. The UK and China did the same thing last year. Why isn't Japan doing likewise?

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Japanese bread is fluffy and delicious – so glad foreigners like it!”

Not this foreigner, that's for sure. Kinokunia has decent brown whole-grain sandwich bread. Other than that, proper sandwiches and sandwich bread are near impossible to find in Japan.

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Posted in: Badminton bronze See in context

Who got the gold and silver? I guess it doesn't matter if they weren't Japanese.

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Posted in: China cracks down on its biggest companies See in context

China is a communist state. Attacking private enterprise is what communists do, the same way terriers chase rabbits. The pro-China globalists in the West need to read some books on 20th century history.

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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

Hmmm, over the past week, I've been seeing non-Japanese people walking around like tourists wearing $300 Adidas shoes and other top of the range sportswear in central Tokyo where I work. Just a tad suspicious. Usually Europeans and South Americans.

The 4-day weekend is blamed for fanning the flames. Wasnt that for the Olympics?

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Posted in: Video of Israeli athletes breaking cardboard village bed goes viral See in context

Japan thoughtfully makes an efficiency and sustainability decision...

It would have been more "sustainable" to make long-lasting wooden or steel beds and then sell them on the second-hand market, which is common in other countries but not so much in Japan. But then, Japan prefers to take the disposable, throw-away route over a truly sustainable one.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over street robbery in May See in context

stole his bag (worth about 680,000 yen)

What the? What the?

What kind of men walk around at 3 a.m. with handbags worth $6,000? Another Japanese news article that lacks key information needed to understand what's actually going on.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan to pay more for hosting American troops See in context

Some perspective: Most Japanese, govt and people, want the US bases here ( while few Americans want the bases here). The Japanese will rarely ever admit that, but it's the truth.

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Posted in: Asian stocks sink after Wall St pulls back from record See in context

China is tempering...

China is actually loosening, having lowered its banks' reserve ratios about three weeks ago to create more liquidity. They earlier flirted with tapering, but started the loosening after the Modi virus started to take a global toll.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context


 Your friends are not professionals with an army of consultants to research such things.

To what extent does the IOC selection body second-guess cities' bid proposals, especially on something like the weather? They receive local info and data compiled by the candidate cities and assume the cities are reporting in good faith. Tokyo's lies were actually quite extraordinary, which is why we're even discussing this.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

July-August is harsh for foreigners never lived in Japan.

July-August is also harsh for Japanese. This is the season of constant heat warnings on NHK, water-drinking advisories and stay-home advisories and rising numbers of hospitalizations across Japan.

Mr. Bach was well aware of Japanese weather when he awarded them the Summer Olympics.

How do you know? I can never convince my friends in Canada about the brutality of Japanese summers. They associate Japan mostly with snow-covered ski resorts.

Most Japanese also brag they've got the best climate in the world, which doesn't help matters.

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Posted in: Boeing set to face investor scrutiny as problems plague jets See in context

Years ago, I shook my head when reading that Boeing was moving production to S. Carolina -- because of cheap local labor. I also shook my head when reading the 787 was going to be largely outsourced from a wide range of suppliers located throughout the world. I also shook my head when hearing Boeing described itself as an assembler rather than a manufacturer. I shook my head when batteries were catching fire on flights and Boeing couldnt and didnt specify the problem or ax the foreign suppliers involved.

I'm no aviation engineer, but I saw this coming. Maybe one day, we customers will be given a choice to fly Airbus rather than Boeing, just like we can choose Haneda over Narita, or Pfizer over Astra-Zenica.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

The "extreme" conditions are normal by Japanese standards - oppressive heat broken only by occasional typhoons. Gotta laugh when foreign journalists say, "Tokyo is being hit by a heat wave."

In fact, it's actually been a bit cooler than usual for this time of year. I wonder about the Paralympics, which take place in August, at the height of the hot season.

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Posted in: Going electric: Carmakers make the switch See in context

I'm going to miss gasoline powered cars, despite their environmental impact. The throaty roar of an engine is irreplaceable.

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Posted in: Only Tokyo could pull off these Games? Not everyone agrees See in context

The gestures and cosmetic appearances mask a profound yet preventable tragedy, the result of incompetence, arrogance and lack of political will.

Pointing to apparent efficiency is forest for the trees: one pundit noted that after all the well-organized, rigorous airport checks, he and the others were jammed into a small crowded bus. To cite one of a multitude of examples.

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Posted in: Japan can no longer leave things unattended with global developments over digital currencies moving so rapidly. See in context

so far, these "currencies" have failed to show themselves as viable currencies. They are speculative assets with no underlying assets. Until that changes, the authorities have nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: Heat a major issue at Olympic tennis venue See in context

This is all on NBC and other broadcast right holders.

The Japanese bid committee knew the rules and conditions (ie, a "summer games" as opposed to an "autumn games), and they were more than happy to sign on the dotted line. In fact, they fought hard for the privilege.

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Posted in: Heat a major issue at Olympic tennis venue See in context

The instant I heard Japan won the host city bid a decade ago, this was the first thing that sprang to my mind. Not saying I'm wiser or more knowledgeable than anyone else, like Olympic organizers or Japan's policymakers, but I'm just sayin'...

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Posted in: Designing less addictive opioids, through chemistry See in context

When I was in mind-boggling pain from a kidney stone, a nurse shoved an NSAID suppository up the old chute, and my pain quickly disappeared. Surely non-addictive yet powerful NSAIDs like these are the answer.

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Posted in: Toyota adds 'kei' makers to technology partnership See in context

They have a following in the US.

The East German Trabant has a "following" in Germany. Bad cars attain cult status, which doesnt make them good cars.

Nissan Pao's and Figaro's are popular too. 

Those have 1 liter engines, not 660cc. The 660cc size limit was devised by postwar bureaucrats, not engineers. Only a seriously insane engineer would opt for that kind of engine displacement for van or passenger car.

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Posted in: Toyota adds 'kei' makers to technology partnership See in context

are popular with farmers

They aren't "popular" with anyone. People buy them because they're cheap, thanks to discriminatory govt regulation. Remove that regulation, and they would quickly disappear.

Kei models also hold potential for other parts of Asia,

Yeah, right. They aren't exported because hardly anyone outside of Japan - with its unfair regulations - wants or needs a four-wheel, four-seat vehicle with a 660cc engine.

Let's not even get into the safety issues with those tin boxes.

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos blasts into space on own rocket See in context

Amazing what one can achieve by playing the capitalist free market.

Indeed, 10 minutes in space in 2021 compared to nearly 2 hours achieved by a socialist agency 60 years earlier. Capitalism is so much more advanced.

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Posted in: Jeff Bezos blasts into space on own rocket See in context

10 minutes and 10 seconds — five minutes shy of Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7 flight in 1961

Modern space voyages are a lot less impressive than the ones 60 years ago, so I don't get all the hype. Yuri Gragarin went all the way around the Earth that year. It seems today's private space firms have a lot of catching up to do, if they manage to do that at all. Government space ventures are light years ahead.

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Posted in: Asian shares fall on virus variant worries, Wall St retreat See in context

the world has delayed the worst economic downturn in history,

When? Where? How?

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Posted in: Asian shares fall on virus variant worries, Wall St retreat See in context

Money printing never works in a long run.

It's worked pretty well so far. The world has avoided the worst potential economic downturn in modern history, largely thanks to the massive amounts of monetary and fiscal stimulus.

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Posted in: China table tennis boss complains Olympic playing areas too small See in context

The Japanese also got complaints at the Nagano Olympics for having too short of a downhill run.

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete spotted on camera at Nagoya Station See in context

Why doesn't apply for refugee status? I'm just kidding.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite foods or snacks for coping with Japan's summer heat? See in context

Grapes, watermelon, salted lemon juice.

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Posted in: Controversial art exhibit opens in Osaka amid repeated threats See in context

Please change the headline. Just because some extremists don't like it doesn't make it "controversial."

"...anti-Japan messages, including a statue symbolizing "comfort women"

The photos that I've seen show a young woman sitting down placidly with an empty chair beside her. Is there also some sort of "anti-Japan message" attached to it, like "Down with japan," etc.?

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