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shogun36 Today 10:47 am JST

They are equal to men in every way.

You got to stop thinking in terms of "equality." According to Newspeak everyone is now required to think in terms of "equity." But your overall point is entirely valid: "The women SHOULD be in loin clothes and have NO happi coats." Yes. Anything else would not be equity. We must reach complete parod-, er, parity in all things!

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Messengers with great memorization skills who can run long distances.

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Bobs Your Uncle Today 03:05 pm JST

this is just a theory that has never willfully at least been put into practice


The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, amassing massive unpayable national debt, and other methods such as unfettered immigration thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse by overwhelming the United States.

— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

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Bobs Your Uncle Today 02:43 pm JST

Yeah, I'm not one for wild unsubstantiated conspiracy theories though aye.

That is why I substantiated my post with documentation. Perhaps you just have not been exposed to such information: https://youtu.be/Bk66WyMBjvQ .

And if you are not familiar with the Cloward-Piven strategy, Wikipedia is helpful here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy .

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Bobs Your Uncle Today 02:08 pm JST

We all owe a lot to immigrant labour.

The problem is not with immigrants per se. Regulated and controlled immigration is what is the issue. When immigrants come in reasonable numbers, integrate into the society, adopt the culture, and take citizenship to become true members of the society, there is no complaint. Such immigrants enhance a society. But what we are seeing is an intentional Cloward–Piven move to use immigrants to overwhelm Western countries in an effort to destabilize them. This only serves to destroy a society. This is unacceptable to Japan and so Japan intentionally drags its feet on opening the floodgates wide open like the West. Good for Japan I say.

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As an addendum to my comment which asserts that Western countries are "being pushed to accept droves of foreigners," I post the following video which details exactly how this is being done to the United States and by who: https://youtu.be/Bk66WyMBjvQ .

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justasking Today 08:38 am JST

Let's take care of those who are already born and raised in Japan and who did not come from the most blessed backgrounds and or have fallen on hard times.

This is how all countries should behave. A government’s first priority is to its citizens. But Japan like Western countries is being pushed to accept droves of foreigners to offset population decline. But unlike Western countries, Japan does what it can to give the appearance of taking action while trying minimize the replacement of the Japanese people by newcomers. Western countries unfortunately take a different view and can’t work fast enough to try to replace their peoples.

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Norm Today 12:24 pm JST

Have you seen it?

I have not seen it. I have only watched Kurosawa samurai films which culturally appropriate Shakespeare. But knowing the magic of Kurosawa-Mifune from other films, I doubt Lee-Washington can bring the same greatness to the silver screen. That is not to say Washington is terrible. He is a fantastic actor. If you have seen the 1995 film Virtuosity you will know what I mean. That film also stars Russell Crowe as SID 6.7 whose performance here would only be topped by the one given in Gladiator. It is also a fantastic cinematic experience that also teaches about the potential dangers of AI. It should be required viewing for anyone working in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

And for all the downvoters:

A lot of these people haven’t seen that movie, a lot of people that have an opinion about Soul Man and haven’t seen the film. Soul Man we made in 1985. It was a different time back then. It was a brave choice for me at that time to accept that movie. It was a time that was very unlike now. We were raising awareness and bringing up social issues and racial values when it wasn’t trendy.

— C. Thomas Howell (2021) https://youtu.be/FnBAXVp9PBg

It was only controversial because Spike Lee made a thing of it. He'd never seen the movie and he just jumped all over it… He was just starting and pulling everything down in his wake. If you watch the movie, it's really making white people look stupid… [The film] is adorable and it didn't deserve it... I always tried to be an actor who was doing a part that was a character versus what I call 'blackting,' or playing my race, because I knew that I would fail because I was mixed [Chong is of African, Chinese and European ancestry]. I was the black actor for sure, but I didn't lead with my epidermis, and that offended people like Spike Lee, I think. You're either militant or you're not and he decided to just attack. I've never forgiven him for that because it really hurt me. I didn't realize [at the time] that not pushing the afro-centric agenda was going to bite me. When you start to do well people start to say you're a Tom [as in Uncle Tom] because you're acceptable.

— Rae Dawn Chong (2016) https://www.thewrap.com/rae-dawn-chong-spike-lee-soul-man/

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From the article:

the new English-language reinterpretation

You mean another remake due to the death of creativity in Hollywood? And in this case would it not be an example of cultural appropriation? It is better to watch the original.

But to be honest, I have been turned off to Lee since his disparaging remarks about the groundbreaking 1986 film Soul Man.


But if you yourself are interested in a fantastic cinematic adventure, the film is available here:


And just look at the star power:

C. Thomas Howell as Mark Watson

Rae Dawn Chong as Sarah Walker

Arye Gross as Gordon Bloomfield

James B. Sikking as Bill Watson

Leslie Nielsen as Mr. Dunbar

James Earl Jones as Professor Banks (Yes, that James Earl Jones from Conan the Barbarian!)

Melora Hardin as Whitney Dunbar

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Lisa Stimson

Maree Cheatham as Dorothy Watson

Wallace Langham as Barky Brewer

Max Wright as Dr. Aronson

And all that combined with a great social message! Who could ever hate such a film?

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dagon Today 07:21 am JST

If ever there was an agenda driven frivolous lawsuit.

The only agenda comes from Disney who allowed their own political views to inform their decisions in whom to fire as is evident from their completely ignoring the political comment of Pedro Pascal which likened American immigration detention centers holding illegal immigrants to German internment camps holding Jews. So Cararo's lawsuit is not frivolous in the least.

And for those who may not know, The Critical Drinker provides a nice overview of the situation here https://youtu.be/VIti9t6wyo0 .

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Donald Seekins Today 09:35 am JST

In what way is Gina Carano's comment, above, antisemitic? She's not denying that Nazi soldiers rounded up Jews, or that Hitler's regime made people hate Jews. Maybe her statement that the discomfort of US conservatives in liberal media is much the same as Nazi persecution of Jews is an exaggeration, but that doesn't mean she's antisemitic.

She may not be antisemitic, but her statement is. How so? Because it assumes that non-Jewish persecution is relatable to Jewish persecution. You have to understand that, as the Jewish Bible says, the Jewish people are an exceptional people. So if you were to point out that 20 million people were killed by the Bolsheviks and wonder why there are not movies made on the subject every year like the Holocaust, that would be antisemitic. Therefore, instead of trying to figure out what is or isn’t antisemitism, just trust Jewish people when they tell you it is. Case in point: criticism of the disproportionate killings of Palestinians in Gaza = antisemitism.

And what Gina wrote was,

Jews were beaten in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers but by their neighbours...even by children. Because history is edited, most people today don’t realize that to get to the point where Nazi soldiers could easily round up thousands of Jews, the government first made their own neighbours hate them simply for being Jews. How is that any different from hating someone for their political views?

Her point was that Nazi action was preceded by a general persecution by the population and so the persecution of conservatives could become much more severe. So she didn’t actually make “inflammatory social media posts about the Holocaust” as the article maintains, but one about the persecution that preceded the round-up of Jews.

Peter14 Today 10:20 am JST

Actors when employed in a tv series, are basically representatives of those they work for, for the duration of their active employment. Saying or doing anything that could potentially embarrass their employers, or put their employers in a difficult position because of things they say or do in the public eye, can end up badly for the actor.

A far better example is Rachel Zegler who showed literal hatred toward the very character she was supposed portray. I guarantee that she thought it would be alright to voice such hatred because it was commonly held behind the scenes. Her only mistake was voicing that hatred openly. Opps.


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virusrex Today 12:16 pm JST

Being false is what makes the claim false.

Yes of course. Thus I myself said, “technically false.”

Bringing irrelevant information does nothing to refute this,

The information is not irrelevant to the claim made by me which was “there is some basis to say that the US has engaged in such research.” While it does not support the particular Chinese claim that the US created COVID-19 as a bioweapon, it is certainly relevant that the US engages in similar research even if in the particular case of COVID-19 it was not directly involved. The point being that China’s particular claim is grounded in a general fact that the US engages in such research. It is this which gives China a plausible basis to divert attention away from China on to the US.

every single institution of science working with pathogens do "gain of function" research every single institution of science working with pathogens do "gain of function" research, it is a basic research tool without which almost nothing can be done

If it is as you say, then why would Fauci so staunchly argue under oath that the work funded by NIH was not gain-of-function research? Why did he not argue as you do, “Of course the NIH funded gain-of-function research senator! All research is necessarily gain-of-function!” Instead what he said was,

[T]he NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

— Fauci

Might it be that, just as in the case with the terms vaccine, vaccination, and immunity, the definition of gain-of-function was changed somewhere along the line?

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From the article:

And even when they fail to convince people, the conspiracy theories embraced by these groups contribute to mounting distrust of authorities and democratic institutions, causing people to reject reliable sources of information while encouraging division and suspicion.

You know what else contributes to distrust of authorities? A track record of lying. This article is pure damage control from the Associated Press. Perhaps it is part of the World Economic Forum’s effort to rebuild trust.

From the article:

China has helped spread claims that the U.S. created COVID-19 as a bioweapon.

And while China’s claim does appear to be technically false …

Documents obtained by The Intercept contain new evidence that the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the nearby Wuhan University Center for Animal Experiment, along with their collaborator, the U.S.-based nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance, have engaged in what the U.S. government defines as “gain-of-function research of concern,” intentionally making viruses more pathogenic or transmissible in order to study them, despite stipulations from a U.S. funding agency that the money not be used for that purpose.

Grant money for the controversial experiment came from the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is headed by Anthony Fauci. The award to EcoHealth Alliance, a research organization which studies the spread of viruses from animals to humans, included subawards to Wuhan Institute of Virology and East China Normal University. The principal investigator on the grant is EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak, who has been a key voice in the search for Covid-19’s origins.

Scientists unanimously told The Intercept that the experiment, which involved infecting genetically engineered mice with “chimeric” hybrid viruses, could not have directly sparked the pandemic. None of the viruses listed in the write-ups of the experiment are related to the virus that causes Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, closely enough to have evolved into it. Still, several scientists said the new information, which the NIH released after it was sued by The Intercept, points to biosafety concerns, highlighting a general lack of oversight for research on pathogens and raising questions about what other information has not been publicly disclosed.

Scientists working under a 2014 NIH grant to the EcoHealth Alliance to study bat coronaviruses combined the genetic material from a “parent” coronavirus known as WIV1 with other viruses. They twice submitted summaries of their work that showed that, when in the lungs of genetically engineered mice, three altered bat coronaviruses at times reproduced far more quickly than the original virus on which they were based. The altered viruses were also somewhat more pathogenic, with one causing the mice to lose significant weight. The researchers reported, “These results demonstrate varying pathogenicity of SARSr-CoVs with different spike proteins in humanized mice.”

— https://theintercept.com/2021/09/09/covid-origins-gain-of-function-research/

… there is some basis to say that the US has engaged in such research. China of course failed to mention its own hand in conducting such research just as Fauci staunchly maintained there was no “gain-of-function.”

Today, most Americans (66%, one poll finds), once tagged as “conspiracy theorists,” agree with senior analysts at the Department of Energy and the FBI that the pandemic probably originated in a Chinese lab, although U.S. intelligence agencies remain divided.

— https://www.heritage.org/public-health/commentary/covid-19-origins-experts-consulted-fauci-suddenly-changed-their-minds

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From the article:

House Republicans have insisted that any new aid to Ukraine be accompanied by strong new U.S. border controls at a time when record numbers of immigrants are trying to enter the United States.

I am curious. Did the previous $14.3 billion to Israel and the now desired $17.6 billion to Israel come with similar the same insistence?

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isabelle Today 03:07 pm JST

even though we will no doubt continue to disagree

Well if your views were changed so quickly I would be quite surprised. I would not expect anyone to agree with me so hastily. But if more people could be respectful while disagreeing as you do here, we would all be in so much better shape.

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isabelle Today 09:36 am JST

So why do it?

For the reason you yourself said:

isabelle Jan. 29 07:38 pm JST

that's what at least some of the public wants.

This video from YouTuber Dimitri Monroe, someone who self identifies as an LGBQ, etc. individual, can explain in more detail than I can here: https://youtu.be/8aaFxPFRP1M.

Essentially Monroe’s argument is that what is presented as the “Global Standard” is actually social activism that is being encouraged by investment groups like BlackRock. This analysis agrees with my own assessment. It is therefore not what the market is organically dictating as you maintain, but social activism attempting to “force change” to use Larry Fink’s own words. Numerous examples of how social activists are going beyond simply adapting games to local markets may be found here:


And as if to address your argument about “limiting one’s market,” Monroe’s video notes:

The Western thesis for creation is that every piece of media is for everyone, often resulting in the same bland, infinitely repeatable result, hitting all the same bullet points and current trends. Japan on the other hand focuses its creation. Not everything is for everyone, but there is, if you go looking, something for everyone.

— 18:46–19:11

This is the situation that I and many others find desirable: a diversity of content for a diversity of peoples. That is where true diversity is to be found. “Different folks, different strokes.” But those who push the “Global Standard” are doing so to force people into an inorganic conformity in line with globalist social engineering plans. I’m sorry, but that can in no way be considered “diversity.”

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isabelle Today 10:32 pm JST

Developers still can, and they no doubt will. But what "the market" is increasingly saying is that portrayals of women are outdated, which is (in part) what the article talks about.

Actually what I read in the article is,

One key example is "how Japanese game developers dress their heroines" as the #MeToo movement changes mindsets, said Franck Genty, senior localization manager at Japanese game giant Bandai Namco.

"We tell them that the cleavage is a bit too exposed, or the skirt is a bit too short," he told AFP. "Before, they weren't very flexible, but they've become more proactive on such subjects."

Masayoshi Yokoyama, the series' executive producer, told AFP. "We ask our teams in the United States and Europe to read the game's script, and they tell us if they see things that wouldn't be acceptable in their country."

See the difference? Japanese game developers at Bandai Namco were making the games one way, then localization teams in other countries started telling the developers to make changes based on what they claim were local sensibilities. So it is not a case of developers making the game they wish, but others imposing on them what to make. And so it is interesting to see how AP’s story is covered elsewhere:

Fans have been concerned about how activist localizers could encourage censorship in games being brought westward, but rarely have they [=localizers] spoken so brazenly about it.

— https://nichegamer.com/localizers-admit-to-proactively-censoring-games-for-western-audiences/

Sega’s official social media got an overwhelming amount of negative criticism after linking an article confirming their games are censored based on western localizers.

The official Sega Twitter account linked to an article which confirmed the executive producer for the Like a Dragon series asked their western team to “read their game scripts and tell them what isn’t acceptable.”

Examples like these are why many despise western localizers, because certain sects in the west are obsessed with political correctness and are hellbent on curating the content of adults, telling them what they can and cannot enjoy, and explaining that certain content is “offensive” and must be changed.

— https://nichegamer.com/official-sega-account-criticized-for-questionable-localization-methods/

Let’s be frank: There is something fundamentally broken in an artistic medium when those in charge of its shepherding it have begun to proudly censor – and boast about censoring – a given artist’s personal work.

Sadly, such is the case for the medium of video games, as the localizers responsible for bringing Bandai Namco’s Japanese titles to the Western world, puritanical censorship of said works – particularly any ‘sexy’ female designs therein – has become not just common, but the industry norm.

— https://boundingintocomics.com/2024/01/26/bandai-namco-localization-teams-admit-they-order-japanese-video-game-devs-to-censor-their-female-character-designs-we-tell-them-that-the-cleavage-is-a-bit-too-exposed-or-the-skirt-is-a-bit-too-sho/

So it is not a situation of the market deciding. The overwhelming negative responses to Sega on Twitter when they referenced the localization article are far better indicators of what the market desires ( https://twitter.com/SEGA_OFFICIAL/status/1751414554779881713 ). So it is a case of agendas being pushed into a product “for modern audiences” just like is being done with movies and television shows. It is inorganic and inauthentic and more people are waking up to it everyday. It is social engineering, such as persons like Larry Fink of BlackRock are wont to do ( https://youtu.be/KwwN5kwjAtQ ).

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isabelle Today 07:38 pm JST

sexist tropes … that's what at least some of the public wants.

Or, “sexually arousing imagery … that’s what at least some of the public wants.”

But that is OK right? If the desired utopia is a society where nobody should be belittled or bullied, what is the problem with a man playing video games that feature a barely clothed computer generated woman with unrealistically sized breasts? Is there any problem with a woman who has a poster which features half naked firemen and erotic romance novels on her night stand with a long haired shirtless man riding a horse on the cover? If the particular game isn’t in the activist’s taste, why should that sensibility dictate what others must enjoy? Let game developers make what they want to make and let the market decide naturally.

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What is wrong with translations? I am more than happy with “Somebody set us up the bomb.” It adds character.

Jay Today 06:44 am JST

I'm not a gamer myself (I'm an adult), but I bet "oh I wish this game had less sexism!" is a thought exclamation made by no one ever.

It is a thought that activists like Anita “I’m not a fan of video games” Sarkeesian ( https://youtu.be/-5N5b5WDaYE ) has had, a woman who is on record as saying “Everything is sexist. Everything is racist. Everything is homophobic. And you have to point it all out.” It is from this position that activists non-gamers like Sarkessian get to offer one-sided “penetrating” analyses of what they perceive to be “sexism” in video games, such as how the depiction of Catwoman is sexist because she does not have a cape like Superman or Batman ( https://youtu.be/ujTufg1GvR4 ). Games like Green Lantern evidently did not exist in her timeline ( https://youtu.be/Osko13AiBIQ ). I just think of such activists as the “women should not be viewed or depicted as sexy” squad.

GenHXZ Today 04:32 pm JST

They are hell bent on sterilizing every culture until there is nothing left of anything resembling a human trait.

This. Humanity as a collection of indistinguishable units. A black and white box of Fruit Rings is just the same as Fruit Loops © after all right? To continue to support Toucan Sam is a form of Speciesism and is an affront to millions of tropical birds. And you just know that the line “follow the nose, it always knows!” is an Anti-Semitic dog whistle.

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Posted in: The nuclear family living in a nice house, with one working parent, eating dinner together, watching TV shows together, a strong sense of neighborhood community when kids played outdoors with one another unlike today. Did that really exist or was it something created by 1950s U.S. TV shows? See in context

In response to remarks made by Mr Kipling and Mocheake:

Before the war on poverty launched, 87% of blacks lived below the federally defined level of poverty in 1940. By 1960, that number had decreased to 47%. A 40 point drop in 20 years. That’s probably the greatest economic prosperity period for blacks in the history of this country. And this all happened before affirmative action, before the so-called war on poverty.

— Larry Elder, from the documentary Uncle Tom (2020)

Up until 1962–63, 85% of all black families had a man and a woman raising children. But that all changed in the 60s. The architect of this destruction was Cloward and Piven, a couple of renowned sociologists at Columbia University School of Social Work. And their theory was, if we could separate work from income. It would make men redundant. And if we can just remove the stigma from welfare and entice more people to flood the welfare system, it will bankrupt cities and the country.

To recruit people into the welfare system, we relax the rules. If a woman had to declare paternity in order to provide welfare, the ACLU sued and said this is a violation of her privacy rights. They also said that the nuclear family, Izzy and Harriet, was Eurocentric and therefore racist. The women’s movement concurred with that. The black power movement also agreed. Millions of black in a period of less than four years flooded into the welfare system in major cities, at a time when the unemployment rate for blacks in New York for males was less than 4%. What you then saw as a consequence of separating work from income, the out of wedlock births in the black community began to skyrocket, went from under 25% to 70%.

— Robert L. Woodson, from the documentary Uncle Tom (2020)

It is a neutron bomb that was dropped on this country and it really hurt families, especially the black family. During slavery a black kid was more likely to be raised under a roof with his biological mother and biological father than today. The welfare state has done more to destroy and destabilize the black family than even slavery did.

— Larry Elder, from the documentary Uncle Tom (2020)

It is the strategy of forcing political change leading to societal collapse through orchestrated crises. The "Cloward-Piven Strategy" seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, amassing massive unpayable national debt, and other methods such as unfettered immigration thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse by overwhelming the system.

— https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cloward%E2%80%93Piven_strategy

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Everyone wishing for a functional society will prioritize the family. Everyone wishing to bring down a society will not. It is really just that simple.

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As an addendum:

Roy Today 08:40 am JST

keep in mind that it doesn't come with any games

The package in the picture actually states that the system comes preinstalled with 88 games for those without game cartridges. Yet it appears that these are not official games ( See https://youtu.be/0kTMDogB4wU from 14:15). So you would still need to buy Super Mario Bros. to play Super Mario Bros. with the system discussed in this article.

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RoyToday 08:40 am JST

These are called "famiclones" and have been around for decades.

Indeed, which is why I wondered why this was even a news story.

You're better off picking up an official Nintendo Famicom Mini at your friendly neighborhood second-hand store for the same kind of money.

Only if you have the hands of a toddler. The controllers on a Nintendo Classic Family Computer are smaller than regular Famicom controllers, the cables are too short, and they are hardwired. The NES Classic Edition for markets outside of Japan does not suffer from these problems. Additionally, your average user is limited to the 30 games that come preinstalled on these devices unlike the console in this article. Just grab a used original Famicom from Hard Off or elsewhere then buy whatever used games you want to play. Make sure you get an adapter though as HDMI is clearly not supported. Those interested in Retro Gaming would likely benefit from watching ETA Prime's channel on YouTube. There are more opinions than you could imagine out there.



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As someone who is familiar with the evolution vs. creation debate, I am reminded of Popper’s principle of falsibility as a requirement of science while reading this article:

The critical element that distinguishes the empirical sciences from other forms of knowledge is the requirement that scientific hypotheses be empirically falsifiable.

If the results of an empirical test agree with the predictions derived from a hypothesis, the hypothesis is said to be provisionally corroborated, otherwise it is falsified.

A hypothesis that is not subject, at least in principle, to the possibility of empirical falsification does not belong in the realm of science.

— Francisco J. Ayala, “Philosophical Issues,” in Evolution, T. Dobzhansky, et al., eds. (San Francisco, CA: W. H. Freeman and Co., 1977), 479.

Now see the first two comments:

Bad Haircut Today 07:26 am JST

[T]he climate models pumped out by academics on the global warming teat are struggling to make accurate predictions

Roy Today 07:39 am JST

By and large, their models have been correct.

So the first question I have when reading this article is whether climate change research is actually grounded in science. I would like to know how the climate change position could possibly be proven false. As Bad Haircut’s position shows, articles like this could be read as attempts to justify failed expectations which were told to the public, also evidenced in the change in terminology from “global warming” to “climate change.”

My next question is, assuming that climate change is indeed genuine science and the best supported position, whether or not its cause is human activity or not. After all, the Buddha related that change is an inevitable part of existence. And so, as others have argued, the climate changes as it has always has. But are humans the cause of this? And if so, does this change really require that humanity return to pre-civilization to right things as some appear to assume?

And for those who may be Christians and hammering on the point that climate scientists have made predictions that have turned out wrong as an argument against climate change, I would direct your attention to Le Roy Froom’s four volume work “The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers” which essentially documents how Christians over the last 2,000 years have predicted that the end of days were imminent. Equitable standards.

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the World Economic Forum warned in a report released last week.

You mean the "we penetrate the cabinets" people? https://youtu.be/SjxJ1wPnkk4

could undermine newly elected governments in major economies

You know what else could undermine governments? Hint: They penetrate cabinets.

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Desert Tortoise Today 07:03 am JST

Here is what racism looks like, my white college acquaintance and I walking down a street and seeing a young African American boy with new bicycle. My white friend says to the kid "hey, nice bike, where did you steal it."

That’s a pretty good story. Your “white college acquaintance” seems to have lacked the education to not only not be racist, but to keep that racism discrete.

Now I have one for you. I went to a karaoke club in Japantown in San Francisco as part of my efforts to keep up on my Japanese. I sang songs in Japanese and spoke to the staff in Japanese, there were no problems at all. Then I noticed another customer smoking inside the club which is illegal as California does not permit smoking in establishments. But I know that some places ignore this law and so I figured that I could smoke as well. Yet when one of the staff saw me about to light up, she said, “Sorry, smoking is not permitted in here.” And when I pointed out the other customer smoking to her, she responded, “Oh, he is a special customer.” But as far as I could see the only difference between him and me was that he was Japanese and I was not. And when I said to her, “Well that doesn’t seem fair,” the lady simply handed me my bill and said, “Thank you for coming.” That too is what racism looks like. But DEI will tell you that only white people can be racist, please. That idea itself is racist.

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njca4 Today 12:28 am JST

I hope they've got more to go on than that.

They do. They have video. https://youtu.be/pzo73jYl3Ew

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First15 Jan. 15 11:15 pm JST

Actually, companies are removing the graduate requirements because colleges and universities are producing nothing but broken individuals who cannot do anything except be political activists.

As someone who is a college graduate and has worked in a skilled trade, I have always found it sad to see such a divide between the two groups. The truth is that each side needs to respect the other. College is not for everybody, but that does not mean that those who don't go are idiots. There are many smart people working trade jobs, usually making great money as well. A friend of mine has his own successful trade business even though he never graduated from high school, let alone college. I know that the perception of those who have real world knowledge through experience, which is, after all, the best teacher, is that those who have a college education look down on them. I understand perfectly well, some "manager" with no real world experience who happened to graduate from college telling you how to do your job which you have doing for 20 years certainly frustrates. The frustration is natural.

I knew a guy who worked at a job 20+ years who could never be promoted to the level of supervisor because the company policy was that only college graduates could become supervisors. And so his boss was a 20 something college graduate who probably was not even born when the guy I knew start working with the company. He got the managerial position straight off without working his way into the position. That is a serious problem in my book. My view is that companies should only hire for managerial positions from within and, if a college education is necessary, help with the tuition as a business expense. I guarantee you will have far better management in place with such a system.

kaimycahl Jan. 15 11:41 pm JST

Higher education was thought to encourage critical thinking

Indeed, but when you have situations like today where colleges only allow certain positions to be presented, well, you are handicapping students ability to evaluate all positions. College more than anywhere is the place for a competition of ideas. The fact that colleges today cripple discussion is a disservice to the education system, but a boon to the indoctrination system.

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Paul Spira Today 07:05 pm JST

What is the alternative to DEI in your view?

I thought we had it with seeing each other as humans first and foremost. What DEI does is prioritize biological characteristics first and foremost in people's consciousness over our shared humanity. It is regressive. My view is all the colors of the rainbow have a place in the rainbow. DEI is about combining all these colors until they are the same color. So I ask you, which position is more respectful of diversity?

Do you disagree that society should be equal and fair and inclusive to all?

Sure I do. We are all, after all, humans are we not? But I do not confuse equality with equity and assume that people are just interchangeable units. Each person is unique with their own talents to contribute to society.

Or do you think some humans should have better lives and greater privileges due to their color or gender etc.?

I think some humans should have better lives and greater privileges in proportion to the responsibilities they take on within the larger society regardless of their color or gender. Someone who designs water purification systems should obviously be better compensated for their work than someone who hands out tissue at the train station. Yes people need clean water and tissue, so each is contributing to society in their own way. Yes both people are humans and thus deserving of basic respect. Yet one clearly contributes greater than the other. Equity assumes that the person who designs water purification systems and the person who hands out tissue at the train station should live exactly the same. Sorry, I can’t agree that.

But DEI fails in another way. There are tribal people in the world who are protected by law from contact with the outside world. Here the idea is that these people have their own way of life and a culture which must protected because these tribal people cannot protect themselves from outside influences. But playing devil’s advocate, I have to ask why? I mean, they are primitive people after all and would no doubt benefit from all the conveniences of modern life from TikTok to Marvel movies, right? Of course we understand that, they being a culture of their own, it is really for them to decide whether they wish to join the modern world or not and change their culture. Yet when I see people who promote DEI, they have no regard whatsoever for the culture of the place they wish to deploy their doctrine. This only appears to apply in Western countries. The same people do not complain that Korea is not being DEI enough.

So that's a big no to DEI from me. My own views are preferable.

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Fighto! Today 05:39 pm JST

would barely rate a mention in local news in the US

As if to literally prove my point that Black-on-Black shootings are a subject which the media would rather not address, my comment in response to Fighto! drawing attention to the media as a whole ignoring this major aspect to gun violence in the US was deleted! I would like to thank the moderator for vindicating my position against those who had downvoted it. https://youtu.be/5LLCSySyFQ8

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Posted in: Man fatally shot at Starbucks in Ehime Prefecture; suspect at large See in context

Imagine a criminal flagrantly ignoring Japan's tough firearms law to commit a crime. What is the world coming to!

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