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Jellois comments

Posted in: 82-year-old man arrested after stomping on 10-year-old boy in Chiba park See in context

Respect your elders

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Posted in: Survey reveals rudest behavior seen on trains and at stations this year See in context

It would be nice if people stop watching porn on their phones in the morning.

Its rather distracting.

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Posted in: Forcing children to sit 'seiza' style to be recognized as punishment under new law See in context

This is a law!??! Why? I sat like this for hours like for weddings and funerals.

Legs hurt after but that’s normal. Sounds like some teacher over did it and the snow flakes got offended.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan’s school education system? See in context

Schools are underfunded. Teachers are overworked and inadequately educated.

I would said funding and support for disabled students has gotten much better in the last 3 years...

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Posted in: Honda chief: Product development needs more time for quality See in context

Well say! releasing a new product every year with little to no improvement is terrible.

Just release a product when its finished and treat the engineers with respect!

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Posted in: No romance to show for Y6 bil in gov't outlays See in context

The government really needs to stop playing around with the survey and really makes laws. No more encouraging or passing the buck to other people.

Enforcing a limit on overtime hours by creating a GOVERNMENT SET overtime pay-rate with exponential figures that force the company to have employees to leave on-time. With outrageously set fines for braking the law. Which they are already doing..

Forcing employees to take their all their paid holiday days with set fines if disobeyed.

It all sounds crazy but I really need people to make some babies... otherwise I'm not gonna going to get a pension.. I'm tired of digging graves for all the old people that couldn't create a stable society for future generations to live in.

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Posted in: Disney opens first store in China See in context

The first real store... It doesn't mean the items are real.

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Posted in: Report says China building airstrip on reclaimed island See in context

If there was oil there... It would be a much bigger problem

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Posted in: Frosty feeling - Jamaican takes cupcakes to new heights See in context

She makes the best cakes!!!

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs revision to My Number bill See in context

I wonder if this number is going to be used to track NHK payments too

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Posted in: S Korean activists plan to send 'The Interview' to N Korea See in context

I would think the 10,000 copies would be saved to mini USB drives or Micro SD cards

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Posted in: Ex-head of hotel operating firm faces charges over fatal fire See in context

The hotel had no sprinkler system and been warned about lax anti-fire prevention measures in at least eight areas the year before, fire department officials said.

Interesting ... Makes me wonder if they were warned the year before and every other year for the last 10 years.

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Posted in: Bill submitted to lower voting age to 18 See in context

Even if this bill passes, I highly doubt that they're going to vote... Even if they did, it would most likely be influenced by twitter...

If they really wanted to up the amount of voters they should try improving the educational system first so people understand why they vote and have an opinion about it.

Of course, they could always just give away free umaibō and everyone would come flocking.

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Posted in: Glitch leaves 119 emergency number down for 9 minutes in Tokyo See in context

Police and the fire department said that during the nine minutes, there were no fires or accidents requiring emergency medical services.

That's because they didn't get any phone calls....

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Posted in: LED traffic lights too cool for snowy Aomori See in context

This is what happens when the government doesn't ask the opinion of engineers that knows what they are doing...

Unfortunate is type of thing seems to happen too much in Japan.

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Posted in: Survey shows 2,860 public schools at risk from tsunami damage See in context

Love the Government, The spend a ton of money on a survey, then tell the school to improve... But then the Government doesn't give the boards of education any money to do anything about it. Why isn't there any money? Because they spent it all on the survey.

I really do hope that these school can receive some extra funding to improve... That being say... Many of these school are most likely in places there are no kids to begin with...

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Posted in: Citigroup to exit retail banking in 11 markets, including Japan See in context

There will be changes but I think the current system will stay...


Citi announced, as part of its third quarter 2014 corporate earnings which has been made public in the United States that it plans to accelerate the transformation of its Global Consumer Banking (GCB) business by streamlining the GCB's footprint to 24 markets.

Citigroup intends to exit from its consumer businesses in 11 markets. As a result, Citi is exploring a sale of Citibank Japan Ltd.'s Retail Banking Division and Citi Cards Japan, Inc.

There is no change to the products and services that Citibank Japan provides to its retail banking customers as a result of this announcement. Consumer operations, including all branches, call centers and online banking will continue to operate as they do today.

While no decision has yet been made to proceed with any transaction, Citi is committed to finding the best possible outcome for all customers.

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Posted in: Citigroup to exit retail banking in 11 markets, including Japan See in context

There will be changes but I think the current system will stay...


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Posted in: Should naked photo hacking be considered a sex crime? See in context

Didn't something very similar like this happen in Hong Kong about 10 years ago... The believe the actor went into hiding....

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Posted in: MousePro workstation See in context

I should pick up one of these to play solitaire... Play solitaire really really fast..

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl in coma since June 10 pool accident dies See in context

Accidents happen but we can't blame the under trained teachers.

We need to blame the government for overworking teachers and not providing training, regulation and funding to create a safe environment.

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Posted in: Temple trio See in context

They look Chinese...

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Posted in: The agriculture ministry estimates 22 million tons of food get thrown out by consumers, restaurants and supermarkets each year in Japan. What are your thoughts on this? See in context

The food should be donated to a food bank. An NPO called Second Harvest is already doing just that in Ueno.

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Posted in: Tax hike takes toll on auto sales See in context

Because everyone and their dog bought a car before the tax hike... I would guess that auto sales will be down for the next 5 years or so..

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Posted in: JTB apologizes for employee's bogus letter to cancel school field trip See in context

Only in Japan...

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Posted in: No. of tainted cattle shipped around Japan nears 1,500 See in context

This is the same country that I trust will help with the growing older population...

I really love Japan but with the collection of all these problems it just shows how the government really has not idea what it's doing.... Te government is trying to run the country as it was 20 years ago. As many new politicians try to fix all the problems their are held back by all their superiors...

Japan needs to first fix its education system to create people that know what their doing and that know how to think with creativity.

I think all these problems had just been cause by a failing education system that has created genarations of non-thing drones.

Get out of Japan before you get sucked in

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Posted in: AKB48's 'newest member' turns out to be computer-generated image See in context

OMG YES... ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪ the MOE factor of each girl combined to created the ultimate teenaged boys dream girl.

It sounds almost like the Power rangers combined battle robot... What was it's name again?

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Posted in: Woman found beaten to death in Yokohama apartment See in context

And the families that lived beside her weren't worried one bit... Although they probability heard the noise.

Whatever happened to meeting your neighbors

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Posted in: 11 Chinese warships cross high seas off Okinawa See in context

Where's Starwars when you need it.... Just shoot them from space.

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