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Posted in: Police, parents renew appeal for help in solving disappearance of 4-year-old girl in 1996 See in context

So tragic. I can't imagine anything worse than not knowing what happened to your child. Not having closure, unable to properly grieve, not knowing if they're still suffering somewhere.. makes me sick just thinking about it

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Posted in: Nagoya court orders forcible clean-up of ‘garbage house’ See in context

That's absolutely disgusting. If I even let one bag of garbage hang out too long in my house, or have a couple of bad vegetables around the amount of flies and stink is absurd in this humid environment. And even spraying periodically I get cockroaches or centipedes. Can't imagine how disgusting this house would be

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Posted in: Famous anime voice actress says she was once so poor she had to eat tissues See in context

This doesn't make ANY SENSE, there are plenty of actual foods she could have bought that are cheaper than tissues if she was that poor. I've bought ¥19 bags of moyashi, big enough for 2 meals, 12 gyoza for under ¥90, you can buy a 5kg bag of Spaghetti noodles for ~ ¥500.

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Posted in: Nara Park issues feeding tips for tourists after increase in deer bites See in context

Never had a problem with biting, but I did have a deer stab me in the face (drawing blood) with his antler, which was shedding too so it was super sharp. Perhaps they should do something about the antlers

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Posted in: Is it a crime to ditch a bad date and leave them with the bill? Japanese man finds out See in context

This guy sounds sketchy as heck. Why did he stick around long enough to eat but skip out on the bill? If it was that bad he should have left immediately before even eating, or just went through the motions and paid for his meal and just never accept another date from her. The fact that he stayed around long enough to eat his food, but didn't just pay his portion of the bill is scammy. Sounds like he wanted a free meal.

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Posted in: Should saying thanks at a Japanese convenience store go without saying? See in context

I say "arigatou" 95% of the time to cashiers and the like. It's just natural to me to say thank you, I've always done it at home in Canada. As far as I can tell the staff always seems happy when I say it and they usually reply.

My (Japanese) boyfriend noticed how often I say it and did comment on it before, saying he thought it was really nice that I always say thank you, because a lot of Japanese people don't. He used to work at a 7/11 in university and he said it always made him happy when the rare customer would say thank you.

So yes, it isn't typically said by Japanese customers, but I think you'd be hard pressed to find an employee who would be upset at you thanking them.

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Posted in: Japan’s extra-slim 'Cinderella weight' diet target sparks debate online See in context

I'm currently only about 1.3kg heavier than my "Cinderella weight" and don't look "disgustingly" skinny. I've even been below that number in high school and also didn't look emaciated or anything. Must depend on your build, and how much of your weight is fat vs muscle

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