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JeffreyK comments

Posted in: U.S. to deploy B-1B strategic bombers to U.S.-South Korea drill: report See in context

The B-1B is no longer nuclear capable. Under START, that capability was removed more than 20 years ago.

The US's only nuclear capable bomber remains the B-52H.

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Posted in: Elon Musk says the planet needs more oil... and babies See in context

He's right when you desperately try to cling on the status quo or current (western) economic systems and the myth of eternal growth.

He's wrong when you consider that this is pretty much the opposite of what this planet and our survival on it both as a species and as societies need.

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Posted in: Contest for leadership of opposition Japan Innovation Party begins See in context


I think you're up against a lot of Red Scare thinking here (although I agree with everything you're posting today).

This mentality could also be the reason the "Innovation" Party would never join an opposition with the JCP, because to a lot of their voters, getting exploited by big corporations who keep getting tax cuts is somehow "freedom" while using their (and, especially, large corporations') tax money on social programmes that actually benefit the population is "communism" and therefore bad.

Therefore, the party has more chances to get more voters who associate the JCP with dictatorship (nevermind actual dictator-worshipping Yasukuni vistors) and pro-big business capitalism with freedom. It's completely backwards, but it has been working for right-wing politicians around the world. Japan, with its strong American influence, is no different.

+1000 exactly this.

Corporate greed = freedom, good!

Social justice, equality etc. = communism, totalitarianism, the Antichrist.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan sticks to easing, raises inflation forecast See in context

"Higher rates would do little to meaningfully change the situation", Stefan Angrick, senior economist at Moody's Analytics, told AFP. "Inflation in Japan is driven predominantly by higher prices for imported food and energy, which are beyond the BOJ's reach."

????? The guy is contradicting himself there. Imported goods, food energy are more expensive than they need to be because they are paid for in foreign currencies like Dollar or Euro making them ridiculously expensive due to the weak Yen exchange rate. If the BOJ would change their policy and raise interest rates the Yen becamse stronger and those imports would become cheaper. So this is well within BOJ's reach.

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Posted in: Kishida, BOJ chief discuss rapid fall of yen See in context

Kuroda said separately he told the prime minister that the yen's sharp depreciation is "undesirable" because it will bring various uncertainties in companies' business plans.

...and insists on running the bus against the wall, undeterred. Sign of insanity?

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Posted in: Kishida plans reward points system to ease electricity bills See in context

We completed our new-built house last year and originally we were 100% sure that we'd put solar panels on the roof. In the end, we couldn't afford it.

If the gvmt wants to support an energy transformation, they need to help making solar power (and others) more affordable. Why is it that in Japan a modest solar roof costs 3-4 times as much as a comparable system in Germany? And that was BEFORE the fall of the Yen!

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Posted in: Yakuza bosses struggling to upgrade phones from 3G See in context

Never understood why there are no pay-as-you-go phones/SIM's in Japan. I never had a (mobile) phone contract my whole life before I moved to Japan.

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Posted in: Ukraine filmmakers horrified by 'Top Gun' jet display at Cannes See in context

PTSD is serious and should be taken seriously but it's an isolated, individual case. Offer assistance to the individual but you can't remove all possible triggers from normal life.

And as much as I support Ukraine and its struggle a ban on "anything Russian" is pretty much an application of the very same way of thinking that we are (rightfully) accusing the Russian regime of.

Ans lastly, sadly what's being described here has already been made a reality by the Osaka government (not sure whether prefectural or municipal). They issued a directive with a large sweep of bans to be acted on at any public events. According to that banned are: any depiction of fighting or war, depiction of any "modern" (whatever that means) military hardware, soldiers etc., depiction of anything with a Russian flag, brand or insignia.

This has come to light in a circulation to any exhibitors, vendors or companies participating at forthcoming scale model event "Osaka Modeller's Fest" which is held at ATC and hosted by the Osaka municipality. This directive pretty much kills the event for many participants and visitors. The question is how far they are taking this "ban" - does it include fine art? Do Osaka museums now have to cover up any artwork depicting scenes of fighting or war? What about cinemas? The above mentioned "Top Gun II" will have all aircraft scenes edited out when shown in Osaka cinemas?

Totally bonkers and I really hope this misguided thinking will not spread. Again, full support for the Ukrainean cause, empathy and respect for the people but don't throw reason overboard.

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Posted in: Japan logs ¥412.4 bil trade deficit in March on weak yen, soaring oil prices See in context

I manufacture my products in Japan with materials bought from outside Japan so my costs have risen three-fold: 1. higher price of the materials/supplies themselves, 2. higher shipping cost 3. weak Yen

I'm in Japan so I sell in Yen, wherever the buyer is and whatever they use as their payment currency. "Repatriating foreign profits" means absolutely nothing to me and I'm sure that's the same for most small businesses based in Japan.

Now, in theory, my products might be a little cheaper at the moment for foreign buyers but as Japan Post is making sending things (i.e. orders) abroad nearly impossible that small window of opportunity is ramining firmy shut.

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Posted in: Many countries require passengers from overseas to take PCR tests for the coronavirus upon arrival at airports, even though they have taken one three days before their departure? Do you think PCR tests upon arrival should be abolished? See in context

While I basically think re-testing is not a bad idea it is a bad indea in the case of Japan as it's contributing to keeping its borders closed. There just doesn't seem to be the testing capacity to cope with arrivals if borders were opened. And as my main complaint is that Japan doesn't open the borders (to foreigners) I'd accept scrapping the test upon landing.

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Posted in: Kishida tells ministers to compile new economic package as prices skyrocket See in context

BOJ Governor Haruhiko Kuroda has said a weak yen is positive for the economy.

Great, but not for me. I buy most of my supples from outside of Japan (not by choice but by necessity - they're just not made in Japan) and paid for in Pound, Dollar or Euro but my products are sold in Yen.

It does make my products cheaper for overseas cunstomers but with ca. 95% of the world cut off from postal air mail delivery by Japan Post that's not helping at all.

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Posted in: Japanese milk cartons adopting plastic caps amid pandemic See in context

Great, even more plastic waste!

Just a piece of information: drink cartons like those for milk aren't just paper - the drink wouldn't stay fresh very long and the carton would start leaking as well.

They are a hybrid material of paper, plastic and in some cases aluminium which all need to be separated in order to recycle them and as such they can't be just processed along the plain paper. You should check with your local recycling collection if they accept those together with regular cardboard/paper recycling...


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Posted in: U.N. chief urges Japan, others to meet goals on climate change See in context


The U.N. is a corrupt joke much like The WHO & UNICEF all full of corrupt people filling their pockets running scams & molesting children.

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Posted in: Japan Post to temporarily stop accepting international mail due to coronavirus See in context

It's now the end of August and there is still no air mail to the US, Australia and many other countries.

By now it's unacceptable that no other solution has been found to ensure air transport. Covid19 will not disappear anytime soon - how are companies who rely on air mail supposed to operate? Big companies who aren't affected as they mostly use private courier and cargo companies and have good deals with them. It's the small manufacturers and vendors who get hit disproportionately not only compared to the big companies, but also compared to their international competitors. Other countries' postal services can send to the USA, why not Japan? Also, the USPS can send to Japan as well!

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine; 4 ministers visit See in context

"We are purely paying respects to our war dead, like every other country around the world."

No, most definitely not. Imagine the outrage if something like that happened in Germany for instance.

Remembering the war and the war dead? Absolutely. But including war criminals and warmongers, but no thought about all the other non-Japanese victims of the war? No thank you.

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Posted in: Do you think the Japanese government should impose another state of emergency for all of Japan to try and contain the coronavirus, and if so, how should it be different from the last one that ended on May 25? See in context

It doesn't really matter how you call it. We won't have the kind of "lockdown" as other countries had because of the legal situation. And I don't think a full "lockdown" would be helpful either. It might again flatten the curve somewhat but current hospitalisation and mortality numbers indicate that is not really needed (for now) and could cause much more harm in other ways.

What is needed are:

mandatory mask wearing

much stricter policing of distance rules

control of late night establishments

more advice and practical guidance to businesses on how they can improve and update their work practices

Most importantly: do all this with conviction, decisiveness and, if necessary, force of the law to drive it home.

Will that happen? I doubt it :)

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic protest held in Tokyo See in context

Everyone has the right to protest, but it's sad that, perhaps in this country in particular, the meaning of the Olympic Spirit seems to have been lost on people.

I'm not a sporting fan, I don't support any kind of sports, just not interested.

But the Olympics always draw me in hugely, I love the spirit of it, the coming together, even just of minds around the world. The original idea of actual peace around the world during the time of the Olympics may no longer actually hold, but I think the spirit still means something. People from around the world watching the same thing. world leaders coming together, not for a political summit but to watch a sporting event together has some power. it can bring healing and a bit of mutual understanding.

Especially in times like this ripe with nationalism, populism, fear etc. a coming together in peace is more needed than ever. Of course, if the virus is not under control by then it has to be canned, there's no other way. But as long as there's a chance to hold the Olympics in some form or another it should go ahead. it's worth the expense beyond the pure economic value.

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Posted in: No to Ospreys See in context

So what exactly is their problem?

Taking it out on the aircraft when actually they want to make a political statement?

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Posted in: 'Help!' cry British musicians, warning of crisis in live music industry See in context

Music, as well as other arts and culture are essential, they belong to life. We are human beings, not robots. Music soothes the soul, eases tensions, in particular in tough times as these.

Music has already been facing tough times - digital media has brought down the record industry and property development has been threatening small, grass-roots musiv venues. With both lines of traditional income revenue now severed the existence of the art from joined with an industry full of very highly talented and skilled people is under thread.

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Posted in: 19-year-old girl sent to reformatory for stabbing classmate See in context

"juvenile reformatory", "juvenile reformatory"

That sounds more like North Korea to me....Scary! Almost worse than the stabbing itself...

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Posted in: Tom Petty's family tells Trump not to use late rock star's songs for 'campaign of hate' See in context

TP repeatedly said that the "Southern Accents" phase with its confederate symbols was a mistake and he regretted it.

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Posted in: Japan's farming industry faces falling demand, labor shortage See in context

I've heard it being reported before that the lack of school meals has reduced demand for produce. This baffles me though - does this mean that those children aren't getting any meals at home instead?? At the same rate that school meal producers lost business sales quantities in grocery stores and supermarkets as well as their suppliers should have gone up.

If that really wasn't the case then this should be taken as a serious warning sign about poverty...

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Posted in: Australia says borders likely to stay closed until 2021 See in context

People seem to be forgetting that it's not all about tourism. International travel also means business travel (there are things you can't do with Zoom and WhatsApp) and, most importantly for me, international mail.

I really hope that at least for international mail there will be some sort of solution. I can't operate my business without it and there are thousands and thousands of similar small businesses who suffer in the same way.

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Posted in: Crisis-hit airlines scramble to convert empty cabins to cargo See in context

About time, been wondering about that exact idea for weeks. I hope this will finally help clear the mail backlog and enable us sending mail again. Japan Post has currently a list of nearly 200 countries it doesn't accept mail for.

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