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Alfie NoakesJAN. 24, 2017 - 10:17AM JST A beauty contest winner goes for coffee with a murderer =JUDGEMENTAL

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Go ,Duterte ! Good leader !

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@sensei258 and how could you speak for the royal family ? @ Black Sabbath cool comment

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@sensei258 In the Philippines, he is known as "AbNoy" or abnormal Pinoy . He is well known as an inept puppet of his advisers who only won election because of his family name.

I am a FILIPINA ....most of us don't call him Abnormal. I think you should be careful with the words you utter.

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And why not , sensei258 ?

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Posted in: Do you support calls in some countries to replace expressions like “Christmas tree” and “merry Christmas” with “holiday tree” and “happy holidays?” See in context

It's Sad that a question like this is being asked in the first place. There was never a problem with any of this back in the days. (I agree with one of the reader ) .http://www.history.com/topics/christmas/history-of-christmas . Christmas word came from Christ Jesus . If you are not a Christian then it is up to you if you use other name especially in a secular country ,it is their choice . But for Christians we should NOT change our traditions and the some words with regard to Christmas .

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea hope to thaw relations with summit See in context

South Korean President Park Geun-hye is an emotional leader,not so strong . She prioritizes her emotions and anger first before thinking what is good for country , economy wise speaking . For Abe , stop being manipulative .

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I think they are not so attractive , show no confidence but they look modest .

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Posted in: Do you think Donald Trump would make a good U.S. president and how do you think it would affect U.S.-Japan relations if he were elected? See in context

Trump is a good leader but he has a big mouth . If he will be a US president he will use his position to take advantage of the businesses around the world for his benefits . Although ,i think he will be a good defense leader ,who can handle terrorism well like ISIS .He is a racist .

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Posted in: Okinawan governor to revoke permit for U.S. base relocation work See in context


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