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Posted in: In rare hearing, Pentagon reports rise in UFO sightings in past 20 years See in context

or could be just an added noise the keep the masses preoccupied to notice the miserable situation we are in today.

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Posted in: Why the world has a lot to learn about conservation from Indigenous societies See in context

Reminds me of Canada's environmentalists secretly sending tons of trash to those Indigenous areas in the south pacific...

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Posted in: Shanghai says zero-COVID achieved but millions still in lockdown See in context

there is always the "media statement" and then there is "reality"

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Posted in: Ghosn says he is ready to defend himself See in context

somebody just needs to go to Lebanon and collect that bounty

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Posted in: Over 50% in Japan feel public safety has worsened in last 10 years: survey See in context

Public safety did not rise...

Public safety is just getting more publicity.

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Posted in: Child's body found after tour boat sinks; probe of operator launched See in context

Tragic!!..may their souls find peace

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Posted in: U.S. Congress moves to ban discrimination of race-related hairstyles See in context

we have a massive inflation, high gas prices, homelessness, crime...etc.. etc and the best the democrats is......"discrimination of certain hairstyle"....part of Joe Biden's build back better?

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Posted in: Putin appears at big rally as troops press attack in Ukraine See in context

the world is not going to pick up a gun and save Ukraine from invasion. The world is just worried that they are next.

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Posted in: Former Trump chief Meadows' voter registration in question See in context

Biden did not win because he has a lot of supporters that trusted his is just that trump has a lot of haters.

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Posted in: Some Russians say 'good riddance' as McDonald's closes up shop See in context

only a Biden supporter would believe this would stop a Russian missile mid flight.

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Posted in: Ukraine war at 2-week mark: Russians slowed but not stopped See in context

Joe Biden and the EU is not going to do anything...Ukraine is lost and it is going to be brutal cold winter for the entire planet.

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Posted in: Airstrike hits Ukraine maternity hospital See in context

Joe Biden's sanction was powerful enough to stop those missiles?

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Posted in: Pentagon rejects NATO nations providing jets to Ukraine See in context

Joe Biden, NATO and the EU would just rather send in sandwiches and blankets and try to defeat Putin using fake news misinformation propaganda. Weeping from a distance

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Posted in: U.S. strikes harder at Putin, banning all Russian oil imports See in context

these sanctions are not stopping Putin from invading...not an inch. As a matter of fact it is now on day 13 and it is intensifying.

Now who is suffering? the rest of the world. Okay embargo the oil but before you do that have another source but all we have is "plans"

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Posted in: Most of the world lines up against Moscow; attacks intensify See in context

the world is united in beating their chest and howling at the moon from afar....all they can do is send "thoughts and prayers" with harsh condemnation.

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Posted in: Kishida, Macron agree on need for powerful sanctions on Russia See in context

sanctions would not stop tanks, bullets, jet fighters and missiles. By the time that sanction kicks in, all of Ukraine is gone

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Posted in: Does scaring people work when it comes to health messaging? See in context

pollicization caused misnformation.

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Posted in: World must work together to tackle plastic ocean threat: WWF See in context

these pollution is from the most over populated nations.

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Posted in: Foreign journalists in China facing unprecedented pressure: media group See in context

whoever controls the media, controls the loudest propaganda

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Posted in: Boston hospital patient without COVID shot denied heart transplant See in context

A new segregation begins .

"The family of D.J. Ferguson said in a crowdfunding appeal this week that officials at Brigham and Women’s Hospital told the 31-year-old father of two that he was ineligible for the procedure because he hasn’t been vaccinated against the coronavirus."

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Posted in: EPA acts on environmental justice in 3 Gulf Coast states See in context

if that was happening, then the local leadership IS to blame.

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Posted in: Omicron surge in Brazil hospitalizing the unvaccinated See in context

Basically what the media is saying is: "the vaccinated is NOT being infected or hospitalized"...

will someone fact check this..

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Posted in: Biden: Ready for 'long overdue' pick of Black female justice See in context

Martin Luther King once said " do not judge me by the color of my skin but for the content of my character"

Joe Biden is selecting by the color of the skin/gender NOT by the content of the person's character"...

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Posted in: North Korea fires 2 suspected ballistic missiles in 6th launch this year See in context

Like the past NK Dictators said: "who is going to stop me?"

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Posted in: Object found in the Milky Way 'unlike anything astronomers have seen' See in context

May I suggest that we focus more on what is going on in this planet first before we spend enormous amount of R&D on something that is simply out of reach.

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Posted in: Hope seen once Omicron wave increases global immunity See in context

Omicron is slowing down, time for the next new "variant" to be hyped

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Posted in: COVID-hit Australian aid ship to dock in virus-free Tonga despite risk See in context

trying to contain a virus is like trying to hold back the tide.

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Posted in: At least 3 judges being eyed as Biden considers Supreme Court nominee See in context

As Martin Luther King once said..

"do not judge me by the color of my skin but the content of my character"

Biden will choose by the color of the person's skin not by the content of her character"

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Posted in: U.S. offers no concessions in response to Russia on Ukraine See in context

Russia is not worried about NATO and Putin knows Biden is incompetent. the invasion is inevitable.

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Posted in: Japan eyes evacuating nationals in Ukraine See in context

Learn from what happened to Afghanistan. Sound off to evac all Japanese nationals: Biden and NATO is NOT going to save them.

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