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Nearly all important managers in the european car industry have very good connections with each other. After Ghosn I highly doubt anyone will be willing to work in Japan in a similar position. It is a shame, but I see only two possible outcomes for Nissan from now on:

Bankruptcy (a slow one of course after several rounds of help from the government)

Getting bought by Renault or another car maker - most likely foreign

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Na. Japan is an excellent travel destination for what it has to offer, but cheap? Not really.

Hotels generally tend to be a bit overpriced. Not by much, but still a bit. Even very run down locations can cost you 8000yen/night. And yes, there are cheap private offers on certain websites. That is not Japan-exclusive however...

Transportation in Japan is expensive. For the "reduced" price of a Japan Rail Pass for 14 days I can rent a car in most countries... If you are paying non-tourist prices for getting around it is definitly not budget friendly

Many places you might want to visit have entrance fees. I do see those places have to be maintained and staff needs to be paid, but for instance 2300 yen just to get on the roof of roppongi hills tower does not strike me as especially cheap. I was told that in china you can basically just enter any building and go to the roof because no one cares...

Free Wifi is not widely available and cellular data is expensive compared to other countries.

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Plain stupid. An aging population causes exactly zero problems. Having fewer working people paying for health insurance/pension of more and more non-working people is, what causes the problem.

It does not matter if you take their money away by raising social insurance costs or by raising consumption tax.

The trick is, to prevent older people from leaving the workforce. And Japan is doing a magnificent job at this!

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Stupid waste of money! goes back playing fate grand order on mobile

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I can’t imagine what reasons. We’ve been paying utilities and umpteen other regular bills through the bank for as long as I can remember.

You don’t need a debit card. Just take your bills in to the bank and ask them to take care of them every month for you.

I tried to do it online, since virtually any payment slip has a "hey, register and pay directly through your bank account url". They all seem to support a limited ammount of banks and mine is not one of the big 4-5 here - so it isn't supported

Better still, set up regular payments through your ordinary credit card, and enjoy the points that accumulate

I have no ordinary japanese credit card at the moment, since I got my visa just a couple of weeks ago. I could get an american express card without hassle, since I have been a customer for over 20 years, but the platinum one does cost nearly double of what it costs in my home country... So I am holding on to it just a bit longer...

(And of course you cannot pay regular bills with a foreign credit card - NHK and Internet Service seem to be exceptions)

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Maybe they should start making banking usable? Like actually beeing able to pay through things by a bank account? Introducing a mandatory description to a wire transfer, so invoice numbers, etc. can be entered? Introducing monthly scheduled transfers as a mandatory option for banks to offer to their customers, etc. It is no wonder they prefer trading cows and chickens here, when it ends up beeing more convinient...

(I just have received a visa debit card from my bank - i thought it might be actually useful. turns out you can do "nearly" everything - except setting up monthy payments for bills like water and electricity. Because reasons...)

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Ex_ResToday 01:47 pm JST

It is illegal for employers to keep passports of foreigners, full stop. A passport is not technically the property of the individual, but the property of the government which issued it.

Exactly that - I am not too sure about other countries, but all my documents from Germany (Passport, Drivers License, etc.) are legally owned by the German Federal Republic. This is why the police of any other EU state will never confiscate my drivers license for example (which would be the standard procedure of the German police for major traffic offenses).

I am sure it would be a fun call for the Embassy of Germany to call human ressources of a small company to demand their passport back...

Or even better: Let the Japanese police fetch it in person

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That has raised concerns about fraud after the disastrous rollout of convenience chain 7-Eleven's cashless payments system, which was shut down days after starting because of a hack.

No. It wasn't because of a hack. The system was not hacked. It was designed without spending half an hour thinking about account security. And no, the problem is not with the missing two factor authentication. The problem was with sending a password reset link to an email address of choice (!) when the former mailadress, the birthdate and the telephone number are known - three pieces of information that are required fields for every form (online and offline) this country has ever seen...

So - please stop giving people the impression that the system was "hacked" by some kind of evil genius. It was just designed by a five-year-old.

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Well. As a first step they could start to accept Google Pay/Apple Pay. Not the super-secret-japanese-working-with-domestic-creditcards-only Google Pay/Apple Pay but the one that works in the rest of the world, too. That way, at least tourists could pay without cash. Also you could force taxi drivers by law to accept another form of payment besides cash. Sony could also drop licensing costs for Felica, so that every smartphone in the world could just it.

Oh and btw: Make Suica/Pasmo postpaid. Thats whats keeping me from using it for other means than transportation because I do not want to keep track of how much is left on the card and recharging and stuff... Also you could just use the Shinkansen with it, because you would not have to worry about limits...

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Yubaru/zichi - Please excuse I didn't go into detail abount my situation: I have an immigration lawyer of course and I have applied for a self-sponsored visa. It's just that it takes up to 6 months to process and because of several reasons I prefer to spend most of the waiting time here instead of my home country (business needs to be set up, etc.). There is nothing fishy/illegal about it. "Working" is not allowed, but you are allowed to attend meetings/sign contracts, etc.

I respect the laws here in every aspect!

For me - personally - it is just a bit frustrating that the process takes so long, since I do want to work, I do want to rent a nice apartment, maybe buy a car instead of renting one, etc. But everywhere I go I get turned down with "that is not possible with a temporary visa, you have to get the real one first" - even if there is no law that would prevent any landlord from renting to a company - wether the director has a long term visa or not (I even suggested paying 6 months in advance so they wouldn't have to fear I am suddenly leaving)

So my technical question was really just that: I wondered how you can get by here as an illegal immigrant when you are beeing checked at every opportunity.

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Question: How do you get along in Japan as a "missing foreign student"? I am on a temporary visitor visa, own a japanese company with significant capital, have all the documents to proof this and cannot even get a cell phone contract/rent a mansion/get a bank account. Everytime I check into a hotel/rent a car my passport is checked, if I am staying legally.

So: How can this work technically?

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Amazon already has Amazon fresh launched in Tokyo? What about expanding to Osaka first?

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