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jenn cats comments

Posted in: Ex-comfort woman in S Korea criticizes protest rallies against Japan See in context

This woman is woke from the abuses and manipulations of comfort women cult

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Posted in: Etiquette a hot topic as social distance jogging gains momentum See in context

If they were infected, they would not be outside jogging and running

common sense folks

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Posted in: N Korean media silent on Kim's whereabouts as speculation on health rages See in context

While I get the pleasure of schadenfreude on our psychotic little rocket man, I'm afraid that if this guy dies WW3 will begin.

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Posted in: Abe asks citizens to be more diligent on social distancing See in context

Looking at that picture gave me the motivation to go surfing tomorrow!

Thanks JT

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Posted in: As U.S. pulls back, China builds influence at U.N. See in context

There was and article on the economist questioning whether China was going to take the opportunity to take over the world stage.

It makes sense, if I was rutthless despot with an irrational fear of winnie the pooh I too would take advantage of the Chaos and discord thats happening in the west to try to grab as much market share and putting shills in IGO's and try to dislodge the U.S dollar as the world's currency.

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Posted in: Police thy neighbor: Virus fears fuel quarantine shaming See in context

Neighbors turned on each other and it bread a huge culture of mistrust and suspicion.

Do we really want to live in that kind of society?

Its already happening.

The cure just happens to be worse than the disease.

Most of people on this website only know as much as what the herd tells them.

They (posters on this website) social shame and virtual signal to feel better about themselves. When this virus blows over, god knows what they will do with their time.

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Posted in: WHO insists it hid nothing, sounded virus alarm from start See in context

Alright WHO leadership, if you're so confident about the lack of bias in your decision making schema, then there won't be a problem allowing the free country of Taiwan to enter, right? right?

It was analyzed a couple of years ago that Taiwan's exclusion from the WHO would have catastrophic health implications.

The WHO excluded Taiwan out of advice from China and their political clout over the IGO.

What I'm talking about, trying to be logical.

cue the safe space sound byte: It's Trump fault a durr a durr

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Posted in: Governors in U.S. feel heat to reopen from protesters, president See in context

Sánchez announced in a televised news conference late Saturday that the government would allow children “to get out of their houses for a period on a daily basis,” but the specifics needed to be ironed out with experts.

Thats insane,

Spain is telling these kids that people will die if they even take one step out of the house.

Sounds like prison.

But out of the good graces of the government, they're gonna get an hour of probation to take walk around the perimeter.

People are going to remember how the government overreacted and how their freedoms were taken away

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Posted in: China suffers worst economic drop since '70s in virus battle See in context

Its going to get worse once they start getting sued by people and governments for the handling of the wu-flu

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Posted in: Governors in U.S. feel heat to reopen from protesters, president See in context

Two thirds of Americans are perfectly okay with being locked in their homes with no way to earn an income for food and rent, and will use the excuse “cant work if you’re dead!” As a cope.

Yeah, you also can’t work if you’re dead from starvation and homelessness. No, the government is not going to provide for you. No, its not possible for everyone to get unemployment. No, not everyone has a landlord that will obey the eviction laws, or not sue you for everything you owe when this is over.

Most Americans are easily agreeable, defeated and scared sheep. Call me whatever you want, it wont change the reality thats coming.

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Posted in: China virus epicenter Wuhan raises death toll 50% See in context

YrralApr. 17 11:22 pm JST

American should worry about the US fail response to virus, not China

.50 RMB has been deposited to your account, thank you for your patriotism comrade

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context


What is australia doing that is successful exactly?

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Posted in: Japan enters 1st weekend under nationwide state of emergency See in context

everything was closed

so we went to the supermarket

it was packed everyone took their families there

it was he place to be kids were playing , peol weer having fun

walked around for an hour looking amarked up produced before we bought our strong zeros and went home

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

me thinks that a lot of hypocondriacs are trying to reserve a hospital bed and respirator just in case they get the sniffles,

80 percent of tested (emphasis) indivusals show no signs -to mild symptoms

Meaning you may already have or had the virus and your buying into to fear

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context


article doesnt even mention why they were rejected it jsut jump to series of talking points about potential lack of beds and equipment.

It would of been nice to actually get find out why they rejected instead of goin into doom and gloom narrative

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Posted in: You've got mail: 'Abenomask' distribution starts in Japan See in context


First time I saw the estimate for the program.

More interesting information would be

What company got awarded the contract?

How many companies where bidding for the contract?

What was the criteria for the for the contract?

and finally ...

Which politician had shares in the company that got awarded the contract?

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Posted in: Asian stocks slide after weak U.S. data add to global gloom See in context

short call on the inverse SPY to the T1ts

Go big or go home

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Posted in: Elderly people hoarding compulsively See in context

Don't have a source, but I remember reading an article that stated that, it was the old peolpe who were the ones with the worst behavior in terms of staying indoors, social distancing and hoarding.

Which I find Ironic considering their the ones at higher risk

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Posted in: Cloth mask deliveries to begin Friday under controversial Abe initiative See in context

ungrateful people /s

doesn't anybody feel the pain of the cabinet members

and their 20% salary pay cut due to to the pandemic

from 1,200,000 a month to 1,000,000

They are really feeling the pain of the average Japanese Taro and Hanako /s

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Posted in: S Korean ruling party wins parliamentary majority See in context

The only one laughing and enjoying this outcome is NK's Kim

Let the placating begin

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Posted in: Wuhan's wet markets struggle after virus lockdown See in context

Diffrent names for the virus


Wuhan virus

China virus

Dont eat bats virus


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Posted in: China didn't warn public of likely pandemic for 6 key days, documents show See in context

Anybody hear about the 21 million disapeared cell phone contracts in China from november to march

Cell phones are utility people jut get rid of their phones ...

unless their dead

and not reported



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Posted in: South Korea plans tracking wristbands to cope with coronavirus See in context

every body seems happy to give their freedoms away

I wonder what the govemrents is going to do with the data once vaccines are created and implemented.

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Posted in: Assange fathered two kids with lawyer in Ecuador embassy: report See in context

This self righteous piece garbage needs too be lock away for his crimes not on the state but on humanity.,

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Posted in: Japan to sell extra bonds to fund ¥108.2 tril coronavirus stimulus See in context

garbage article.

Didnt even mention the coupon rate or wether this bonds would be hold at junk value

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Posted in: Staying at home in Tokyo's small apartments isn't easy See in context

lol, the size of aparment on the story look way much bigger than the reality of the 1LDK people living in this single places.

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Posted in: Japan extends calls to avoid nightclubs, bars to all prefectures See in context

South Korea is doing that and they’re seeing a slow down in infections, so what’s the difference if they can take charge and show the world how to battle this devastating disease? What’s Japan’s excuse?

SK, HK, Taiwan

What do they have in common?

smaller population size, more goverment control, small land mass, controllable borders, optimized infratructure for the population.

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Posted in: SoftBank CEO says he will supply 300 mil masks per month to Japan See in context

I don't think he hasn't though this through.

The bias against everything from china is pretty big and I think the japanese would not use these items even if the demand was high.

There was a poster on japantimes claiming there was a viral video from a month ago on wechat showing a chinese man putting masks that were suppose to go to japan and coughing in the boxes while saying konichiwa. (Not verified)

But weirdly at the same time my friend who works at a hospital told me that they where screening and getting rid of all masks from Chinar.

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Posted in: China says Taiwan attacks on WHO are venomous, aimed at independence See in context

Taiwan needs to take of renegade mainland Taiwan (China) for the sake of world harmony

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Posted in: China says Taiwan attacks on WHO are venomous, aimed at independence See in context

It makes me smile and gives me a warm feeling in my stomach whenever Chinar ges upset and throws hissy fits.

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