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Posted in: Japanese charity telethon '24-Hour Television' faces criticism for poor spending and low popularity See in context

If this program continues, the main personalities and runners should definitely be paid. They are literally working and running for 24 hours. Also, usually the main personalities are Johnny's, and they don't really have a say in what jobs they take, they have to do whatever the agency tells them to, so they are not "volunteers" either way, and if they don't get paid, then they're just slaves. But yeah, they should probably just stop it all together, it's inhumane to the main personalities/runner and like the article says, inefficient in raising money.

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Posted in: Abe asked to comment on SMAP in Diet See in context

"The economy is in the toilet, but, hey, at least SMAP will be there to "sing" us out of it!" Hey, they did it last time!

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