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Jeremiah comments

Posted in: Seinfeld speech at Duke commencement prompts walkout protesting his support for Israel See in context

Shocking how so many young Americans support terrorism.

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Posted in: Switzerland's Nemo wins Eurovision Song Contest See in context

Well, at least the article was honest in its clear declaration that Nemo IDENTIFIES as non-binary and DID NOT state that he actually IS non-binary, which is an impossibility. No human is non-binary.

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Posted in: Lawsuit against Meta asks if Facebook users have right to control their feeds using external tools See in context

Facebook, X Twitter, TikTok, etc. are incapable of policing their content. Therefore, consumers should be allowed tools to what social media fails to. Personally I am tired from blocking bots of scantily clad women wanting a good time from my “likes” or “friend requests.”

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Posted in: As China and Iran hunt for dissidents in U.S., the FBI is racing to counter the threat See in context

Russia, China, and Iran should be listed as terrorist states.

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Posted in: New era for pot regulation leaves old problem: Many cannabis companies can't find a bank See in context

Legalizing pot has been a nightmare for the U.S. states who allow it. Despite being regulated, the black market does 200% more business than the “ legal” one. Crime has increased. Addiction has increased. Vehicular and workplace accidents have increased.

The U.S. should say no to dope entirely. All of the rosy predictions and promises of legalization are barren.

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Posted in: Summer movies: 5 breakout stars to watch in 'Sing Sing,' 'Quiet Place, 'Horizon' and more See in context

So many sequels now, and this summer. Not much to look forward to this year.

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy in deradicalization program shot dead by Australian police after he stabs man in Perth See in context

Christian fundamentalists

What does this mean? Three people believed in the fundamentals of Christianity? Every Christian does, which means these three people were not Christians but were heretics since oppression and mayhem are neither religious duties of Christianity nor logical applications of the teachings of Christ.

Australian Christians, Jews, Reformed Muslims, and secularists need to work together for the mental health of youth.

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Posted in: 'Operation Madonna': Rio readies for singer's free mega-concert See in context

Did I miss reading when the concert will be held? Is that somewhere in this article?

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Posted in: Sperm bank to be set up in Tokyo for donors ready to disclose identity See in context

@Ego Sum Lux Mundi

This is a sinful act of epic proportions.

Exactly. The further evisceration of human rights. The destruction of innocent human lives. Outright destruction or destruction during embryonic research.

The ones who survive will agonize over having been sold and bought.

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Posted in: Sperm bank to be set up in Tokyo for donors ready to disclose identity See in context


I'd be too scared of future changes to the law and/or stalking to have my name out there as the biological father of a stranger's child.

The baby would not be a stranger’s child. He or she would be your child.

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Posted in: Sperm bank to be set up in Tokyo for donors ready to disclose identity See in context

A child has a right to a relationship with the two people who brought him or her into this world. This disenfranchises children.

Let alone the probable increase in IVF procedures which constantly exterminate unborn human beings.

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Posted in: Non to English at Paris Olympics, say French MPs See in context


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Posted in: Aaron Sorkin working on new Facebook movie tied to Jan 6 riots See in context

Hundreds of people who invaded the Capitol on January 6, 2021, were motivated by then-President Donald Trump's false claim that the election had been "stolen" from him.

Each one of these hundreds were interviewed as to their motivation?

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Posted in: Taylor Swift's 'The Tortured Poets Department' hits No. 1; experiences largest streaming week ever See in context

An anti-Christian screed by Taylor Swift set to music?

Not interested.

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Posted in: Cabinet minister Takaichi, more than 90 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Why not build a memorial for the innocent war dead with a chapel in which visitors can reflect on the horrors of war? And leave Yasukuni Shrine to the heathens?

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Posted in: AI begins to make waves at China sex toy expo See in context

Fewer marriages.

Fewer families.

Fewer children.

More fornication.

More objectification.

More perversity.

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Posted in: Australian PM calls X's fight against removal of church stabbing posts 'extraordinary' See in context

Kudos to Japan Today. This is the first news article I have read that stated the motive of the attack.

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Posted in: Taking Pride See in context

The gender confused (LGBT…), as Japanese, should have the very same rights and protections every other Japanese has, and they do. The law affords them all of the same protections as every other Japanese has.

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Posted in: U.S. sterilizations spiked after national right to abortion overturned: study See in context

Roe v. Wade was overturned. Not a “national right to an abortion,” which has never existed in the United States nor was the issue that Roe v. Wade was essentially addressing.

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Posted in: U.S. Steel shareholders approve takeover by Nippon Steel opposed by Biden administration See in context

Another failure in which the Biden Administration proved useless.

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Posted in: Meta turns to AI to protect minors from 'sextortion' on Instagram See in context

"This way, the recipient is not exposed to unwanted intimate content and has the choice to see the image or not…

In which case, this does not protect minors since they can still choose to see the inappropriate image.

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Posted in: 'Mad Max' director readies for fifth installment in 'addictive' series See in context

Yawn. No Mad Max? Not interested. Despite George Miller directing.

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Posted in: Trump's abortion statement angers conservatives and gives Biden campaign a new target See in context

This article reads like a puff piece written and endorsed by America’s abortion lobby.

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Posted in: Japan lifts funding suspension to Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA See in context

UNRWA, the organization that trained and produced 100 terrorists that Hamas lists as martyrs, will receive funding from Japan. Let that sink in. Japan is helping to support a group that Hamas supports.

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Posted in: French film grooming claims puts focus on child coaches See in context

Say NO to Groomers and Grooming in every industry…in every facet of society.

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Posted in: Top court says same-sex partners eligible for crime victims' benefit See in context

A same-sex partnership is not a marriage.

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Posted in: Breastfeeding shirt supports mothers in evacuation centers See in context

Hopefully this concept will be exported overseas. Protecting the dignity of the mother and the child, and others present, is an act of social well-being.

Doing what comes naturally without any principled self-restraint is the opposite of civilization.

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Posted in: Cherry blossom poop See in context

The existence of an Unko Museum does not hit the low bar since it is lower than the lowest bar.

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Posted in: Controversial 'Civil War' movie prompts debate over U.S. schism See in context

The movie's "three-term president" appears to invoke the fears held by many Americans that Trump -- if re-elected -- could ignore the U.S. Constitution's two-term maximum, and refuse to step down after four years.

Americans seem to love conspiracies. The more fallacious, the better. As in this example above. But, then again, everyone enjoys a fun conspiracy, like they might enjoy a good movie.

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Posted in: Netanyahu snaps back against growing U.S. criticism after being accused of losing his way on Gaza See in context

Not “U.S. criticism”. Chuck Schumer criticism is what Netanyahu faced. The Democrats had an Israeli opposition party to the United States and quickly learned that the war against Hamas was not Netanyahu’s policy but Israeli policy, and wee left with eggs on their faces.

The protests in Israel have been about the release of the hostages, not the war against terrorism, which said war could end today if Hamas surrendered.

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