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Posted in: Hooters to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Ginza in early June See in context

Lets play spot the foreigner....

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Posted in: Grandstanding See in context

Tennis Ninjas.

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Posted in: The American 'allergy' to global warming: Why? See in context

"Screw the future! I'm cold now!"

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Posted in: Y10 mil 'for Tohoku' left in bag in Saitama municipal bldg restroom See in context

I get that its a kind gesture and all but whoever left the money should have thought it out a bit more. Giving it to them directly...without trying to be Mr.Anonymous..would get rid of this whole wait 3 months BS.

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Posted in: Strong quake rocks northeast Japan See in context

Are these still considered aftershocks from the March earthquake???

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Posted in: McDonald's opens mega-store in Roppongi Hills See in context

Yes, shirokuma2011....more hot...delicious...deep fried lipstick....mmmmmmmm...

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Posted in: Collet-Serra to direct U.S. 'Akira' remake See in context

Because the Dragonball live-action remake did so well right...?

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

I think after so many missed chances by the US in the beginning, all the shots off the bars, they felt Japan was destined to win this game. And I'm glad they did. This World Cup tournament has made me a soccer fan. For now at least. haha.

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