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Jeffrey Rimando comments

Posted in: How high do you think tennis player Kei Nishikori, currently ranked No. 5, can go in world rankings? See in context

He can't seem get over that hump of winning a grand slam event. Until he does that, the highest he can go is probably 4, but he's young and still has plenty of chances to win a big one.

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Posted in: Are you sick and tired of hearing about Pokemon Go? See in context

Yes, but the hype seems to have died off. So I really just don't care anymore.

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Posted in: Apple's Mac no longer bucking PC industry's sales slide See in context

I love my Macbook Air, I've been using it at home and work for the past 3 years, but I can see why sales are starting to slip. A lack of major hardware updates to their desktop and laptop line. Rumors floating around that Apple is intentionally making old their computers perform slower, forcing users to buy new computers. Shutting down third-party repair shops, forcing users to go through their own (more expensive) repair service.

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Posted in: Canon downgrades full-year profit, sales forecasts on China, yen See in context

Their constant "tip-toeing" on their cameras (especially their DSLRs) when it comes to modern features is partly to blame. Pros and enthusiasts are being turned off by it and are migrating to Nikon and Sony.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' smashes box office record See in context

The movie was good, though it paralleled A New Hope a bit, which disappointed me. But overall, the movie was fun and would see it again.

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Posted in: 77-yr-old woman dies after being knocked down by cyclist listening to music See in context

Sad, I hope people understand now why wear headphones are bad idea when riding. They restrict one of your abilities to detect danger; you should have all senses available when on your bike.

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Posted in: Hamburger heads See in context

ABC Burger? Already Been Chewed Burger!

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Posted in: Step in See in context

Saying "foreigner" has the same negative connotation as saying "outsider". They would've been fine with just "Welcome!" on their sign.

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Posted in: Elementary school student attacked while riding bike in Saitama town See in context

It's just my first year in Japan, but it seems that every time I read a story like this, it's in Saitama. o.0

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