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Posted in: Japan newlyweds can receive up to ¥600,000 to start new life See in context

Yep, throwing money at a problem is the best way of solving it.

Handing over a million yen of cash to secure a small rental apartment is certainly a crushing financial burden for many young people, not just in Japan. The problem there is the medieval business practices of Japan's real-estate industry and landlords, and this gift money will merely perpetuate the core cause of the misery. Force reform in that sector, instead. This policy is crazy.

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Posted in: Number of suicides among Japanese jumps in August See in context

Summer is an awful, depressing season in most of Japan. That combined with the COVID impact was too much for a lot of people. I always ask my clients to lessen my workload that time of year if I haven't managed to flee the country. The fatigue, discomfort and frayed nerves just ain't worth it.

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Posted in: Japanese survey ranks Hokkaido as most desirable prefecture to settle down in See in context

Retire in Hokkaido, but spend the cold months in SE Asia.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

The best approach is to teach a few basic context-giving facts - slavery was global and had been around for thousands of years , practiced by nearly all the major civilizations, and that the Transatlantic trade is one chapter in a very long book.

More facts: It was stamped out globally in a movement spearheaded by Britain, (apart from much of the Muslim world, which insisted on practicing it well into the 20th century).

Introducing a broad context is the way to give a correct understanding of an extensive historical phenomenon, inside of using a narrow version of events designed to create division.

"America was a little late to the party on that one."

Not really. The Northern states started abolishing slavery from the late 1700s. By the 1820s, slavery was illegal throughout the North.

By comparison, Saudi Arabia maintained it until 1962. Many countries and regions were "late to the party," but the US was not one of them.

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Posted in: EU chief says UK cannot change EU-UK withdrawal agreement See in context

All those Jamaicans that were promised a home in the UK? 

Who "promised" them a home in the UK? When?

Don't want those dark people, not British looking enough.

An asinine comment, given that Britain has been one of the world's most generous countries to immigrants and migrants. White British people are a minority in London these days, not to mention dozens of towns in the north, where people of colour are the majority and with vibrant Asian and African communities. Where do you live? Japan? LOL

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Posted in: Investors give once-loved Southeast Asia a wide berth See in context

This article talks about South East Asia, not China which is considered East Asia.

You think I don't know that?. SE Asia is rife with wet markets, not to mention huge bat colonies. They are a disaster waiting to happen.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly higher after Wall Street gains See in context

So the rich get richer the middle class and poor get the picture.

It seems you've never hear of 401ks, Nisa, Ideco, etc. Most middle class households, not to mention all state pension programs, have stakes in the financial markets, .

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Posted in: Japan's exports extend double-digit decline See in context

I'm wondering why this story is in the "Politics" section. It's clearly business.

Moderator: Fair enough.

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Posted in: Vietnam Airlines to resume flights to Japan from Hanoi and Saigon on Sept 18 See in context

"...serve the increasing needs of passengers wishing to work, study and stay in Japan."

Not really true. They're serving the needs of Japanese consumers and farms. The Japanese people would become desperately hungry if the foreign "internees" (LOL) weren't around to grow and harvest their food.

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Posted in: Lunch lineup See in context

Why do people do it? 

Very few seats and very short operating hours. If it's recently been written up in Hanako or appeared on Fuji TV, expect line-ups for the next few months.

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Posted in: Investors give once-loved Southeast Asia a wide berth See in context

Maybe they can deploy their surplus resources and labor capacity during this slow period to shut down their wet markets and reform their fresh food distribution and retail sector. Then they - and we - won't have to go thru this COVID nightmare again.

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Posted in: Apple rolls out virtual fitness service, new watch, subscription bundle, catering to pandemic work-from-home See in context

Article doesn't say much about the new Ipad Air, which is attracting lots of attention. I'd want one if I could think of why I'd need one. My Kindle Fire 8, at a tiny fraction of the price at $100, does everything I need.

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Posted in: Japan suspends German pork imports after African swine fever case See in context

That's a drag. Last week, I found a nice German restaurant near my office and was planning on lunching there regularly.

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Posted in: Another Tokyo urban landmark closing down, this time the home of Shinjuku’s giant Yunika Vision See in context

Not really much of a landmark. The nearby Studio Alta screen has been there much longer and remains a big rendez-vous point. Shinjuku is filled with much better known landmarks.

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Posted in: The stance of the opposition parties is to lower the consumption tax rate for the time being. This will become a major issue of the next Lower House election See in context

Once a tax is imposed its unusual for it to lower....

the corporate tax was lowered recently. Income taxes were also cut from around a decade ago, although the cuts have since expired.

Japan has everything to gain and nothing to lose by lowering the consumption tax at this point.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hints at more racial justice activism See in context


she has spoken out about the racism she experienced in Japan.

Yes, "spoken about," only to rationalize and even defend it, in those articles you posted.

Ergot: "Osaka said she believes problems of race in Japan are down to ignorance rather than hate."

No mention of her grandparents kicking her family out of the home on the basis of race. That was clearly "hate," but let's not talk about that, eh. Definitely she harbors an anti-white bias, which is why she isn't worth listening to.

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Posted in: Water shortages expected to fuel conflict, social unrest and migration See in context

Naturally, the boffins don't mention population control as the best, perhaps only, solution. Once again, they're arranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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Posted in: School for Takarazuka Revue trainees abolishes harassment-like rules See in context

It's one of the oddest theatre organizations in the world. The artistic and creative level is very low, despite the extensive and harsh training received by the players and its generous funding. Internally, it's rife with cultish practices. It belongs in North Korea.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want Suga to become next PM, tackle fiscal reform: poll See in context

Abenomics greatly overinflated the values of stocks and assets.

Certainly not property. Local governments are giving away land for free in some cases. Stock prices are up but valuations here are not nearly as sky high as in the US or other markets. What assets are "overinflated"?

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

I’m not a believer in that. I like to say that MMT.

It's not a question of being a "believer." MMT offers an explanation of how public finance really works in the real world, while disproving wrong and archaic beliefs, like the belief Japan needs to balance its budget, or else! Or else what? Ummmm....

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Posted in: Fed's strategy shift to bind big central banks from Frankfurt to Tokyo See in context

Japan is complaining about a trend it started. If you've got a negative interest policy, you have no right to complain about the looseness of a policy of a trading partner whose key rate is still positive.

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Posted in: Japanese firms want Suga to become next PM, tackle fiscal reform: poll See in context

If they want more fiscal stimulus and they want "fiscal reform," then they don't know what they want.

a sign of growing worry about the industrial world’s heaviest public debt burden.

Why are they worried? Any specific reasons or are they just drinking kool-aid? It seems they don't realize that to balance the fiscal situation, the govt would need to take money out of the private sector and give it to the government sector.

That makes them masochists.

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Posted in: U.S. remembers 9/11 as pandemic changes tribute traditions See in context

The Bush administration was way in over its head and made tragic errors all along the way. The perpetrators were mostly Saudis, with a few Syrians and Jordanians, and all were wealthy or middle class in the Middle East.

US soldiers found themselves fighting impoverished Taliban members in central Asia, 99% of whom had nothing to do with the attack. Then they were fighting Iraqis, 100% of whom had nothing to do with the attack.

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Posted in: PM contender Suga hints at consumption tax hike See in context

Then say hello to another recession. What a dumb move. Japan provisions itself in its own currency - it doesn't need to "borrow" from anyone except from itself. Its central bank owns half the national debt anyway, and is fully capable of buying more if it so chooses.

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Posted in: SoftBank unveils new HQ just as COVID-19 forces office decamp See in context

The new development employs technology that supports social distancing...It also employs WeWork-style features like hot-desking, communal lounges.

In other words, it employs a few superficial measures to counter an inherently dangerous environment.

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Posted in: Junk bonds boom as coronavirus lures investors to risk See in context

I wondering what to do with my bond holdings, now that really low interest rates are here for a very long time. Could be that REITs, now quite cheap, are a better substitute than junk bonds.

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Posted in: Japan's households, firms keep hoarding cash at record pace as COVID-19 strains broaden See in context

My savings have certainly grown during this period. But that's due to how COVID and the awful hot weather are keeping us at home.

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Posted in: U.S. cuts troops in Iraq on Trump pledge to stop 'endless wars' See in context

So much military intervention in conflicts around the world took place during the Bush and Obama globalization years that now it's quite refreshing that the US strategic profile is more skewed toward peace than armed conflict.

Unfortunately, liberals, moderates and globalists hate that.

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Posted in: ¥18 mil stolen via NTT Docomo's e-money service See in context

So the big move by Docomo is to decide on Wednesday to stop more people from signing on to its highly dangerous platform that they learned a week ago has been stealing people's money? This is the big news?

What about compensation and chasing the perpetrators? I assume Docomo and the banks will give full compensation. If I lose a client's cash, that's what I have to do.

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Posted in: Actor Iseya arrested for alleged cannabis possession See in context

Iseya said he will not speak to investigators without the presence of his lawyer,

Good for him. This is the first time I've ever read about a suspect in Japan making such a demand.

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