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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

I am a Norwegian who has had an admiration for Japan for a long time. One of the countries on the top of my list to visit. Japan is of course free to chose their own policies, but what I find provocative is that Japans monoculturalism is so accepted by the rest of the world, while it is not accepted if a white western nation did the same thing. As a Norwegian I also feel that we along with many other nordic nations are taking a disproportionate share of the worlds refugees. We are only 5 million and we take in more refugees than the USA, which has 300 million. I think countries like Japan are running away from their responsibilities to the world community. A lot of our problems stems from this fact that we have a large number of people who come from war and disaster and naturally can not easily integrate into Norwegian society. Many come from cultures which mix with Norwegian poorly. That doesn't mean multiculturalism doesn't work at all. In Norway there are lots of people from Sweden and Poland and smaller populations of Germans, Dutch, American and British expats. There are a number of Vietnamese who came during the Vietnam war. There has never been any problems with these populations. Problems have mainly been related to the muslim population. But even here there are big differences between groups.

Nobody is saying that japanese need to accepted muslim immigrants. But it seems Japan is even scared of taking in other asians with similar culture. To me it seems that Japan is practicing a policy which in a Norwegian context would have been something similar to being scared of accepting swedes and danes into the country. That just seems extreme to me.

I think Norway's main problem has been sticking the head in the sand and pretending that integrating muslims into Norwegian society is not a problem and when it is, it is all our own fault if it doesn't work. I think we can make it work, but it requires time and openness about problems.

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