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Posted in: Tsunami-hit towns forgot warnings from ancestors See in context

In Japan they could put tablets that on one side would say - beware of tsunamis and on the other - beware of volcanoes or landslides or whatever. There's no completely safe place to live in Japan or elsewhere, so yes, people will go back and start new lives in lowlands and try their luck until the next big one comes.

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Posted in: 49-year-old man dresses as woman, enters female public bath area See in context

Dragged in, dragged out.

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Posted in: Mystery solved in death of legendary Japanese dog Hachiko See in context

To all dissing the dog, show me a cat doing the same thing for 10 years, even with the promise of grilled chicken treats.

Moderator: Readers, cats are not relevant to this discussion. Please stay on topic.

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Posted in: Christchurch quake may portend major seismic activity for Japan See in context

I have no way of telling whether the experts quoted here are right or wrong, but is Playboy Weekly the best Japan Today could find? Isn't there a more respectable and reliable source of information than the usual scaremongers?

Japan has been and will be affected by powerful earthquakes, so you should take precautions anyway if you haven't quake-proofed your home already, whatever the recent one in NZ portends.

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Posted in: 3 young girls killed in Mexico border attack See in context

What makes somebody such a lowlife to shoot at children and how does a country degenerate to this level of lawlessness in the 21st century?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for selling pornographic images of 4-year-old daughter See in context

Before condemning the woman I'd like to know what her financial situation was and why. Was she a whore with expensive habits or a single mother without a job at wit's end? Also, whether she could expect any social support before resorting to such deplorable measures. In Japan the state usually doesn't give a flying monkey about people in dire straits.

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Posted in: Should parents be prosecuted if their kids are caught throwing rocks at trains, cars or other other vehicles? See in context

The only other real alternative is punishing the misbehaving kids by the law. Some community service would do them a world of good and the parents should be held responsible only if they fail to make sure their kids do the job properly.

But letting the government do the parents' job is a real slippery slope. If you're not held responsible for your kid's misdemeanors you may as well give up on parenting altogether and let the state take over. All in all I'm sure most parents would rather swallow the bitter pill themselves than surrender their rights to raise their kids as they see fit.

I would, however, draw the line at repeated offenders. If the parents are clearly not up to the task the law may have to step in. Same with more serious crimes. Bear in mind the youngest serial killer was only eight years old and definitely shouldn't end up with a slap on the wrist from his parents.

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Posted in: Thieves in Malaysia steal $1.5 mil worth of condoms from Japanese company See in context

Swol... FollenSwanny,

Sagami may pull out of Malaysia, but I hope not prematurely, not before seeding a growing market over there.

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Posted in: Questions of truth circle Oscar favorites See in context

Asking a Hollywood movie of truth is like asking a call-girl of a degree in mathematics.

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Posted in: Someday 'talking cars' may save lives See in context

Define "real time". On the road there's often a millisecond difference between having an accident or not. If these wifi devices talk to each other like they're doing it now, we're talking time lags measured in seconds. GPS would have to be much more precise than it is now, too. It would have to have an error margin within a few inches, not a few yards.

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