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Posted in: Defense chief questions why China needs aircraft carrier See in context

Yeah, I just think it's a showing of pride, it also gives the navy something to do.

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Posted in: Japan's largest solar power facility commences operations See in context

That is wonderful news ! 7kw is all that is needed for an individual house. I wish I could afford solar, I would be on it in a second ! The batteries and inverter is what costs the most. I'm just glad people and businesses are doing something about long term safe electricity.

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Posted in: Anorexia nervosa: a severe eating disorder related to multiple factors See in context

After reading the article on Kobe Beef, who care anorexia ? ! Surf-n-Turf is a better way to leave this world ! Besides, I don't want to leave hungry ?

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Posted in: U.S. produces version of pricey Japanese Kobe beef See in context

I gotta try some of that ! I'll ask around and see where Kobe beef is ? I'm in Maryland, and I've never heard of it before ?

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Posted in: Geopolitics and the modernization of the armed forces of China See in context

I don't know why everybody just can't get along ? China is a nation of pride, that's all they're about. Everything they have can be circumvented by our joint military efforts if it was an extreme issue. They're proud of the renovated Ukraine aircraft carrier they bought, so they can enjoy their naval accomplishments on the seas, but to see them as a threat; is really getting annoying, and very childish. They want to approach this century with accomplishments and spontaneous modernization, God knows, they deserve it since coming out of strict communism and joining the U.N. so as to enjoy the freedoms of Capitalism.....leave them alone and let them learn.

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Posted in: Honda to build new factory in Mexico See in context

No ! Japanese products I can appreciate, but Mexico...forget it !

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Posted in: Teacher arrested for molesting woman on train See in context

High hormones ! I like to look but the touching part, destroys the beauty.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. have highest bills to pay from natural disasters See in context

If it was just natural disasters, America would have a Super Economy, but with all the wars and debt bail-outs we buy, I think we're heading to the poor house instead ! We need to get America back on it's priorities .......to me, helping Japan right now is more of a priority then fighting terrorists....they're gonna kill themselves anyway !

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Posted in: Japan to continue nuclear plant exports See in context

Yeah, exporting is good, just keep it off of Japan....too many weather problems and natural disasters there !

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Posted in: U.S. credit rating cut for first time ever See in context

awl, the way I understand it is they have not made a decision as of this time. I'm sure it'll be a cut, but for how long and how deep, no one knows for sure at this time.

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Posted in: Okayama woman sues over 'sexist' marriage laws See in context

Boy, that ain't America.....if the woman is pregnant and marry's another man, that new husband will have to pay child support if that marriage falls apart. Our court looks at it as he's the responsible father, that's it !

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Posted in: Watch out -- a Level 4 gokiburi alert has just been called! See in context

It's summer time, enjoy it ! Bugs, rodents, flies, it's wonderful, God created them all ! Birds and other forms of life need food too ! If you didn't have them, this would mean you're right at the doorstep of death !

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Posted in: Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga campaigns against nuclear power See in context

Hydrogen is the way to go ! I know Japan could be the leaders in hydrogen engines and other various uses. You crack distilled water and bingo, you got more horsepower then you can imagine ! Nuclear is like the Titanic, it's bound to sink !

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Posted in: Record high radiation reported at crippled Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Yeah, the first step is to admit their is a terrible problem and then answers will start continuing to arrive. No one can deny nuclear accidents, they can not be buried or covered up either. Getting into the damaged reactors is not going to be possible if no one can locate the reactor rods that are causing the exposure. That meltdown has to be located, it's probably under the torus. Maybe a tunnel to the location can give a better direction into containing the mass.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes bill to raise debt limit, as Giffords makes dramatic return See in context

They better raise the ceiling debt, Japan needs a lot of help !

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

Well, history will show that the Norwegians were illegal immigrants and literally invaded many countries when they were called Vikings. The Vikings were not only multicultural, they really didn't care who they killed ! Since the invention of the air plane, now everyone travels and lives anywhere they want and when they want, and for how long they want. Every country has rules to follow over immigration so these people living in Norway are not illegal immigrants ?

As time goes forward through too the future, every race will eventually mold into one race of being where individual cultures will not matter anymore; they'll be viewed from the pages of history. This also applies too Muslims, many of them will sacrifice their lives for absolutely nothing too. As we enjoy each others company and admire all the wonderful creative arts the world has to offer, we will learn to love each other and make the world more harmonious and fruitful for everlasting Peace.

It's just a waste and a shame for a man to look for the evil in the world, and act out against his own people, because he doesn't agree with them. I'm sure Norway will not allow this tragedy to change their course of civilized and liberated behavior that they have enjoyed for hundreds of years. No, they will close the doors on this event, and forever, never to be remembered. Norway is one beautiful and peaceful place to live and see.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death over 16 arson murders See in context

Amazing, 2008, a divorce and kills 16 unknown people ? Sounds like the idiot in Norway ? You don't like the courts or the government, then just burn it down !

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Posted in: Tokyo stocks lower, dollar trading at Y77.90 as U.S. debt default looms See in context

Yeah, that's great for Japan, but real bad for America !

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Posted in: Japan to buy up and burn radiation-tainted beef See in context

I guess find a suitable nuclear engine that can run off of radioactive beef ? Don't burn it, it'll become air-borne and contaminate other areas. Don't bury it, it'll contaminate the water. Don't throw it in the ocean, it'll contaminate the fish. I guess put it in sealed leaded containers for indefinite storage.

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Posted in: Vietnamese cafes in Calif too racy for some See in context

I've always been in favor of Smoking only Bars, why not ? I can see that trouble in the Parking lots are going to happen because they have to go outside and smoke. Make it a requirement, that if you don't smoke, you can't enter the bar; this goes for the employees too ! In short, "if you don't like the smoke, get out of the kitchen !"

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Posted in: Kan calls World Cup win 'greatest gift to nation' See in context

Yeah man, good show ! I always thought the Japanese would win anyway.

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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

That was a good game too ! Good show ! I'm glad America lost anyway ! ;-)

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor memorial to host Japan tea ceremony See in context

Times were bad back then, but America forgives, I just wish we could do more to save Japan from the nuclear mess we helped put you in. I think the Japanese government realizes now that you don't slack off on safety when it comes to nuclear, that's for sure. I look at the IAEA in not being more careful in making sure nuclear energy is inspected more critically.

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Posted in: Revised money lending law creating desperate housewives See in context

Since jurisprudence is asleep, it's obvious the initial loan will have to be forgiven; her husband didn't sign anything, and therefore he's not responsible. If Loan Co. #1 wasn't responsible to inform the husband, then the loan is not secured and therefore it is the loaners fault. The rest of the scammers will have to "suck-wind !" They had no business knowledge or obligation to the first initial loan application to make a determination to support a second and/or consecutive third loan in behest of the first loan ? No different if it's a first and second mortgage, the first mortgage gets paid first before the second mortgage. The second mortgage can't foreclose on a house unless the first mortgage forecloses first.

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Posted in: Rally See in context

That's interesting ? Why English, why not Chinese translation ? I don't understand why this would be a dispute in the middle of a terrible tragedy ? Good English though.

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Posted in: Obama addresses Arab world; urges Israel to go back to 1967 borders See in context

Amazing ! This president was only 8 years old and he doesn't know what went on that caused Israel to do to survive a fight between 3 countries attacking them ?

Leave Israel alone, they will not reward killers with the spoils of war.

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Posted in: 89-yr-old man held for strangling 85-yr-old wife to death See in context

Yes, I can suspect there's a lot of stress going on, even our seniors will fill it the most too.

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

I can never call anyone sacrificing his life for the rest of the people as the "lowest rung"; they are hero's and should be addressed as such at all times. All those with physics and construction knowledge need to stay healthy and move forward with containment procedures. This is a time where everybody has to be strong, both mentally and physically !

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Posted in: Water power See in context

Yes, that is sad, it certainly doesn't look like a good place to put something that is extremely vulnerable in that area. Hind sight is 20/20, I just wish I would have realized this back in the 80's or 90's anyway. I would have voiced my opinion back then !

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Posted in: U.S. Navy drones: Coming to a carrier near China? See in context

Talk about conspiracy theorists; this is unhooked ! With all the problems China has, I don't believe a word that they are considering any kind of offense to anybody.

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