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Thanks, the article you posted supports my counterpoint and nicely undermines your original post. LOL.

From your article:

Much of the remaining equipment” left in Afghanistan requires “specialized maintenance that DoD contractors previously provided” to Afghan forces “in the form of technical knowledge and support,” the report states.

Good luck getting that with the sanctions.

The $7.12 billion figure.... corresponds to ANDSF equipment and not U.S. military equipment used by our forces,” 

Nearly all equipment...was either retrograded or destroyed prior to our withdrawal and is not part of the ‘$7.12 billion’ figure cited in the report.”

 These aircraft were demilitarized and rendered inoperable before the US military left, the report states. 

Just another false narrative spread by the anti-West, anti-Dems, pro-Putin gang. Your desperation is really showing now.

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context

Think they found the Veep in spirational?

i'm sure the Taiwanese, Japanese, S. Koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Singaporeans, Thais and quite a few others did.

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Since you're so obsessed on this issue, let me explain: The agreement under which the weapons were abandoned was made by the Trump administration, aka, the Doha Agreement, in early 2020. Trump wanted it implemented in May, but Biden extended it to Aug.

So the question you should be asking is why did the Trump people fail to make any provisions regarding the de-commissioning the weapons.

Most Taliban use Eastern Bloc weapons, anyway. the advanced US weapons are pretty useless by themselves: an army needs the eco-system of parts, ammo, and servicing by trained personnel. Good luck getting those amid the sanctions. LOL. You're definitely barking up the wrong tree.

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I checked out one glamping spot in Okutama that looked nice but was really expensive, provided no food and check in wasn't until 3 pm, check out 10 a.m.. They brag about the wonderful scenery and environment, but you only get a few short hours to enjoy it.

Let's have better check in/out hours with flexibility (convenient to the customer, not management), which I normally get when traveling in Thailand and other countries.

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Vietnam? Seriously? I

yes. you missed my other post of a recent Pew Research poll that finds that pro-American sentiment is higher in Vietnam than any other country in the world. 84%, Many people (like me) who go there and talk to the people will also confirm this. Today's Vietnamese really love how the US Navy can and does stand up to the dreaded Chinese in their nearby waters.

However, Noam Chomsky, your liberal arts prof, and the left media will never tell you this.

I posted the link, so you can read it. Knowledge is a powerful weapon -- especially when gained before posting on JT.

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many countries and people disagree with her.

Yes, the communist leadership in North Korea and China, Myanmar's junta, etc.

However, the saner societies of Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, and yes, Vietnam are damn happy the US has a large military presence in the region and is willing to flex its muscles when needed.

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Japanese companies' internal reserves, which can be used to increase investment and wages for workers, topped 500 trillion for the first time in the fiscal year that ended in March.

They're keen to keep this loot for themselves. The only solution is to raise the corporate tax and lower the consumption tax. Consumption is around 60% of GDP, and suppressing it is crazy in the current circumstances.

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5 year old kids often like to hide when adults call them and try to find them. I remember that I used to. Maybe some leniency is in order.

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what about Vietnam? think the Vietnamese were happier during the war or now?

Ah, the Vietnamese? They're the most pro-American people in the world. (according to Pew Research)

"Vietnam loves the United States the most. Vietnam has the most favorable view of Americans with a favorability of 84%."

-- See: "Countries that Love Americans 2022"

OK, Noam Chomsky, communist Chinese leaders, Roger Waters, Russian dictators and Myanmar junta leaders hate and fear America. Billions of others, especially sane normal people, have the opposite view.

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USA frequently interfering in the affairs of foreign countries (and in some cases, invading them) for no justifiable reason. From Korea onwards.

Yep, Korea. South Koreans are really peeved about that. We all know the vast majority dreamt that Kim Il Sung's invasion was successful, so that the entire peninsula could be enjoying the fruits of the workers' paradise that is today's North Korea. Well, apart from the starvation.

And here are we, residents of post-war Japan, another US creation. Right after the Americans took over, they wrote its entire constitution, instituted extensive land reform, dismantled the corporate cartels and imposed democracy. The place has been a dystopian basket-case ever since. Right?

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This is almost the defining characteristic of America.

Sending soldiers to foreign lands? Nope. They are resolutely staying out of the Ukraine War. There isn't a single US soldier there.

The US has a history of dragging its feet when it comes to war. They entered WW1 late after spending forever debating the issue. They entered ww2 late after sticking to a popular isolationist policy before Pearl Harbor.

They resolutely stayed out the worst war in modern Middle Eastern history: the Iran-Iraq War. They tried to so the same with the Balkans Crisis, until the global community accused them of closing its eyes to the humanitarian crisis.

The list goes on. The vast number of Americans, including its politicians, don't want to see their soldiers sent to foreign countries, barring a 9/11 type event.

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Posted in: Rare footage of Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan to be screened in censored form See in context

You might be confusing Japan with the Philippines. 

They disliked both places. In Japan, a typhoon, death threats from the locals and orders to be confined to their hotel rooms the whole time contributed to their decision never to play big concerts again.

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Posted in: Hotel develops new 'shokupan' bread with white crusts to curb food waste See in context

There are many good white breads...

And this is not one of them.

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 anti-establishment, anti-system, keep going !!..

Yeah, man. Cuz Putin -- ex KGB colonel whose aim is to restore the old Russian Empire -- is such a groovy radical dude.

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"Ever notice that most of the news always comes from Ukraine or the west" 

Um, no. I've got Al-jazeera, news service based in Doha, included in my Prime TV subscription, so I watch that quite often, especially its extensive coverage of the war in Ukraine. What's your point, anyway?

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Posted in: When you hear the expression “there never will be another like him/her,” which movie star, musician or sports star comes to mind for you? See in context

David Bowie, Roger Federer, Bobby Orr and Jack Nicholson.

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Posted in: Freight owners frequently call my cell phone, asking me where I am running now and pressuring me to quickly transport goods. See in context

Typical exploitation resulting from the "market reforms" of a few years back. The government needs to turn its "guidelines" on drivers' sleep hours, etc. into legally binding regulations and severely punish violators, and the drivers need to be allowed to form unions and take collective action to protect their rights.

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Have they lost enough money

Hard to say. Masa-san in on record for being the individual to have lost more money than any human in history: $70 billion right after the bubble. So he has very high standards to set.

I wonder if the 50 billion his fund lost this year puts him in second place? lol.

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but first solve the inmense social problems of your country..

If the Biden administration were to turn its head on Taiwan right now, then the Taiwanese would absolutely freak out -- not to mention the Japanese, S. Koreans, Vietnamese, Thais and a host of others. But a few would share your sentiments: China, Russia, N. Korea and Myanmar.

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I think the idea is expand it from "small cookies" into a bigger pie, like lifting the ceiling and extending the tax-exemption period.

I am also maxing out my IDECO, so with the NISA that's around 120,000 yen a month of tax free contributions, which satisfies my needs.

The problem is the value of the yen, which means you're getting a smaller volume of US-priced securities than before if you're using your yen income for investment. I like J-Reits these days: Japan's low interest rates mean higher returns on real estate and they are priced in yen.

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Grant visas to ones who can prove they took active part in the anti-war demonstrations.

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Singapore successfully shifted to endemicity earlier this year and has reopened without restrictions.

Great. So maybe I'll go soon. Singapore is fun for a couple of days. A great launch pad to Thailand, Vietnam, etc., as tickets from Tokyo can often be priced lower than other SE Asian destinations.

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Posted in: Rare footage of Beatles' 1966 visit to Japan to be screened in censored form See in context

Why did the police film the performance? Did they hope to spot subversives in the crowd?

A police film of what is supposed to be a fun event with all the public faces obscured and with no sound sounds creepy to me. The product of a paranoid and repressive society.

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Japan will have to scrap proof of vaccination as the sheer number of arrivals won’t allow for checking.

Nope. You show your vaccination certificate when you check in with the airline before arriving in Japan. I have even showed mine at baggage drop-off counters (after doing check in at home online). The process was hardly any different or time consuming than in the pre-pandemic era.

Japan Violet

The airports will descend into chaos

I cleared Narita in about 20 minutes about a month ago when conditions were stricter. The longest wait was at the baggage carousal,

Only when Japan will not require PCR test and all…

Japan doesn't require a PCR test if you're vaccinated.

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Headline should read, "Central banks worldwide, except one, tighten policies to cool inflation"

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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

Mixed reaction here. I've been enjoying my domestic trips without the tourist hordes. Being in onsen towns where I'm the only non-Japanese feels like its 1985 again.

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The Japanese are deathly afraid of unemployment. If joblessness ever goes to 4 or 5 percent, the govt would have a conniption fit. There is a consensus that everybody should be working all the time.

That's a big reason why the BOJ is being so steadfast.

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Where in the article does it say that the experts accuse the WHO of taking "its eye off the needs required by these poor countries"? (your accusation)

Rather, those experts describe WHO's approach as "slogging on with steadily reducing malaria cases." That opinion appears to be vastly different from yours. It doesn't indicate a lack of commitment. Rather, their argument is in favor of a more intensive and speedier push based on a deadline rather than the WHO's gloomier assessment that malaria will take a considerable amount of time to eradicate.

Definitely a problem of interpretation here.

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No one is willing to spend... 

That isn't true. Japan retail sales were up in July, while automakers have been canceling customer orders and delaying dealer shipments due to supply chain problems.

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Posted in: Ukraine, West denounce Russian referendum plans for occupied regions See in context

Hitler did the same with his Anschluss policy. The Nazis loved plebiscites - after they had taken over a territory and crushed the opposition.

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