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He is doing a lousy job. He was talking big words about reforms but all is being postponed since he is not the true leader people think he is. He has not the guts to take on the establishment. Only spending ridiculous amounts of money in the stockmarket, a policy that has not worked for 2 decades, neither in the US. Now at the same time he wants to increase taxes, and expecting people will increase spending...sure. What he does is burning peoples wealth, turning Japan in full bankruptcy. He has lost his credibility by not reforming the farmers, energy companies etc. At the same time the country is aging very quickly so if my recommendation to Japanese youth would be, pack you suitcase and try your luck outside Japan. There is not much left to hope for. I also don't think China and Korea and a growing number of other countries will except much longer the currency policy the government is doing to profit Japanese exporters. If a currency war starts it is a race to the bottom. If people call this guy a good leader than it shows how poor leadership in Japan has been.

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Things for everyday use should be low priced, like food and clothes, taxi's and transport. The current inflation policy will drive prices even further (let alone overseas travel or import). In Singapore and HK food and transport are low and affordable priced because these are regarded as basic living conditions. At the same time housing prices and salaries are also high. But there (expensive) schools are still cheaper. The argument of quality and service does not justify the ridiculous prices. (Even rice is expensive!) And on top of that most people can not properly speak English. I save as much I can and buy overseas. Just a principle that I not going to pay the high prices. Unfortunately I have to pay the overpriced food and the subway. The rest of my money I send overseas. The country has the highest national debt of all developed countries so sooner or later Japan has to pay for that also, but at what cost?

I guess Japan is a land for the Japanese, nice to visit but not for long stay. Don't get me wrong the country has lots to offer and is very beautiful but because it so expensive it is hard to enjoy.

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Of course the Japanese government is actively pushing for devaluation. Korea and Taiwan are not very pleased with it and are lowering their rates too. What the government is doing is the same as they tried multiple times and will not work (I really don't get why people still believe this) What they should be doing is reform their economy and start thinking paying of their world record level of debts. Anyhow we all know how this ends, new elections.

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