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Posted in: Giving thanks isn't just a holiday tradition. It's part of how humans evolved See in context

If you like me and do nice things for me, then I like you and do nice things for you…

In other words, I should be unselfish in order to benefit myself later which makes me…selfish. Once you wipe away the gobbledygook from the article above that morality is due to evolution, that claim being false becomes readily clear.

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Posted in: Susan Sarandon, Melissa Barrera dropped from Hollywood companies after comments on Israel-Hamas war See in context

Why is it anti-Semitic to say Gaza is like a concentration camp and Palestine should be free?

The reason why these two claims are antisemitic is because they are false.

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Posted in: Casio to release Charles Darwin Foundation collaboration G-SHOCK watches See in context

Also, on each watch, should be printed “Darwin was wrong.”

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Posted in: Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios wins crown at Miss Universe 2023 See in context

Why is this beauty pageant still called “Miss Universe”? Now married women can join, there is no age limit, and even two men participated! It should be called the “Mr. Mrs. Miss Universe” competition to reflect the actual participants.

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Posted in: Careful what you 'Wish' for: Disney brings back the villain See in context

The reviewers, even those who are woke/groomers and, thus, strong Disney supporters, are saying this movie is a bomb. Just look at Rotten Tomatoes.

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Posted in: Israel battles Hamas near another Gaza hospital sheltering thousands See in context

Gaza's hospitals play a prominent role in the battle of narratives over the war's brutal toll on Palestinian civilians…

The battle of narratives so far, apparently, is the information that Israel reports later is confirmed as accurate while Hamas falsehoods are repeated by the mainstream press as truth.

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Posted in: 31 premature babies evacuated from Gaza's largest hospital, but scores of trauma patients remain See in context

Israel offered again and again to evacuate these premature babies but Hamas said no. Finally, they say yes to Egypt when they no longer need those babies as human shields.

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Posted in: Internet, phone networks collapse in Gaza, threatening to worsen humanitarian crisis See in context

Israel offered to evacuate the 36 preemies but Hamas refused.

If only Hamas would unconditionally surrender, then those occupying Gaza could receive the aid they need.

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Posted in: Kitano discusses new film on homosexual relations in samurai era, Japan's showbiz world See in context

We have had films about adultery, pedophilia, bestiality…why wouldn’t a Japanese filmmaker choose homosexuality?

However, like afore mentioned films, I hope no one will put money in Mr. Kitano’s pocket by buying a movie ticket, the future DVD, or by streaming it.

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

The manager of this facility should be praised and given honor for having the decency and courage to speak up and out about the objective reality that this man was not a woman. A win for the women, and little girl, patrons.

From now, hopefully, if this man is actually gender confused, he will get the necessary therapy to heal his delusion, i.e. his fixed false belief.

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Posted in: What to stream this week: Dolly Parton rocks out, 'The Crown' returns, 'Rustin' creates a march See in context

A film produced by Barack and Michelle Obama? No, thank you. If I want to learn about history, I will go to an historical resource, not a woke inject-my-agenda-into-literally-anything couple.

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Posted in: Indi Gregory, sick baby at center of legal battle in Britain, dies See in context

Once again medical aid is offered to a child and is denied by the British courts. When will we see a case where doctors and judges think that life is in the best interest of a child?

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Posted in: Robert De Niro's company found liable in gender discrimination lawsuit filed by former assistant See in context

Where is the gender discrimination part? Is it because a man, another employee, has a family to support and she does not? That is not gender discrimination. That is just objective reality. If she is also supporting her husband and children, if they exist, then she would have a case.

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Posted in: Civilians flee north Gaza as Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in fighting See in context

If only Hamas would unconditionally surrender. The fighting would be over immediately.

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Posted in: Elementary school janitor arrested for using camera to spy on girls in toilet See in context

These voyeur crimes are apparently rarely perpetrated by women. Maybe limiting access to girl’s restrooms and locker rooms to female employees is one step to a solution.

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Posted in: Biden says Mideast leaders must consider two-state solution after the war ends See in context

“…it has to be a two-state solution.”

Each time this has been proposed in the past, it has been rejected by the formerly named PLO and Hama terrorist groups as well as by the Arab’s occupying Israeli territory. What is different this time? What has changed to make this proposal acceptable to the occupiers of Israel land in the West Bank and Gaza?

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Posted in: Gaza receives largest aid shipment so far as deaths top 8,000 and Israel widens military offensive See in context

Israel says Hamas would use it (fuel) for military purposes.

They say it because it is true. Hamas uses fuel for civilians to create weapons and fuel the generators which power the air system for their tunnels.

If only Hamas would have stopped their aggression when coming into power, Gaza could have been a seaside success for the Arabs living in that territory they occupy.

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Posted in: Trump compares himself to Mandela and rails against Biden after filing for New Hampshire primary See in context

Anyone but Biden in the next U.S. presidential election. That country cannot survive another four years with him and his ill thought out policies.

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Posted in: Indigenous Australians end week of silence; denounce 'shameful' referendum result See in context

Simmering racial divisions were exposed earlier this month when just over 60 percent of Australians voted against a referendum to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders within the 1901 constitution.

Everyone in Australia is already recognized and acknowledged in the Land Down Under…as Australians. Each person born in Australia, or whoever becomes a citizen, is Australian. Adding prefixes to the descriptor “Australian” is what divides the people, not a vote against an ill thought out referendum.

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Posted in: Jada Pinkett Smith says revealing separation from Will Smith is a 'weight off my shoulders' See in context

Jada Pickett has undoubtedly the Worst Wife Award from Meghan Markle. She breaks her wedding vows numerous times while haranguing her husband over it. If you have an affair, take responsibility for your act. For your decision to go outside of your marriage instead of staying and working out your issues inside the marriage.

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Posted in: 54th 'Sesame Street' season stars Ariana DeBose, Brandi Carlile, ASL and an octopus chef See in context

Sesame Street, like other children’s programming, has put a sexual political agenda ahead of their young audience, breaking the trust of parents.

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Posted in: Court rules it's unconstitutional to require surgery for change of gender on documents See in context

Let us get our terms right. Sex=gender. They are synonymous. Sex, however, has a wider meaning since it describe a physical act. Gender is not a social construct. Societal roles are social constructs, not gender.

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Posted in: Court rules it's unconstitutional to require surgery for change of gender on documents See in context

Hmm…the Shizuoka family court does not recognize that objective reality exists. Ms. Suzuki is a woman yet they hold the view that she can rewrite history, and her biology, to be male. Hence, she can be male, she can change her blood type, she can change her ethnicity, and so on.

The Japanese judicial system is now dumber today. That is the only REAL change.

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Posted in: Japan decides to strip Unification Church's religious corporation status See in context

While the Japanese government may be justified in seeking a court order, I am troubled by any impingement into religious freedom.

Why? Due to religious freedom is the basis of all other freedoms. If we are not allowed to recognize that we were created equal and endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, then the state becomes the sole grantor of "rights," and what freedoms the government arbitrarily creates, the government can arbitrarily remove.

Power becomes the ultimate element in governance and morality. Might makes right. This is called the fallacy of argumentum ad baculum, or to paraphrase Mao Tse Tung, "persuasion from the barrel of a gun."

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Posted in: Israeli envoy says Japan should be vigilant with its aid to Palestinians See in context

Hamas militants breached the border fence…, the Israeli military has said.

This is why media reports on the fighting in Israel need to be taken with a grain of salt. They expect us to believe that the Israeli military refers to Hamas as “militants,” and not as the terrorists Hamas is.

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Posted in: Woman re-arrested for dumping body of first newborn child in Tochigi Prefecture See in context

…causing her to realize she couldn’t raise the newborns on her own. The father of her children was reportedly unaware of the pregnancy.

Did the notion of NOT having sex ever cross her mind!?!

Did the father of two dead babies never consider that birth control is not 100% effective?

If you have sex, you might become a mother or a father. If you do not wish to be a parent, don’t have sex! Ever!

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Posted in: Advance ticket sales for Taylor Swift concert movie top $100 mil See in context

How desperate people have come for anything with a wisp of a hint of being entertaining if they are willing to fork out money for this project.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for disposing of newborn baby in toilet See in context

How horrific! This is so disgusting and evil in so many ways. A human being…a HUMAN BEING…treated like dung

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Posted in: Okinawa pub posts 'Japanese only' admission sign based on some shaky logic See in context

This is an izakaya, which means overpriced drinks, overpriced food, and quality of service you would never consider leaving a tip for. I am overjoyed if they would not let me in. I would much rather go to establishments where you get what you paid for.

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Posted in: 21-year-old woman arrested for disposing of newborn baby in toilet See in context

How horrific! This is so disgusting and evil in so many ways. A human being…a HUMAN BEING…treated like dung.

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