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Posted in: Abe to declare state of emergency for Tokyo, 6 prefectures See in context

Slightly confused as to why schools are to reopen but then again looks like a State of Emergency has no real enforceable controls over people or businesses anyways.

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Posted in: IOC to start 4 weeks of discussions on Tokyo Olympics See in context

Simple.. postpone it one year, start the build up, and it'll go down as being one of the greatest games ever. Hold it in 16 weeks and it'll go down in history as most likely one of the worst.

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Posted in: Inside the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant: radiation, risk and reporting See in context

And people continue to say this is the safe clean green alternative to generating electricity.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer sentenced to death for killing wife, 2 young children See in context

Can he appeal? My wife and I are in a loving relationship but I'm sure we'd both have each others DNA all over us..

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Posted in: Gov't says it is safe to release contaminated Fukushima water into ocean See in context

Perhaps they can use the water to fill swimming pools... I'd imagine when it's dilluted into the entire ocean the levels would be low but is it fair the whole World has to pay for their making?

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Posted in: Gov't to lift evacuation order in town hosting Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

Madness.... I believe they still can't even get robots into one of the reactors it's that radioactive.

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Posted in: Japan begins collecting departure tax to fund inbound tourism promotion See in context

Should be built into price of ticket..... That's how you streamline!

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Posted in: Japan to pull out of IWC to resume commercial whaling See in context

Well I hope the Australian Government balls up to defend what will then be illegal poaching of whales in the Arctic waters!

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise working age limit to 70 See in context

This is a very difficult situation as not all people in all jobs are able to work past 65. If they need to stop work because of deterioration at 65 and they cannot find another job and access pension for 5 years that is very bad.

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Posted in: Minister yells at press after he criticizes remaining Fukushima evacuees See in context

.....Why would anybody believe anyone from the govt telling them it was safe to return when radiation is spilling at uncontrollable rates into the ocean. They still can't even get robots near the melted down reactor.

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Posted in: Japan finds costs ballooning to dismantle Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

TEPCO was still trying to determine what exactly the decommissioning effort might involve.....And yet they can't wait to turn other reactors on again....

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd unveils new high-speed ship against Japanese whalers See in context

If Japan respected the lnternational Court of Justice and their ruling that Japan's scientific whaling program was a sham that should be halted Sea Shepherd would not need to be there. If Japan respected the International Whaling Commission (IWC) who said the Japanese whaling reseach plan was not justified Sea Shepherd would not need to be there. If Australia had the spine to deffend the rulling of the International Court Sea Shepherd would not need to be there. If Japan listened to Japanese peoples they would not need to be there and neither would Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd you are fighting the good fight, keep it up!

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Posted in: TEPCO admits delay in declaring 'meltdown' was cover-up See in context

If TEPCO are only just admitting what happened on day one I am very scared to think of what has happened since.

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Posted in: Abe honors war dead at Chidorigafuchi cemetery See in context

I'd pick the fine and send the tab to the syndicate.

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Posted in: String of burglaries reported in quake-hit Kumamoto See in context

Very sad to hear, but the World is a changing place.

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Posted in: Japan misses out as Australia awards sub contract to France See in context

The French were the only ones to agree to building the submarines in Australia which in turn will provide employment and return for Australians. Excellent choice and well done for Australia.

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Posted in: Japan prepares for release of tritium from Fukushima plant See in context

Nearly impossible to remove and it will cost a lot of money cannot be used as an excuse! They did it, they clean it!

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Posted in: Y12 million stolen from convenience store employee on way to bank See in context

Sorry 120,000 hundred yen onagiris or two hundred and fifty every hour for two days! That's amazing!

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Posted in: Y12 million stolen from convenience store employee on way to bank See in context

That's 12,000 onagiris!

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Posted in: Y12 million stolen from convenience store employee on way to bank See in context

I wonder if the store is consistently banking that much money or did they suddenly have a weekend windfall!

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Posted in: Season's first dolphins killed in annual Taiji hunt See in context

Disgusted. I hope that they can someday see the worth in tourism is far greater than the worth and negativity in killing these beautiful intelligent animals.

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Posted in: New law requires companies to set goals in hiring female execs See in context

I think the right person for the job should be employed and by setting targets in law can not be seen as equal.

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Posted in: Buddhist monk arrested over murder of woman in Matsuyama See in context

Technically I believe even you confess you are still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and then you would be noted as innocent or guilty and not then rendered to as being suspected.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd seeks U.S. court injunction against Japanese whaling See in context

Go get em Captain Watson. Japanese claim it's traditional....hunting whales in Antartic waters with harpoons designed by the self defence force in huge hunting ships... Tradition - lie more like it!

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Posted in: SoftBank Mobile to offer free Wi-Fi service for visitors to Japan See in context

I'm from Australia, I've never had problems accessing free WiFi on my mobile at hotels I've stayed that offer. On the road I access free WiFi standing outside any of the Starbucks cafes. If I had to ring to register I'd do it in Skype. So for Softbank to be doing this I'm super thrilled!

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Posted in: Masuzoe fumes over Olympic stadium demands by gov't See in context

I guess the people who will suffer most will be the people with the smallest voices. I thought a couple of years ago when it was won, how could they even consider bidding when for example there were and still are so many displaced people from the Fukushima disaster. I guess it will most probably mean even less money for them.

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Posted in: Mercy pleas for Indonesia death row inmates as families arrive See in context

Thank you Japan Times for what I see as a very well written article. While they are still alive hope should also be kept alive. These people were not the people that made the drugs, or who provided the money to buy the drugs or who were the people who were going to distribute the drugs. These people, young people who were taken in and used and were caught. Gaol, yes, death no.

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Posted in: U.S. Treasury freezes assets of Kodo-kai yakuza group See in context

Good work America, I think part of the problem in Japan is...Well the excuse they give is.... they know it happens but they can't prove it of find the culprits.

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Posted in: Amnesty Int'l criticizes Japan in 2014/15 human rights report See in context

23 days is better the Guantanamo Bay.

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Posted in: Restart of Japan's largest nuclear plant still in doubt See in context

Starting will only give them a bigger profit. Shame on them. With people still displaced and with land that will still be contaminated for 1000's of years it is outrageous. I applaud the Governor for his stand. With talk of the big Tokyo quake being reality how could anybody guarantee a reactors integrity ever again.

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