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Posted in: ANA asks passengers to go to toilet before boarding See in context

will they insist you do a no.2 preferably as it weighs heavier?

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Posted in: American father arrested in Japan had asked Tennessee court for help See in context

i dont blame her for wanting to go back to japan, she probably had no reason to stay for herself except for the kids and the father. feel sorry for the father, stuff happens i guess. its called life. but... noone should deny anyone else the right to see their kids no matter what country they are in.

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Posted in: Saitama police launch new unit to prevent groping on trains See in context

isnt it usually the police making the news for doing the groping??

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Posted in: DoCoMo to launch mobile remittance service See in context

great idea, lets see softbank and au follow suit and allow payments to/from anyone on any network

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Posted in: Switching to virtual servers See in context

pity they do not offer cpanel plans at all.

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Posted in: KDDI to offer free call service for fixed, cell phones See in context

i have fibre cable for internet, dont need a telephone line. my wife and i both have softbank so we dont pay for the mails or calls. honestly, kddi, you are missing the point. why dont you offer free calls between kddi au subscribers. isnt this more beneficial to the users?

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Posted in: Driving lessons available for foreigners See in context

ya... ok but this school is not offering any courses to foreigners wishing to upgrade their licence to #2.

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