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I just don't like the idea that someone can just come in and tell me what I can and can not eat. There has to be a happy middle ground... But I'm guessing that even if Japan was willing to lower it's numbers to half or even a quarte of the quota ... SS would still be complaining.

It dosesnt sound very fair... Trying to force their ideas on people or throwing flares at them...

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Posted in: Conservationists, Australian gov't not satisfied with Japan's whaling suspension See in context

I sent the following e-mail to the Sea Shepherd group and I received a rather annoying e-mail back.

Part of the reply:

For those who are writing to complain that we are not doing enough, ask yourself what you are doing to solve these problems.

For those who are writing to give us a piece of your mind, understand that we simply do not care what you think.

My e-mail:

For the Oceans,

Dear Sea Shepherd,

I am a Japanese Canadian and I was raised in both Japan and Canada.  I have read over a number of your materials and I support and understand parts of your mission.

But as a Japanese, I feel that Japan and the Japanese People have the rights to choose for them selfs to hunt and eat whales.  

Many Japanese people agree that hunting whales is wrong. Many of them choose not to eat or support the hunting of whales.  But there is still a large number of Japanese people that continue to eat whale meat as a tradition.

As I am from the younger generation, I understand your actions, but to our older generations some can't understand your actions and feel we have the right to eat and hunt whale if we want.  Their feels might be hard to understand...

If a group of people from East India when to America and said to stop eating cattle, how would you feel?

Obviously there aren't as many whales as there are cattle but over all Japanese don't consume a huge amount of whale.  

I feel that your presents in Japan is wrong.

I feel that your actions over the last year have been unneeded.

Although you may know Japanese or even be of Japanese, I feel you don't understand the Japanese people who traditionally eat whale

I feel that if you really want to achive your goals you would do it in a way that respects Japanese Law.

I feel that if both groups worked together we could bring the yearly whaling rate down or have the Government support more projects in whale research.

I see whales as both wonderful and beautiful creatives. I also see them as a traditional food I have eatten in my family for many years.

I hope you have the chance to read this e-mail and understand what I have written.  Please don't take it negatively. I only feel that it is important that you receive comments from both supporters and non-supporters for your future projects.



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