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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

@Yubaru There is no problem with the American dialects of english, nor are there any problems with any of the different dialects of japanese as well. People who try to make the distinction are being foolish. If a teacher is from the reigon of that dialect, he should teach what he knows and speaks. A american's english is just as understood by the british, as british english is understood by the americans as well.

In essence, if you can speak and read one dialect of english, you can understand all of them. The anti-american slant you are using is not appreciated here; American and British english are equally used as a common language, and are indeed, the same english, with differences in dialect. Both of those countries are equals with japan as a first world nation, and as they share a common root and common language, the people within speak merely "English". There is actually 19 distinct dialects of english that belong to the American people, as there are over 30 distinct dialects that constitute "british" english. Both of these are valid forms of the language, and indeed are the same, just as japanese from kyushu is not the same as the Kagoshima area.

Engrish as used by the japanese is a amusing thing indeed, but it's mostly built around the failings of the rote memorization system employed by the japanese school system.

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Posted in: Nurse defies Ebola quarantine in U.S.; rides bike See in context

On one hand, if she is infected with the viruis she should stay at home.

On the other hand, this is the United States of America, and it is her right as a citizen who has not commited a crime, to have free agency and allowed to travel freely.

The state of Maine is really screwing with the citizens rights in ways they should not be allowed to, using ebola as a excuse. Imagine if suddenly they believed the common cold could spread in a dangerous fashion; Anybody with the illness would be treated like a criminal, forced into isolation after the state detains them with a no knock warrant. I am frankly appalled nobody else is talking about the dangerous precedents the USA has been setting this past year, going up and far beyond the powers they were granted.

This is absurd to the highest degree.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to end jet scrambles See in context

Good Japan. Keep them reds on the run.

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Posted in: Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay See in context

Is the subcontractor a remaining of Japanese feudal system ? It is really impeding them to maintain complex system where safety is at stake locally.

While there are subcontractor's like america, there is a branch of the japanese government that one must get permission from for any large scale effort, like the fukashima reactor cleanup for example: Ministry of Land, Infastructure, Transport and Tourism. In the past 20 years, the Land Economy and Construction and Engineering Industry Bureau and Water and Disaster Management Bureau, which are both departments within the ministry, have had more scandals and incidents more the other respective departments. Which is not much a surprise, when you consider it is the Water and Disaster Management Bureau that is in charge of making sure these men are supposed to be getting their pay from TEPCO.

Overall, it is what it is. Shouganai.

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Posted in: Nuclear workers kept in dark on Fukushima hazard pay See in context

The ministry of development has always been shamelessly curropt, and to hear this, I am not surprised.

However, I for one, am glad the japanese news media is nowhere near as paranoid as the american media; There is by far less fear mongering waged by the japanese government, then the american state's control.

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Posted in: After 15 years of ninja action, manga Naruto is ending next month See in context

It's about time. Naruto has always had a slightly weak storyline, that just gets more and more tired over time. Then again, all shonen manga suffer from this problem. I'll stick with my Blood Alone mind you.

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Posted in: Australia passes security law, raising fears for press freedom See in context

So. Austrailia is becoming the new America in terms of systematic government over the rights of it's citizens. Good to know! Freedom is the opposite of Security. It sets a dangerous precedent, that is for certain. I wonder if this could eventually evolve into a isolationist policy?

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

@Flowers: I am going to state this very simply, I do not blame the mistakes of 2 generations back on this generation. However, you seem not to understand some of the arguments I have made. If you wish to understand the concept of Economic Slavery in china, look no farther then the Laogai system. I'll allow you to do the research, and understand that the higher amount of millionaires in China is due to both their forced labor system, manipulation of the market by the government setting prices, and simply, statistics compared to japan. There is a larger population in China, then in the United States and Japan combined, naturally there will be a larger part of the population that are millionaires then in all of Japan. The United States has been in the last year, downsizing it's military time and time again, and it reached a point where the Japanese government has reinterpreted their constitution to allow more leniency to increase their military to protect themselves. China in the last 15 years has absorbed Hong Kong, encroached on Taiwan and shown their hand in the riots in Tibet in 2008. Now, they attempt to lay claim to various islands due to "historical" ownership. If there is a country in the far east that is trying to cause unrest, I would say that would be China without a shadow of a doubt.

I find your defense of the Chinese system, and desire to hold onto the old mindset of where a man is born defines him, all together very fascinating to be honest. However, I must correct your generalizations about my view point, as you have pointedly taken aim; I do not support any of the 3 currant super powers in the world, and overall dislike their tactics. This assessment applies to the Americans, as well as the Russians, not only the chinese. Compared to those three countries in the last 30 years, Japan has, and is a peaceful nation. There is not one time that you can truly say that the Japanese government has attacked their own citizenry with a force that can be classified as a military force by the Geneva Convention, something that America and China alike, cannot claim.

Your arguments are that of a chinese nationalist, defending your country's stances and deflaming anyone who dares to criticize those views. I cannot complain about nationalism, it is your pride in China that allows you to argue with such passion, however, if you are not willing to accept criticism based on facts, you will find many difficulties in life. But please, I ask you to sit down and study recent events, and if you can still make claim that without China the entire region will be like the middle east(A ridiculous comparison in all regards), and that the world would be more peaceful without japan, I will be bluntly amazed at such a short sighted view.

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Posted in: China's top leaders remember victory over Japan See in context

@flowers: I disagree. Your allegiance is to who you swear it to. It has no bearing on where you were born at all. Such old fashioned thinking is more harmful then any other. The only changes Japan truly has been making, is a effort to stand without the aid of the United States. People quoting the historical failings of their fathers are only looking to blame somebody else for their lack of trust in others, and their own personal misgivings. China, has no right to speak, with their policies of economic slavery still in effect. If they truly wish to wash themselves of their crimes, they should disband such practices, and displays of force that lead to such atrocities such as Timentin square. The same goes for America, and it's own Wacco and Ruby ridge, not to mention the incidents that have followed these.

Japan comparatively has a government that has not attacked it's own people in the last 30 years. All in all being said, in this modern era, with our own choice being made here and now, not the lasting grudges from 70 years ago, China has no right to speak and Japan has every right for the reforms they are starting to make due to America's protection of them beginning to weaken.

Let men choose their nationalities, their loyalties. Let them think and decide for themselves, before you just label a man born in China as always "Chinese".

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Posted in: China, S Korea urge Japan to reflect on wartime aggression See in context

You know, I can actually respect this; Certainly people can criticize, but they did fight and serve their country at the time. Like any veteran, they should be treated with a certain amount of dignity, let alone the fact of their age now places them in a unique position. Certainly, what they did was wrong, however; The hands of the chinese are just as guilty and stained with thier actions in the past, let alone how they and America and Russia are all equally guilty of selling weapons to other countries to advocate fighting.

In other words, let the old men die peacefully. They already suffered the loss of thier country, the riots of the 60s, the american imperialsation from the 50s onwards.

While everyone points fingers, it's best to merely understand history rather then blame children for the crimes of thier fathers.

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Posted in: Don’t overlook Ofuna - off the beaten Buddhist track See in context

I was lost in Ofuna after a long night of drinking and getting on the wrong side of the kehin tohoku line. No wonder I found the area so confusing. XD

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Posted in: Gun culture thrives in U.S. despite cinema massacre See in context

Gun's don't kill people, People do.

This is a saying that goes back to the very founding of America, and you know what? It's true. We fought wars before the era of the gun, with swords and arrows. The entire idea of a armed populace is to A. Prevent crime (A man goes to rob a store, but then he finds several guns trained on him) and to protect our sovereign nation from invasion, foreign and domestic (It is easier to invade a country where the only defenses are the military, contrast with America, where any citizen can defend their homeland at any time). It's a old, unspoken law, and those whom claim it is wrong are sadly mistaken. You outlaw weapons, and criminals will be the ones with the weapons in their hand, not caring for these laws you speak of. My opinion is that I rather be armed and able to defend myself, then to be put into a position where I am unarmed awaiting rescue.

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