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Posted in: Tokyo governor surprised by 'sudden' marathon switch See in context

There have been a few times in summer when Sapporo is about as hot and even hotter than Tokyo. That would be interesting. LOL

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Posted in: Doctor arrested for kissing teenage girl during medical examination See in context

"....a medical certificate verifying she had influenza."

Yeah, I'm sure that was really necessary. No wonder Japan's medical system is under strains. People are required to make endless visits and stays at the facilities for the most trivial reasons.

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Posted in: Considering Japan has so many typhoons, why are there still so many roadside utility poles? Is it feasible to bury them underground? See in context

Because postwar Japan's urban development lacked planning and vision. Its a bit better now but still lacking.

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Posted in: Struggling WeWork mulls bailout deals with SoftBank, JP Morgan See in context

Shovelling their hard earned....

Much of the money came from Mideast oil and a Japanese oligopoly. Not my definition of "hard earned."

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

Japans right to honor their war victims in any way they deem fit.

Too bad the Japanese don't extend that principle to the South Koreans. The Japanese, including diplomats, when ballistic during the recent commemoration in Korea of the "comfort women"

These people died in service of Japan.

Invading Asia and killing 10 to 20 million innocent people was in the "service of" an evil regime.

They followed orders and fought well

So did the SS.

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Posted in: Elderly people are very health-conscious, and they seem to be increasingly having opportunities to do exercise or sports, such as going walking and attending sports classes. See in context

This contrasts with my home country, the UK, where the government thinks nothing of closing pools

It's no different in Tokyo. Recently demolished outdoor pools around me include Keyaki Pool in Asagaya, Yoyogi Olympic pool and the Kichijoji Park Pool. The Wadabori Pool in Suginami used to be open til 8, but shortened its hours to 6 out of, yes, austerity.

I used to enjoy swimming to cool off in Japan's hot summers. I don't bother anymore. The remaining pools are too crowded to do a single lap. They are only open for about 8 weeks out of the entire year, anyway. Getting exercise in Tokyo can be a real hassle.

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Posted in: U.S. demands Syria ceasefire; slaps sanctions on Turkey over incursion See in context

You will the anti-US liberal-leftists finally concede that an active US or Western military presence in the Mideast is actually a good thing?

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Posted in: Trio win Nobel Economics Prize for work on poverty See in context

 Teach independence. Teach common sense.

Those are the last things kids should be taught. The quest for "independence" is so often the root cause of wars,

Better to teach how to be a constructive and empathetic member of a community and that scientific methods and knowledge trump "common sense" for solving complex problems.

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Posted in: Property investors turn to Southeast Asia amid Hong Kong unrest See in context

".... property values are depressed for mainlanders to pick up cheaper." 

I think local middle income residents will be the first to pick up any affordable real estate that's available.

the whole world seems to want to re-locate to Singapore these days.

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Posted in: Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain See in context


...when they echo what Trump says.

My post is based on official economic data. It must be a drag when the facts undermine your world view.

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Posted in: The decline in births is happening faster than official projections had envisioned, due to a shrinking pool of women of childbearing age. The children of baby-boomers are reaching their late 40s, which is causing a radical drop in births. See in context

Perhaps the real issue is Japan's failure to fund retirement and healthcare for the elderly without needing a constant stream of young people newly paying taxes and insurance premiums.

Japan IS funding those programs, with no economic repercussions. Because it can. It borrows its own money, which it pays back to itself. That's the prerogative of an issuer of the world's safe-haven currency amid low inflation. The consumption tax hike was a political decision, not an economic one, made by people who don't understand how public finance works in a fiat-currency world.

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Posted in: Namibia-Canada Rugby World Cup match cancelled due to typhoon See in context

It's not an issue about "the weather," but the season and climate, factors that can be taken account of well in advance. This summer during the Olympics should be interesting.

It was the first time in the 32-year history of the Rugby World Cup that a match has been cancelled and fueled criticism of tournament organizers for hosting it in Japan during typhoon season.

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Posted in: Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain See in context

Yeah, Trump cements his upper hand over China. The country's economy is highly trade dependent and slowing down, including industrial production, hitting a 17 year low. US economy remains strong and is winning.

Time for China's reckoning. Too many years reneging on WTO commitments and stealing our IP. And yes, the globalization-loving Democrats are finally - finally - recognizing this. Yesterday's headline was, "Warren is trying to be even tougher than Trump on China." Good luck. But we saw how Obama got in bed with the greedy billionaires and fraudulent bankers.

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Posted in: Status of train services in Japan on Sunday due to typhoon See in context

I spotted a bus plying its usual route very early this morning.

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Posted in: Japanese firms see 'Abenomics' sputtering, tax hike hurting economy: poll See in context

"You want to Nationalize private banks? There is one word for that. Communism."

No it isn't. Germany's KfW and Switzerland's Zurich Cantonal Bank are state-owned and are among the safest, highest rated institutions in the world.

If you think bank's prime role is to enrich themselves at the expense of real economy, then go for privatization. If you think their role should be to assist the real economy by providing it with safe and appropriate levels of credit, then nationalize them. The choice is pretty easy, if you ask me.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context


There is never a perfect time.

No, but there is an appropriate season or time of year. Which is why ski competitions aren't held in summer....or spring...or fall...or rainy season.

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Posted in: World Rugby slams Scotland legal threat over typhoon-hit game See in context

I can appreciate Scotland's frustration. If I were them, I would also slam the decision to choose Japan as a host during its notorious typhoon season.

I expect similar issues will be raised this summer. Sigh.

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Posted in: Japanese firms see 'Abenomics' sputtering, tax hike hurting economy: poll See in context

"Big firms" have been earning the highest profits in Japanese history since Abenomics emerged. Talk about biting the hand.

The biggest resisters to the 3rd arrow reforms come from the private sector, not the government. The exploitative labor market is a perfect example. The companies are the ones with the vested interests they are so adamant to protect.

 Going too far would cause the banking system to collapse and the negatives would become larger,

More like "positives." Let the banks collapse, and be taken over by the state. China's banks are state owned, and China doesnt have to suffer from financial crises like we do.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka picks Japanese citizenship with eye on Olympics: NHK See in context

Odd that the story doesnt say where she resides. Because the place she chooses to live is where her real home is.

Anything else is a cold, hard technicality.

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Posted in: 140 special flights to arrive in Japan for imperial ceremony See in context

All those countries have ambassadors already in Tokyo. Send them instead to represent their nations, which is actually what they are supposed to do.

This isn't a working level conference. It's a ritual based on traditions that exist only in Japan, and thus have absolutely no connection at all to the visiting dignitaries. Fighting climate change means we need to change some old - if not ancient - habits.

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Posted in: 140 special flights to arrive in Japan for imperial ceremony See in context

Doesnt seem consistent with the goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Posted in: US companies walk fine line when doing business with China See in context

"....and rake in the money."

But they won't be raking in the money in the long term. They'll be losing big-time.

I recall about 15 years back, when an analyst said nearly all the Windows OSs in China were counterfeit, and the Clinton administration accused Beijing of being completely unconcerned. Imagine how much $$$ Microsoft was losing in potential revenue from the piracy.

China's official, stated policy goal is self-sufficiency in tech and industry. When that happens, all the multinationals from overseas will be muscled out. They will lose big in the long term, unless politicians decide now to take severe action.

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Posted in: Japanese scientist among 3 winners of Nobel Chemistry prize for battery work See in context

Another Nobel prize for Japan.

The prize didn't go to "Japan." It went to three scientists, individuals, most of whom are not Japanese. The US reports I saw didn't even mention their nationalities - because it isn't important.

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Posted in: We shouldn’t treat plastic as an enemy, nor ostracize those who use it. What’s needed is appropriate management of trash and to search for solutions through innovation. See in context

What’s needed is appropriate management of trash... 

I think a bigger problem is the excessive, mindless use of it. My local combini seals every single coffee stir stick in its own plastic bag. Totally unnecessary, never mind they should be aspen.

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Posted in: Japan labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers See in context

What does the pension system (which the posters above are rabbiting on about) have to do with unionizing freelancers?


your numbers are overly exaggerated!

I believe the poster is including pension and healthcare costs, which in many countries like my own, are paid thru taxes, whereas Japan bills you for separately (which is kind of sneaky, if you ask me).

An OECD study found the Japanese on average pay more money to the govt than any other member state.

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Posted in: NBA's ties with China, worth billions, now under strain See in context

This shouldn't be a surprise. The NBA is a big globalism-pushing corporation, and there's nothing big globalism-pushing corporations love more than advancing the interests of authoritarian Communist regimes.

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Posted in: JAL reprimanded for 2nd time over pilots' drinking See in context

At least they are not flying drunk since they are tested pre-flights.

Really? In the UK case, a security guard happened to smell the booze on him as he was walking past, heading to the cockpit. He was arrested 50 minutes before take off, and later pleaded guilty "performing an aviation function when his ability was impaired through alcohol."

We don't really know often often JAL pilots are flying drunk.

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

The policy was understandable because the Japanese government did put spies and other operatives in some Japanese communities. Honolulu is one documented case, where they gathered intelligence around Pearl Harbour. In Malaya-Singapore, local trading houses staffed by Japanese purchased strategic properties and others did and surveys as part of the invasion plan.

See "World at War" and "Out in the Midday Sun" for such descriptions.

A better plan would have been to post small detachments of civil guards in the communities, as it was not unreasonable that these communities along the coast could pose a security threat.

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Posted in: Actor George Takei's manga on internment promotes lesson for future See in context

The US and Canada's internment policy was wrong, but was understandable given the situation at the time. Of all the horrors that occurred in that war, the internment was relatively minor. But today we hear so, so much about it, and so little about much other much more incidents that were a million times more devastating.

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Posted in: EU presses UK to resubmit Brexit plan as end-game looms See in context

NAFA and most other trade blocs throughout the world have hard borders. Just do it.

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