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Posted in: More Japanese firms withdraw Husi-supplied products; 5 detained in China See in context

I guess that's why it's all so cheap!

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog says two reactors in Kyushu safe to switch back on See in context

They're safe enough.. Fukushima was safe enough too! Kyshu is fault ridden and an Island with live volcano's. Are we to believe these reactors are equipped to survive when Fukushima didn't!

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Posted in: 3 children, mother fall to deaths from 14th floor of Chiba condo See in context

Very sad.

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Posted in: Japan says it will abide by court ruling on whaling See in context

A win for the whales. Thankyou Kevin Rudd for taking this to the courts.

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Posted in: Patience running out among Japan's disaster refugees See in context

Why aren't growing numbers of unemployed be utilized to build new houses? For sure this would also help rebuild the national economy as well.

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Posted in: Hundreds protest dropped charges over Fukushima crisis See in context

WoW, I am so relieved the whole thing didn't happen. Now we can finally move on.

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Posted in: Firms resist government pressure to lift base wages See in context

Western countries companies must be so envious of Japanese workers who year after year happily for the company receive no wage rises.

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Posted in: TEPCO says 100 tons of tainted water leaked at Fukushima See in context

Only one of nine thermometers in a crippled reactor was still working.....And....

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Posted in: Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility See in context

Here's an idea....don't do the test and simply ask America or France for the results...or even track down the journal where they were probably printed.

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Posted in: Homeless recruited by yakuza for Fukushima clean-up See in context

And there will be nobody by their side in years to come as they die a slow and painful death as their bodies are overcome with cancer. It is just another sad demonstration of those in charge of the clean-up. No real respect for anybody.

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Posted in: Antonio Inoki feeds 1,000 homeless in Shinjuku park See in context

I don't like the word temporary. Now that the media has gone so has the support.

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Posted in: Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says See in context

TEPCO made a profit,Japanese govt wants nuclear back on and people still live in shelters...Way to go!

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

In a perfect world only guilty people would be executed but time after time people's innocence has been discovered after the fact. This alone should be the very reason capital punishment is abolised...For the supporters, imagine if you were innocent and executed....would this change your view? I am Australian and am proud that constitutionally the death penalty can never be reintroduced in Australia.

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Posted in: TEPCO needs Y2 trillion for non-nuclear investment See in context

They would only need 1 trillion yen if they took our bonuses and pay rises.

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Posted in: Japans defends U-turn on greenhouse gas emissions goal See in context

Well I think if Japan reduces their target they can claim polluting is traditional and of scientific benefit.....sounds like a whaling commercial....**

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Posted in: Japan slashes greenhouse-gas reduction goal target See in context

A very sad day.....Perhaps it will take more than their past mistakes to learn.

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Posted in: Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster See in context

Yet the government still wants to start up the reactors as quick as they can. A small note on page 11 after everything....lets hope nobody sees that!

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Posted in: U.S. Department of Energy to help in Fukushima clean-up See in context


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Posted in: Fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson back in U.S. after 15 months at sea See in context

Go Sea Shepherd, fund raising in Brisbane this weekend raising money to once again protect the Southern Oceans against Japanese Whalers in the approaching slaughter season!

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

I don't think radiation is discrimitive and how is handing a letter to the Emperor suddenly involving him in politics? Good on him!

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Posted in: Regulators OKs fuel rod removal from pool at Fukushima plant See in context

Western media are reporting the incredible dangers of this next phase and that if a mistake was made the radiation catastrophe could see a forced evacuation of Tokyo. I dearly hope this has not been rushed to save face and they get it right!

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Posted in: Japan's coastal sea hunts threaten species with extinction: eco-group See in context

Jobs for the boys...Apparently the whaling research body is mostly made up of ex politicians and I'm sure they would rather see the whales extinct than their own jobs! But then again if I was a Dolhin I wouldn't want to live in radioactive waters off Fukushima that don't exist!

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Posted in: Iwaki fishermen resume operations off Fukushima for first time since disaster See in context

They need to earn trust and one way would be to have them open to scrutiny by clearly labeling where their catch was caught.

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Posted in: Japan to seek Fukushima decommissioning ideas overseas See in context

Call us, we won't call you!

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Posted in: Dolphin-killing town to open marine park See in context

This is disgusting! I've shared the page on fb and hope my Japanese friends share as well.

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Posted in: Fukushima worker accidentally switches off cooling pumps; backup kicks in See in context

Usually off buttons are red which means stop and this should also mean don't push if you don't know what it is going to start or stop.

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Posted in: Thieves grab Hermes bags worth Y40 mil from Ginza store See in context

I'm sure the store's already filed the insurance report! Easier than selling the bags!

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Posted in: Gov't announces plans for 10 contaminated waste storage facilities in Fukushima See in context

Buy abandoned land it should be a no brainer....Moving away only increases further problems with transport and potential for further disasters.and contamination.

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Posted in: 6 porn dealers arrested after catalogues mistakenly sent to police See in context

I hope they can catch the scum that are making the movies....because I'm confident a lot of the ladies are tricked or forced into their roles!

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Go get em :-) Now I hope Police use the same technology to wipe out prostitution.

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