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Posted in: Japan's crowded trains spark fear of new coronavirus cases See in context

"... all seating is roped off with plastered signs indicating it is due to "social distancing". Hard to see the logic."

I am seeing that too. Authorities are reducing public spaces by blocking them off, thereby cramming more people together as part of "social distancing." Japanese logic, I guess.

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Posted in: Foreigners with humanitarian needs will be exempt from Japan re-entry ban See in context

I expect that quite a few foreign residents need to be here to care for their school age kids, paying the mortgage, paying taxes, fulfilling obligations to employers, and all the other stuff than normal, responsible adults need to do. Or, I guess the govt doesn't consider us "normal."

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Posted in: Koike says 'simplified' Games may be necessary to avoid cancellation See in context

Athletics, cycling, fencing, gymnastics, shooting, swimming, weightlifting.

That's all you need.

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Posted in: Asian shares rise as Wall Street gains for 3rd straight day See in context

 Inflation. Money might be losing it's value in the future

People have been saying that over the past 20 years and they're always wrong. the 10,000 yen note in my wallet can buy more now than it can 20 years ago, despite a massive amount of money creation over that time.

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Posted in: Asian shares rise as Wall Street gains for 3rd straight day See in context

Where is this confidence coming from? 

Investors look ahead. Unemployment is a lagging indicator, they're interested in the leading indicators. Nearly all view the current situation as being temporary.

I'm just really happy. My retirement nest egg is back to being healthy again.

No thats just the $3trillion in stimulous money

If an economy can produce that much money instantly, and it has basically no or only temporary effects on the macro trends, then that underscores the strength of the US economy and definitely gives investors something to cheer about.

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

Trump has already said that a vaccine developed in the US will be for Americans.

Why wouldn't the Japanese subsidiary of the foreign firm make and distribute the vaccine in Japan? All the major pharmas are multinationals with subsidiaries or at least partners in Japan that could be licensed to do the job.

Abe's strategy risks pouring resources into a large number of potential losers, rather than focusing on the smaller number of the most promising ones.

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Posted in: Japan pushes homegrown vaccines for coronavirus to secure supply See in context

Japan's enthusiasm for globalization is fading fast.

The only shortages I remember in Japan are butter and toilet paper - both of which are supplied almost entirely thru domestic supply chains.

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Posted in: Tokyo issues alert after 34 coronavirus cases confirmed See in context

The 7-day running average is the stat the government should be stressing in its PR, not the day to day figure, which is highly volatile and thus confuses and stresses out the public. Anyone who follows the stock market or measures their weight loss progress knows this. Anyone who studied stats at college should know as well.

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Posted in: Minister denies shady dealings in outsourcing aid program for virus-hit businesses See in context

Why are an advertising company, a marketing firm and a staff recruitment agency handling applications for business subsidies? None are qualified for the job, it would seem.

Anyway, the government should require the "council" to subcontract its work through public tenders. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Man detained in first arrest for illegal reselling of face masks in Japan See in context

If he bought them directly from an importer, then how can he be accused of "reselling" them?

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Posted in: Japan's April tax revenues see biggest monthly drop in over a decade See in context

Sera said she was worried about the long-term effect of accumulating more public debt, which could raise doubts about the sustainability of Japan's economy.

Huh? "Doubts"? Doubts among whom? Not global investors, who load up on the yen whenever uncertainty arises. Not stock investors who have made the TSE one the world's best money makers. Not local companies, whose capex has been rising.

I can't believe people get paid to repeat the same (dangerous) misinformation over many years, which has been disproved so many times.

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Posted in: Priyanka Yoshikawa: From Miss World Japan to entrepreneur in the wellness world See in context

Picked on in school?!?! If she were my high-school classmate back in the day, that would be the last thing I'd be doing toward her, if you catch my drift. I'd be doing the exact opposite. Phroarrr!!

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Posted in: Hamilton slams 'white-dominated' F1 for silence over Floyd death See in context

The incident in Minneapolis has very little to do with other countries and nothing to do with F1 racing.

The new trendy left believes that anyone who doesn't constantly agree with their specific beliefs and don't submit to their every demand is automatically a racist.

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Posted in: Celebs take to streets for demonstrations in U.S. See in context

"You're in no position to lecture the public about anything, you know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg."

Ricky Gervais

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Posted in: Nikkei ends at 3-month high as many businesses restart in Tokyo See in context

Japanese stocks have shown great resilience, and I had solid gains on my holdings until the woo-flu. Now the indexes are back to October levels. The question mark is the state of the real economy over the next year or so.

The stock price of Company A should reflect the health of Company A.

Corporate Japan was healthy up to the virus. Investors view the situation as temporary, and to returning to normal once a vaccine or effective treatment is created. Investors look ahead, rather than at now.

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Posted in: I cannot return the tax refund money as I have already spent it repaying debts and compensating for losses incurred in stock trading. See in context

"Compensating for losses from stock trading?"

He must be a very bad or very unlucky investor, because the major indexes to date have recovered to their levels of around October. Maybe he put everything into REITs.

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Posted in: Back to business See in context

That would have been the last place I would have gone yesterday.

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Posted in: City's quit-smoking program proving a hit during pandemic See in context

Last week we were sitting on a lovely garden veranda at an English pub for lunch amid the warm sunny spring weather. Then a group of four sat at the next table and they all lit up. The scent of the potted flowers turned to the stink of burning tobacco and the 7,000 other chemicals including carcinogens in cigarettes, which we were forced to breathe in, so we had to re-locate indoors. Our lunch wasn't ruined, but it came close.

There is a degree of success with the new program, I guess, but attitudes in Japan still need a lot of work.

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Posted in: SoftBank Vision Fund chief's pay doubles to ¥1.6 bil in FY2019 despite record loss See in context

Nothing about the Vision Fund and Masayoshi Son's running of it should surprise anyone anymore. It's

insane at every level. This is the guy, Misra, who's also accused of staging a honey trap sexual blackmail plot against a colleague, and so on.

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Posted in: Japanese firm investigated for allegedly bribing Vietnam officials See in context

"....a report compiled earlier by a Tenma-commissioned panel that looked into the case."

I imagine that if an independent panel examined the allegations, they'd find a lot more "interesting" things about Tenma and its "activities."

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Posted in: More central banks eye yield curve control. How does Japan's work? See in context

The BoJ is the world's great innovator. Watch as others copy its actions.

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Posted in: Japan revises law to make more part-timers join pension program See in context


If they make above a certain amount, they shouldnt receive full benefits at all

The nenkin pension system is not a government handout: it's a contribution-based plan like insurance. People get it because they pay into it. Denying contributors the payments is basically theft.

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Posted in: Japan's low unemployment rate conceals deeper labor market pain See in context

The workers in Japan facing the brunt of those cuts are often workers without job security - part-timers, contract workers and temporary workers,

So Japanese managers need to desperately cut costs. What do they do? They fire the most cost-effective segment of their workforce, while retaining the most costly ones. Then watch as they go crying to the govt for a bailout.

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Posted in: Pandemic hit to Japan's factory, retail sectors deeper than expected; jobless rate up to 2.6% See in context


Stop blaming China

That's like saying stop blaming the fossil fuel industry for greenhouse-gas emissions. If people refuse to make a clear and accurate determination of a problem's causes and origins, then the problem can never be solved.

Blame Abe, he could have shut things down here sooner than he did,

Remember when Abe called on all the schools to close way back in February? Nearly everyone on this board (not me) was filled with vitriol over that prompt decision. Turns out they were wrong.

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Posted in: Coronavirus changing landscape of Japan's sharing economy See in context

Even after a vaccine, I expect people arent going to be very enthusiastic about sharing their work/travel spaces with hundreds of strangers.

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Posted in: We resolutely oppose the politicization and stigmatization of the origins of the virus. See in context

Viruses don't care about nationality.

True, but in this case it jumped from wildlife to humans as a direct result of illegal and unethical behavior by individuals connected to the Wuhan Seafood China, the latest research strongly indicates. SARS was exactly the same. This time let's do something.

This was a human-made preventable crisis, and those responsible need to be held responsible as part of the process to prevent this from happening again.

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Posted in: China's virus diplomacy: Global savior or 'Wolf Warrior'? See in context

China paying the world $10 trillion in reparations for tanking the global economy and killing hundreds of millions of innocent people may improve its standing.

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Posted in: Japan remains world's top creditor at end of 2019 See in context

Same can be said of the US.

That's true. Same also with Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc.

no other nation will lend them money, 

Yeah, right. US Treasuries are a global investors' favorite. The US has never had trouble issuing debt in modern times.

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Posted in: Japan remains world's top creditor at end of 2019 See in context

They are just printing money

And it's very high quality money, a safe-haven currency for global investors. Ever wonder why that's the case?

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Posted in: Japan's new stimulus package to be worth ¥117.1 tril See in context


 Money is pretty much irrelevant at this point.

Feel free to give me all the yen cash in your savings account and wallet, for I shall free you of the interminable burden, brother.

@Peeping Tom

Many economists of doom have died since: I'm here waiting for it to happen.

It can't happen -- unless ignorant politicians want it to happen. By ignorant, they would believe that fiscal debt in a currency sovereign nation works exactly the same as private debt in a household. Insane, yes, but it's scary how many people believe that, including those who should know better.

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