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Posted in: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson says no more real guns in his films See in context

This time, its not “about family”. (Sorry, no Fast & Furious cast members.)

But Gal Gadot was in some of the Fast & Furious movies though

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Posted in: Japan confirms 1,512 new coronavirus infections See in context

If you want to know how many tests were done on the day:

Tokyo: https://stopcovid19.metro.tokyo.lg.jp/en/

Osaka: https://covid19-osaka.info/en/

Embarrassingly low indeed...

Rough calculations for July 31:

Tokyo: Supposedly Tokyo had ~3500 tests... 463 cases. Therefore around 13% positive rate.

Osaka: ~2000 tests, 190 cases. So approx 8-9% positive rate.

Comparing to the state of Victoria in Australia.... On July 31:

33,826 test results were returned. 672 positive cases. 1.98% positive rate.

Japan should be embarrassed.

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Posted in: Abe declares state of emergency until May 6 for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

spinningplatesToday  08:18 pm JST

CitizenSmithToday 07:37 pm JST

I’d rather risk catching the virus than risk not being able to buy food and pay the rent.

It's not about the risk to you. It's about the risk to the people you will spread Covid19 to and the people they will spread it to.

Why can't people understand this?

Completely agree.

Those who keep downplaying the spread of the virus etc don't seem to understand that it's not about "me me me".

If you were infected and lucky enough to be asymptomatic, you could spread it to five others. Those five could then spread to another five each. And all of them could spread it to their families. Granted, some will be fine, but others may not be so lucky. I do not want to be responsible in spreading the virus to someone who is compromised, and if they die from it, their death is partly, maybe even wholly, my resposibility.

If it reaches the point of a massive outbreak in Japan (touch wood), the health care system would not be able to handle it. The whole point of social distancing, being responsible, and staying home (if you can), is so we don't overwhelm the hospitals, doctors, and nurses.

Sure, Japan has not reached the level of Italy or the USA in terms of confirmed cases/deaths, but why do people think we have to reach that level before we DO SOMETHING about it? Putting it into a 'Prevention vs Reaction' situation, I'd rather try and prevent it getting really bad, rather than saying, "Oh oops. Should have stayed home instead".

Don't be selfish. Stay home if you can.

If you cannot stay home, then be cautious, stay safe, protect yourself and protect others.

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Posted in: Japan sees record number of 105 suspected animal abuse cases in 2019 See in context

The numbers surely have to be under reported? The case INVESTIGATED by police was 105. That infers that there are likely many more that were 1) not reported, or 2) reported but not investigated by police.

Anyone who says Japan, as a whole, cares about animals is lying to themselves.

Look at the pet shops and you can see the disgusting conditions they keep prairie dogs, monkeys and meerkats. A tiny cage for one meerkat, it just lies in the hammock since it can barely even walk around the cage, it's that small. The Prairie dogs chew the bars of the cage - a sign of stress.

To the uneducated, the animals are cute and exotic, but Japan has a huge lack of animal ethics. This would not fly in countries like the UK, USA, Australia etc. The people would be protesting, not blindly following the government and allowing for such animal cruelty to happen right under their noses.

Zoos in Japan are also not up to standard. The exhibits are considered small, and they still use small cages compared to zoos in other first world nations, who use large enclosures for the welfare of the animals. Perhaps that's due to the cheap entry fee (500yen vs $30-40 in Australia for example), so not a lot of money is made to provide better care for the animals?

I hope they make laws that apply to pet shops and zoos too. It's still animal cruelty.

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Posted in: Australian military to help enforce mandatory quarantine See in context

There are irresponsible people everywhere.

If the government takes it seriously then the people will too.

Japan's government isn't taking it seriously, so of course the people are irresponsible and selfish - the crowds for cherry blossoms and K-1 are clear examples.

Come on, Japan. You're a first world, developed country. Act like it.

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