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Posted in: Obama, Abe firm on N Korea; no decision on TPP See in context

Did Abe get 19-gun salute then? That's what Cameron got.

I am pretty sure not everyone who disagrees with Abe's rhetoric is spreading Chinese propaganda. Many Americans don't want to be dragged into any unnecessary conflict. If US goes to war over a stupid island, many will blame the US government, Japan and China equally. But you can't fix stupid, and these so-called leaders, elected or not, never seem to be that bright. Maybe what the world really needs is a benevolent dictator that rules over the whole planet. Problem solved.

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

I am being condemned so I might as well support Ishihara-san and Kawamura-san.

Well, if you live in America then you might have access to Netflix. There is a well made Chinese film on the subject of Nanking, "City of Life and Death," that is currently available on Netflix. The movie actually portrays a Japanese soldier in sympathetic light. In the movie review section there are several great comments from Japanese Americans and here is one example:

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A SERIOUS REVIEW As a Japanese American I knew the events depicted in this harrowing and unforgettable movie. My grandfather served as a fighter pilot for the Japanese Imperial army during WWII, and I served as a US Marine during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. My father was able to avoid the Vietnam War because, at the time, he was only a student at Univ Tenn. on a visa. He shared the horrible stories of his dad and the atrocities that occurred during that war, so I was always a WWII history buff as long as I can remember. War can bring out the very worst and best of us, and I believe this movie depicts both elements clearly, beautifully, tragically, and honorably to the victims and nations at large. It's sad and embarrassing to know that the Japanese government, to this day, deny their criminal roles in Nanking. This is a tragedy in it of itself, so I can understand the hatred that still lingers amongst the Chinese, especially those survivors and their families. A superbly filmed B&W movie that leaves a lasting impression on you for sure.

Rest assured this movie reviewer will never be "condemned" just because his grandfather served for the imperial army in WWII.

People need to be rational when it comes to Nanking. Chinese should learn not to use this subject as a convenient propaganda tool, and Japanese need to understand that little can be gained by ignoring or denying their dark past. Today's Japanese are so far removed from that period thus should not be held responsible for what happened. However, by "supporting" those who deny war crimes, either actively or passively, you are probably not getting much good will from many people.

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Posted in: China complains to Japan over Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

However it was the Communists which took all the weapons and food and forced people to stay in Nanjing knowing darn well what was going to happen when the Japanese military attacked.

Hmmh... In 1937 those Communists were probably hiding in some poor village far away from Nanking. It was mainly the Nationalist Party, or Kuomintang, doing most of fighting against the Japanese during WWII. The KMT clearly didn't do a good job defending Nanking, with many commanders and soldiers deserting their posts, leaving helpless civilians behind to be slaughtered and raped by the Japanese. However, they also fought bravely on many other occasions. Those Communists were doing very little against Japan aside from a few skirmishes, so please don't give them too much credit. On the other hand, the Nationalists really didn't help themselves very much. For instance they completely ignored a famine in central China, and their failure to provide any assistance literally drove thousands of starving Chinese into fighting for the Japanese against KMT in exchange for food. Basically, the Nationalists didn't care about the Chinese people back then (neither do the Communists today). But the incompetency and stupidity of the Chinese ruling parties doesn't make what Japan did in WWII against China and other Asian countries any less deplorable.

I said when China attacks Japan. Anyhow I tire of you and your attacks upon me and my country.

I don't think you need to worry so much about China attacking Okinawa. For some reason, many Chinese seem to believe that Okinawa doesn't belong to Japan, and that people in Okinawa are not Japanese but victims of Japanese invasion and occupation. It is beyond ridiculous.

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Posted in: Actor Christian Bale attacked during visit to China dissident See in context

He is doing the right thing. Who cares about Nanking Massacre and Japanese atrocities? Now this Chinese movie will lose its appeal to the worldwide audience, thus preventing the Chinese from making any profit from it. Chances are he will not be allowed back in China and his new Batman film, or any future film, will not be shown there, thus preventing some greedy Hollywood studios from making large amount of money in an uncivilized, authoritarian country. It's a win win situation.

If only Mr. Bale could donate millions of dollars he made from this movie to some noble cause. He could be a true hero indeed.

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