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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in April reaches record high See in context

I happen to be one of them. I stayed from April 1st to April 9th.

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Posted in: Bodies of mother, son found in Mie home See in context

I've just recently came back from Japan. This has been the fourth suicide I've read about this week while I was staying there. Heartbreaking. :(

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Posted in: Policeman commits suicide in koban in Ehime See in context

There's been several suicides this year in Japan involving police officers. What on Earth is going on here?

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Posted in: Japanese journalist goes on trial for defaming S Korean president See in context

In South Korea, they throw in jail. In North Korea, the throw you in the gulag.

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Posted in: Is it time for Japan to get over trying to connect your personality and blood type? See in context

I found out my blood type years ago. Mine is O+.

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Posted in: Longtime anti-suicide crusader patrols cliffs of Tojinbo See in context

Yukio Shige can be seen in the 2013 documentary "Saving 10,000".

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Posted in: U.S. box office slumps to worst summer in years See in context

Alot of the big-budgeted Hollywood movies that are released in theaters are aweful. Not to mention that a matinee costs around $9.00 ($11.00 for regular screenings), $3.00 extra for 3D glasses & $8.00 extra to sit in one of those vibrating D-BOXes. Sometimes I wonder how many of the poor, starving children that could've been saved with the money Hollywood had wasted?

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested over Mandarake robot toy theft See in context

According to Anime News Network, he turned himself in.

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Posted in: Actor-comedian Robin Williams found dead in apparent suicide See in context

Robin was a huge fan of anime (Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, Detective Conan & Hayao Miyazaki movies).

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Posted in: Unhappy hour for Kirin as its beer sales tumble in Japan See in context

I enjoy drinking Kirin beer whenever I visit Japan.

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Posted in: Japan Restoration Party formally disbands See in context

Easy Come, Easy Go.

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Posted in: Man arrested after grabbing police officer's gun, shooting him See in context

Do the police in Japan know how to practice martial arts?

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Posted in: Airline complaints: Which bothers you the most? See in context

Other: I pay more money for extra leg room since I happen to be 6 feet 5 inches tall.

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Posted in: Husbands aghast at wives' infatuation with rightwing causes See in context

"Honey.....HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!?"

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Posted in: Do you think suicide is an honorable way to atone for a crime or scandal? See in context

Suicide is a coward's way out.

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Posted in: Boyfriend of murdered nurse hangs himself after police questioning See in context

Extreme methods of interrogation by the police will often end in disater.

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Posted in: Man arrested after forcing 9-year-old stepson to play violent video games See in context

Violent video games do not harm children. Abusive & criminally insane stepfathers do.

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Posted in: Osaka city assembly refuses to accept Hashimoto's resignation See in context


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Posted in: NHK governor praises rightist's suicide in 1993 as glorifying emperor See in context

This will probably lead to even more suicides in Japan.

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Posted in: Gunma man arrested after uploading Studio Ghibli’s 'The Wind Rises' See in context

I went to see "Kaze Tachinu" in theaters while in Tokyo last year on vacation. The ticket price was around 2,000 yen.

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Posted in: Nintendo profit falls on sluggish Wii U sales See in context

It's hard to like a new gaming console when the controller is about the same size of the console itself.

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Posted in: Hacker group Anonymous takes down Wakayama website to protest dolphin killing See in context

The Cybercrime Task Force had failed miserably.

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Posted in: Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility See in context

Let's hope they don't make any mistakes like Chernobyl.

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Posted in: White House hopeful Christie 'humiliated' by bridge scandal See in context

I'm glad that I was born in New York instead of New Jersey.

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Posted in: Ishihara backs sacked military chief for Tokyo governor See in context

Ishihara's life into politics has made him into a terrible person.

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Posted in: Ishihara backs sacked military chief for Tokyo governor See in context

The people of Tokyo will rather vote for that lawyer as governor.

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

George Orwell's "1984" if it was 30 years later.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war See in context

Well, it finally happened.

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Posted in: Inose resigns as Tokyo governor over loan scandal See in context

If looks like the Ishihara era in Tokyo has finally come to a close.

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