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Jenna Mary Ellen Kelly comments

Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

Something wrong with the justice in Japan. The boy died and the sentence was only two years and 18 months... Wow unbelievable

> not 2 years and 18 months, ZERO jail time. They are both suspended sentences, which means if they don’t do any other crimes during that time they get off completely free without going to jail

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Posted in: Ex-nursery school head, employee found guilty over boy's death in school bus See in context

So they got 0 jail time???? Disgusting.

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Posted in: Anime shop offering ¥300,000 reward to anyone who can help them catch graffiti vandals in video See in context

good on the graffiti artists. Mandarake should be shut down. They openly display child porn. Sickos.

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 1-month-old son See in context

My infant nephew’s name is Minato as well do this was hard to read.

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Posted in: 'Driving graduation ceremonies' help coax elderly to give up licenses See in context

Yesterday I saw a car with one of those “elderly driver” stickers and it was literally parked completely DIAGONALLY in the parking spot. It was almost horizontal. It was the worst parking I’ve ever seen. Made me terrified to think about how they drive if that’s how they park.

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Posted in: Man whose wife, 3-year-old daughter were killed by speeding car, puts focus on issue of elderly driving See in context

I’m speechless. This is the most heartbreaking thing I’ve read in a while. I can’t even imagine the pain of having a beautiful young family and suddenly having it all ripped away.

I know it’s a controversial topic, and many younger people here are also bad drivers, but literally every elderly driver I’ve seen is bad. Not going the speed limit (over or under drastically) crossing over the center line like they’re drunk, stopping suddenly. It is not only dementia that is dangerous, there’s other mental and physical conditions. Even just aging normally makes your mental reflexes and processing slower, and many elderly have some motor issues as well. With the pretty great public transport in Tokyo I don’t know why an 87 year old in Ikebukuro would need to be driving anywhere. Not to mention public transportation is often free or discounted for the elderly

the only group of people that can rival elderly people’s bad driving is taxi drivers.

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Posted in: Disney stops selling, producing 'Frozen' Blu-rays in Japan as Pierre Taki drug arrest fallout continues See in context

Funny I’ve never seen them do this when actors/musicians are arrested for sexual assault or rape. If only japan cared as much about crimes with actual victims as much as they cared about a guy doing drugs.

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Posted in: Japan urged to stop requiring transgender sterilization See in context

As somebody who has been groped, sexually assaulted and raped in japan, this is horrifying. It would be extremely distressing to me if japan became like the west where men can put a bow in their hair and enter female only spaces we have fought so hard for. Japan has a huge problem with groping, upskirt photos, spycams, sexual harassment, assault, rape. We need to address that before we make it worse by letting men change their gender Willy nilly

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Posted in: New app gives throat cancer patients their voice back See in context

I had a manager in 2017. A very kind, selfless, funny man. He was only 38, had 4 kids and a wife, he was diagnosed with throat cancer (well, esophageal, if that’s different?) and passed away within 6 months of his diagnosis. He didn’t even smoke or drink, just had acid reflux. Hurts my heart just thinking about it. I’m honestly surprised how flippant this article makes throat cancer seem. Just worried about losing your voice? I wish this man could at least be alive, voice or not.

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Posted in: Staying positive: 6 tips for beating the winter blues in Japan See in context

The winter here is a nice vacation from my hometown in eastern Canada. However I could see it being rough for people coming from more tropical regions, or staying in northern Japan. The drafty houses here kind of frustrate me though.

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Posted in: Man arrested for throwing sauce on young woman’s kimono on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

Absolutely disgusting the things men here do to women/girls to “relieve their stress” first the guy cutting girls skirts with scissors, now this?

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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies held across Japan See in context

Why do they put a mosaic on the face of these delinquents! IF they are supposed to be adults, then treat them as such. Even news reports showed some places where guys where literally beating up on one other guy and all the cops and adults had their faces showing but not the "new" adults!

If memory serves me, coming of age day celebrants include people who WILL turn 20 before April of the current year. So it’s possible some are still 19 and therefore “minors” although I do agree it’s ridiculous how much minors can get away with here and I can’t wait until the age of majority is lowered to 18. I’ve been groped by men who are clearly adults and know what they’re doing, yet they get 0 punishment because they’re 18-19. Teenagers are treated much too much like children here, and they act a lot more immature as a result.

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Posted in: 20% of emergency calls in 2018 did not require ambulance response: NPA See in context

I’m curious also about what their criteria is for non emergency calls. Is it just completely ridiculous calls about wrong food orders or cockroaches, or is it also including people who basically weren’t DYING. And if so what’s their standard for emergency or not, is it just people who were dying, or are other conditions included? Which conditions or injuries?

My husband called an ambulance last year for me after I suddenly felt very ill and fainted in a shop, hitting my face/chest on some shelving on my way down. Before the ambulance arrived I was awake although a bit disoriented, confused and tired. I felt rather silly getting into the gurney and ambulance when I could walk and started to feel better, they ran blood tests did a CT scan of my head, and a chest x Ray (because my chest hurt extremely bad, but it was just bruised from where I hit it.)

anyway, no reason for my fainting was found, and I declined to stay overnight for the recommended observation. I would personally categorize my situation as non emergency since I wasn’t dying or experiencing a serious condition, but it also wasn’t a completely stupid call like the examples in the story. I wish they’d separate it into “non emergency medical calls” and... whatever you’d call the examples in the article “phony calls” or whatever.

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Posted in: Woman, baby hit and killed by train See in context

That poor driver. Imagine seeing yourself killing a baby and young mother and being unable to stop it. It’s doubtful he’ll receive help but I hope he does. Tragic as well that there wasn’t resources available for the mental illness the woman clearly had if it was a suicide.

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Posted in: Canadian PM Trudeau criticizes Japan over whale hunt See in context

Canada, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and during some years America, all kill more whales than Japan does.

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Posted in: 7-Eleven removing storefront ashtrays across Tokyo See in context

Unfortunately people will just smoke and throw their butts on the ground, guaranteed. They removed ashtrays and banned smoking from the west side of my local station (it’s still allowed on the east side) and I still see people sitting there in front of the “smoking will get you a ¥2000 fine” signs, smoking.

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Posted in: Police arrest 11 Chinese for working without visas; 47 others missing See in context

I hope they arrest the people who employed them as well. Employing people who don’t have the proper visas is illegal as well.

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Posted in: An increasing number of companies in Japan have banned employees from smoking during their work hours, aiming to resolve low productivity caused by their smoking breaks. Do you agree with this policy? See in context

I’ve never smoked and dislike the smell and bad habit/littering/rule breaking many smokers do, but banning them from smoking for the whole work day isn’t going to increase productivity when they’re going through cravings and withdrawals unable to focus. Just give everybody a 10-15 minute rest/snack/smoke/toilet break every 3 or so hours like most western companies do. Hasn’t it actually been proven that breaks INCREASE productivity?

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Posted in: Man attacks woman after cutting power to her apartment See in context

Im a little curious how he cut the power from the outside though. Is the circuit breaker outside?

I read it as he was INSIDE her apartment, since it says she went to the entrance, he attacked her, so she ran OUTSIDE the apartment, so he cut it from inside, and was inside when he attacked her. It is a little ambiguous though.

I shudder to think what might have happened to her if she hadn’t been awake at 2am. If she was sleeping she wouldn’t have noticed the power being cut, he may have attacked her as she slept which would be harder to escape from. Shivers. So scary.

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Posted in: Action movie stuntman arrested for cutting high school girl’s skirt See in context

Lmao yeah sure it was stress and it “didn’t matter what you cut” I don’t think it’s a coincidence it’s ALL schoolgirl skirts, if you wanted to cut “something, anything!” I think there’d be some variety. Own up to being a perverted sicko

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Posted in: Man arrested over lewd act with minor in car See in context

I got a stupid email once when I posted my resume on a job hunting site from some guy wanting to meet up in a love hotel, and he offered ¥20,000, and went up in price when I kept refusing lmao.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for trashing bike of woman, sending her threatening letter See in context

And nothing will happen to him because he’s under 20 so he’ll keep behaving this way with no punishment. I was stalked and groped by a MAN under 20 and yup, nothing came of it even though I pressed charges (against the policemen’s advice)

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

Anything to avoid paying living wages to English teachers. This is literally going BACKWARDS, English will be even worse now

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Posted in: 17-year-old youth arrested for beating student with metal bat in jealous rage See in context

They should look into the relationship too and possibly get the girlfriend help too, could possibly be an abusive relationship

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Posted in: Keio University student arrested for alleged sexual assault, claims he was drunk See in context

I’ve been extremely drunk before, barely able to walk, some parts of the night blurry, boring things like the ride home, but never FORGOT major events that happened, how could you possibly forget molesting somebody for 20 MINUTES?? that’s not a small thing. If he was blackout drunk he wouldn’t be able to molest women and chase them, kick them, and run away, he’d be passed out unconscious.

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Posted in: 88-year-old woman in coma after being hit by cyclist See in context

Hard to make too much judgement without more details.

I can see both sides, bicyclists can be kind of scary especially on narrow sidewalks or streets, they travel so fast, and swerve all over the place it’s hard to predict where they’re going, Sometimes if I move over to give them more room they swerve back over in my direction, not expecting me to move over I guess, and almost hit me.

But elderly people can also be scary to drive around, So many randomly wander into the middle of the street, or walk right through the center of the sidewalk or narrow road totally oblivious of everything around them, not moving to the side for cars to pass.

They typically don’t use cell phones, but I’ve had a lot more elderly people randomly walking around aimlessly suddenly changing their direction and not looking in front of themselves smash into me while I’m walking than I have cell phone users

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University chooses 1st woman president after sexism scandal See in context

Jenna, I have to disagree with you. I have work in Japan for many, many years and as Japan promotes a lot based on seniority, males are often place in positions of discussion making without any skill and/or knowledge of their industry. One clear example is me training my boss. Because of his age he was placed as Bucho with no knowledge of the industry.

How is that disagreeing with me? Isn't that what I said? That more men reach positions of seniority without qualifications than women?

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Posted in: Tokyo Medical University chooses 1st woman president after sexism scandal See in context

Was this woman given the job because of her gender or because she is the right person for the job?

Really? Why does everybody say this when a woman reaches a position of power. Is it so unthinkable that a woman be intelligent and hard working? I never see anybody questioning men about if they were chosen just because they're men. (which probably actually happens a lot more often than the reverse.)

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Posted in: 2-year-old boy fatally hit by motorbike while returning from fireworks festival See in context

I CONSTANTLY see parents walking at a leisurely pace with their 2-5 year old children running several meters in front of them, and the parents never seem to care at all, don't yell at them to slow down or come back, or try to catch up with them.

I saw one kid at a matsuri last week try to run out into the road, but somebody stopped them. Honestly I'm surprised you don't see this kind of news story more often. Now the poor motorcyclist has to live with the guilt of killing a kid.

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Posted in: ¥9 mil awarded to convenience store from man for over 11,000 hours of unauthorized parking See in context

There's a convience store near my house that's had a car parked there illegally for over a year, maybe even two years, I've went back home and come back to Japan 3 times and it's still there. The staff taped a notice on the back window for the owner but it's never been moved. Sometimes I wonder if the owner died or something. I often wonder why the heck they don't just get it towed, but maybe, as others have said the police won't help

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