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In Japanese Korea, the Japanese authorities tried to curb human trafficking, not to abet it. 

Had innocent women, let alone teen age girls been abducted by the Japanese, would the girl’s parents, relatives, neighbors be such insensitive cowards that they would not band together to protest, even rise up and exact revenge? 

If the Japanese military were such a loathsome scourge in China, how do you explain that, once Japan had surrendered both the Nationalists and the Communists made the IJA forces in their ward join force and fight alongside themselves in the civil war?

Had the Kempeis be such beasts, how come after the surrender in South-East Asia, Supreme Allied Commander South East Asia, Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten’s occupation forces relied on re-armed Kempeis and officers and servicemen of the IJA to enforce law and order? 

Interview with Michael Yon: The Truth Behind the Comfort Women

December 25, 2014

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President Okamoto (*) of Korea on her road to Canossa?

Japanese PM Abe will disappoint if he does not make her travel and grovel all the way to his Japanese Prime Minister’s Residence.

Japanese Prime Ministers are recorded having proffered a string of apologetical statements. These must be renewed as earlier apologies are stomped upon by the receiving end. Why is that?

Because the receiving end knows that the apologies are insincere. Japanese apologies insincere? Why is that?

Because Japan’s footprint on the Korean peninsula gives no motives for apologies. That is why.

Sincere Koreans know the truth of Japanese Korea. And they resent their president’s posturing. But who better than Korean President Okamoto (*) should know?

President Okamoto() 's father, Minoru Okamoto() initiated the 1965 bilateral agreement settling the issue of reparations and normalizing Korea's relations with Japan.

That bilateral agreement resulted in an influx of Japanese investments that jump-started the export oriented Korean economy. Japan is Korea's top trading partner.

Meanwhile, former state-sponsored Korean prostitutes are bitterly aware how much the flesh trade remained an engine of South Korea's rise to Asian Tiger status.

The anti-Japanese slant of President Park Geun-Hye's diplomacy is contrived, to say the least.

————————————————— (*) : Okamoto, the Japanese identity President Park Geun-Hye inherits from Minoru Okamoto, aka late Korean President Park Chung-hee. Knowing about the early career of former Korean president Park Chung-hee -- Japanese name Masao Takagi (高木正雄), later changed to Minoru Okamoto (岡本実) -- helps lifting the veil on what ails a decidedly conflicted Korea.

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Posted in: Chinese skipper arrested for poaching coral brought to Yokohama See in context

Xie Huawen's a happy skipper. Had he tried his stunt in South Korean or Russian waters, he would be casualty, no questions asked.

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