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Posted in: Some spent fuel rods at Fukushima were damaged before 2011 disaster See in context

Yet the government still wants to start up the reactors as quick as they can. A small note on page 11 after everything....lets hope nobody sees that!

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Posted in: U.S. Department of Energy to help in Fukushima clean-up See in context


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Posted in: Fugitive eco-warrior Paul Watson back in U.S. after 15 months at sea See in context

Go Sea Shepherd, fund raising in Brisbane this weekend raising money to once again protect the Southern Oceans against Japanese Whalers in the approaching slaughter season!

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Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

I don't think radiation is discrimitive and how is handing a letter to the Emperor suddenly involving him in politics? Good on him!

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Posted in: Regulators OKs fuel rod removal from pool at Fukushima plant See in context

Western media are reporting the incredible dangers of this next phase and that if a mistake was made the radiation catastrophe could see a forced evacuation of Tokyo. I dearly hope this has not been rushed to save face and they get it right!

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Posted in: Japan's coastal sea hunts threaten species with extinction: eco-group See in context

Jobs for the boys...Apparently the whaling research body is mostly made up of ex politicians and I'm sure they would rather see the whales extinct than their own jobs! But then again if I was a Dolhin I wouldn't want to live in radioactive waters off Fukushima that don't exist!

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Posted in: Iwaki fishermen resume operations off Fukushima for first time since disaster See in context

They need to earn trust and one way would be to have them open to scrutiny by clearly labeling where their catch was caught.

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Posted in: Japan to seek Fukushima decommissioning ideas overseas See in context

Call us, we won't call you!

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Posted in: Dolphin-killing town to open marine park See in context

This is disgusting! I've shared the page on fb and hope my Japanese friends share as well.

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Posted in: Fukushima worker accidentally switches off cooling pumps; backup kicks in See in context

Usually off buttons are red which means stop and this should also mean don't push if you don't know what it is going to start or stop.

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Posted in: Thieves grab Hermes bags worth Y40 mil from Ginza store See in context

I'm sure the store's already filed the insurance report! Easier than selling the bags!

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Posted in: Gov't announces plans for 10 contaminated waste storage facilities in Fukushima See in context

Buy abandoned land it should be a no brainer....Moving away only increases further problems with transport and potential for further disasters.and contamination.

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Posted in: 6 porn dealers arrested after catalogues mistakenly sent to police See in context

I hope they can catch the scum that are making the movies....because I'm confident a lot of the ladies are tricked or forced into their roles!

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Go get em :-) Now I hope Police use the same technology to wipe out prostitution.

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Posted in: Woman causes disturbance at airport; body of daughter found in home See in context

It's sad they both didn't get help in time.

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Posted in: N Korea fumes at Japanese report on first lady's past See in context

More of the story was available in western newspapers a couple of weeks ago including that they were executed in front of their families and then the families were all moved off to prison camps. Very sad and if true why aren't Western countries and the UN taking a stance?

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Posted in: Tokyo governor contradicts PM's claim that Fukushima is 'under control' See in context

What leak? The ground water leak from the reactor pool....the steaming puddle of water.....and or I like the way they said 'may'....

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for getting Abe's name wrong during his visit to Fukushima See in context

Who picked up the mistake?

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Posted in: M5.3 quake rocks Fukushima; Tokyo feels shake See in context

I wonder if it could either be a lie or they shut their eyes so's they could say nothing out of the ordinary was observed. I would feel a lot more confident if an individual foreign observation team was employed.

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Posted in: High costs keep gov't focus on nuclear power See in context

If there is another disaster what would the government say if they push ahead and restart the reactors? How in the face of Fukushima could they even consider this. I hope the people of Japan and the broader International community band together and say NO.

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Posted in: Steam seen rising from Fukushima reactor: TEPCO See in context

Stream and a steaming puddle of water and no problems at the crippled nuclear reactor....Then it must just be run off from the local onsen center. Boiled eggs anybody?

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Posted in: 'Lighten up,' French magazine tells Japan after Fukushima cartoon complaint See in context

They just need to keep raising the safe limits till it's safe again. All under control.

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Posted in: Death row inmate hanged; 6th execution since Abe became PM See in context

Crime and executions are both rising? I'm confused as I thought it was meant to be a deterant.

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Posted in: TEPCO finds high radiation in Fukushima groundwater See in context

Mmmm, will it be a 10,000 or 20000 year frozen barrier? What happens when it melts?

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Posted in: Record radiation readings seen near Fukushima water tanks See in context

I am stunned to think the government is not be completly involved in the clean up and why or how every expert across the globe has not been called upon. They must be called upon to help clean this mess up before its too late. Mother Nature is not happy and today's earth quake should be a timely reminder.

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Posted in: NRA says tainted water may have to be released into ocean See in context

The best quick fix in this disaster is realizing that we as a race have let this happen and now we will all be paying the price for generations to come.

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

Tepco management need to show the World how safe the seafood is by including it in their lunches and dinners on a daily basis...

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Posted in: Radioactive groundwater under Fukushima plant nears sea See in context

I think the reactor is simply overreacting like TEPCO. I think the reactor should simply accept TEPCO's deeply sincere appology and stop trying to capture attention of busy people and accept the coomon belief of most people that it is simply not there problem so why should they care? I think it is sad that our children chidrens children and so will think differently. What right do any of us have to leave this and or other future nuclear problems to future generations? Ok I know theanswe, everyone with power is to tied up sharing the Olympic dream.

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Posted in: Nuclear crisis won't affect Games bid, says Tokyo gov; Abe to attend IOC vote See in context

Fingers crossed there is not another earth quake.

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Posted in: Radioactive water from Fukushima plant may have reached sea See in context

It may have reached the ocean? Is it that the radiation levels are so high they don't know where it's going? I can't understand why they are nor utilizing every group in the world to sort this mess out. If its money they could save millions by cutting the whaling program for a start.

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