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Apparently for the Japanese people it's not just about the money owed.  Their rumors/open secrets seem to be that:

・Kei Komuro's mother is a pension/benefit-swindling, yakuza-related widow who has so far had 4 people dead ; her husband was found burnt and carbonized near the Tama River, his father was found hanged a week later, his mother died 'by suicide' about a year later, then about 15 years later her ex-yakuza boyfriend died of some unexplained cause (Btw she tried to be the sole beneficiary of her then-fiance's life insurance and complained about the amount being small)

・Kei Komuro bullied a boy(, who then had to go to a different junior high school) and a girl(, who then had to quit senior high school), used his then-girlfriend's credit card and got chased away by her father, preferred Mako's better-looking little sister but couldn't approach her, insisted on NOT paying back the 40 grand spent for his college to his mom's ex-fiance, and lied in his resumes for the law school and the law firm.

・Mako jumpkicked her classmate from behind out of the blue in the hallway of her elementary school to laugh and run away, cut in lines for elevators and/or toilets at her high school, had Kei Komuro keep her company during her official visit to Europe and spent about 600 grand of taxpayers' money, pressured the ex-fiance of Kei Komuro's mother into letting go of the 40 grand the mom borrowed for her son's college, and now is all about herself getting married by the age of 30 and enjoying her life

・Mako's father exercised his "royal" power and got Kei Komuro a job at a bank he was underqualified for(, which he quit in less than 2 years), got him enrolled in a grad school he was ineligible for, got him a job at a law firm he was inapt for, then sent him to a third-tier law school in New York he was unqualified for, gave him another job at a law firm he was underqualified for and now is ready to pay for the expensive and extravagant life in NY of Kei Komuro, Mako and her pension/benefit-swindling, yakuza-related stepmother with taxpayers' money.

So the Japanese people have been waiting for Kei's, his mother's, Mako's and her parents' explanations for (and grieving for their staying silent about) the perturbing stories.

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