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Posted in: Cherry, peach and plum blossoms: Can you tell them apart? See in context

Understandably hard for a lot of us since they all hail from the same family (Prunus) tree. Enjoy.

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Posted in: Japanese police to use new holsters to prevent disarming of officers See in context

Interesting. I remember the California Highway Patrol used locking clam shell form holsters in the 1950s that were also snag proof.

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Posted in: Disaster prevention drill See in context

Those padded hoods reminds me of our problem with hail storms in the US such as the recent disaster in Colorado Springs. Good idea to export. By the way, that silver reflective surface on two of the hoods helps to keep it cooler.

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Posted in: Insect invasion poses major threat to Japan's vaunted cherry trees See in context

Popillia Japonica appeared in the United States after the gift of Cherry Trees back in the 1920s and earlier imports of bulb-ed plants in New Jersey. Our name for the critter is Japanese Beetle and the garden war has been going for about 100 years, now. So, we know how you feel. Question to ask is what keeps it in check back in China?

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Posted in: Olympic flyer See in context

bong san: Those themes may last longer than you can imagine. Over here in Utah, celebration of the 2002 Winter Olympics are still showing all over the greater Salt Lake City area. Since many are literally carved in stone, they will remain for a long time. We don't forget the good stuff.

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Posted in: Anti-Trump rally See in context

Hopefully, none of those twits were US Military or Military Dependents. Inquiring minds are probably viewing the tapes, people who work for AFOSI, Army CID, and so on. As the poster says: Don't BE That Guy.

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Posted in: 2 Japanese to sue gov't for same-surname rule after marriage See in context

Not sure why Japan adopted the European custom of changing the bride's name. Korea inherited the Family Registry system from Japan but kept the Korean custom of the bride retaining her surname. As Alf would say "No problem."

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Posted in: N Korea says hydrogen bomb test was 'perfect success' See in context

Keep an eye on the earthquake map in that area. There is a dormant (?) volcano about 100KM Northeast of the test site.

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Posted in: For electric cars to take off, they'll need place to charge See in context

How many solar panels would it take to feed one of these cars? It could feed a battery bank while the car was gone. Obvious limitations include apartment dwellers who have one roof for a number of flats.

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Posted in: Venomous fire ant found in cargo at Tokyo port See in context

OK, first all ants are venomous but to different degrees. Bullet ants are worse. Second, the thing that makes fire ants different is that a single colony may have multiple queens which enhances their survival potential. Finally, like the so-called "killer bees", they will launch a massive attack to defend their colony. Good luck with your new neighbors.

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Posted in: Vitamin D can protect against colds, flu: study See in context

How much? The dosage wasn't mentioned in the article. In the American market, the available strengths range from 100IU to over 5,000IU. I've seen prescriptions for 50,000IU per week. So, what is the dose used in this test?

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Posted in: Solar heat storage system tested for strawberry cultivation See in context

First, about the storage battery, that could be two large auto batteries or about 24 KWh. Second, are any of the green house operations in the vicinity of a power plant cooling tower? This is secondary cooling with the hot side at 25C to 30C with a large volume of water. Just right to keep the plants happy at night.

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Posted in: Japan culling 210,000 birds amid spreading avian flu See in context

They have flu shots for humans, why not poultry? Anybody working on that?

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Posted in: Sailor Moon fights against spread of STIs on behalf of Japan’s health ministry See in context

Will there be a follow up message from Hello Kitty?

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Posted in: Vitamin D deficiency is widely overestimated, doctors warn See in context

Vitamin D deficiency was recognized a long time ago. That is why most milk is UV irradiated to generate the vitamin and also why those of us old enough to remember got that spoonful of cod liver oil, especially in the Winter. If you belong to a susceptible group for osteoporosis [Nordic blonds and Asians], don't skimp on Vitamin D. I noticed that my toe nails changed from grey to pink after a few weeks of moderate doses of Vitamin D, about 10,000 IU per week.

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Posted in: Clinton tries to quell resurgent email issue late in race See in context

Lesson learned: Don't share your computer with someone doing stuff that is likely to attract legal attention; such as sexting with a minor. So, the police were doing forensics on Weiner's computer and Huma's stuff turned up during the search. Huma, of course, is joined at the hip with Hillary and the rest will become history. Skeptical minds will wonder if the police were really after Tony's computer in the first place.

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Posted in: Snow falls on Mt Fuji summit 16 days earlier than last year See in context

For this to be meaningful, it would help to list the "first snow" days on the summit over the past decade or so. Then, we could tell if there is a trend, or not. Even then, an isolated snow experience is "weather", not necessarily "climate".

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Posted in: Windows 10 to take longer to reach billion-device goal See in context

That Microsoft goal may become more elusive as unhappy campers switch to Linux systems. Also, this is a big fat opportunity for Mozilla Firefox which now has an OS for tablets. Google has Chrome Book and it wouldn't take much to make it available for PC systems. I noticed comments about pictures and that is one of my sore points with BG's Number TEN OS.

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Posted in: U.S. gov't urges food industry to cut back on salt See in context

Less salt? Shorter shelf life. That's the trade-off and some foods can't exist without salt such as pickles and kimchi.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

A little over ten years ago, during the preview of "An Inconvenient Truth", Al Gore made some specific predictions about Global Warming including such things as "snow being a memory in New York City, the Arctic Ocean becoming ice free, and sea level increases sufficient to cause coastal flooding. Also, there were going to be a bunch of hurricanes. Rush Limbaugh started the clock running and it ran out on 26 January of this year. None of that stuff happened and a lot of places have actually gotten cooler. Meanwhile, in Paris, France, the wackos just signed up for more costly baloney.

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Posted in: U.S. Ospreys win Japanese hearts and minds with quake relief flights See in context

And the reason why these Ospreys can't be permanently stationed in Kyushu is?????? Itazuke AB closed over thirty years ago. I was stationed there in the early 1960s.

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Posted in: Germany can take that smug look off its face See in context

There are several things happening in the so-called First World which is where most of the "Middle Class" are found. First is the multitude of government edicts that make hiring people problematic. This give rise to two solutions that tend to make mid-range salary workers go away: "Off the books" or grey market workers which is how a lot of our illegal immigrants get paid in the USA, and Automation. I recently heard of a hotel with NO!! paid staff. Everything is automated from the check-in desk to settling the final bill. This stuff used to be "science fiction" in the 1950s but it's here now and expanding according to Moore's Law named after the INTEL CEO who predicted advances in electronic technology. The back side of this concept is that both chips and people can become obsolete.

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Posted in: American becomes Japan's first salaried foreign ninja See in context

Wc626:His tax guy is gona have fun with that W-2 form. Not a problem. IRS (USA) deals with foreign income sources all the time. Does Japan have an equivalent to the W4? That's the form the employer uses to report employment status and several different forms of withholding to the IRS. Also, that $20K (US) salary puts him in the Obamacare reporting range but ineligible for Earned Income Credit (EIC) due to foreign residence. That last part may require some advice from a professional. In any case, congratulations for earning that spot.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murder of 6-year-old Kobe girl See in context

Spain has an execution method that would be appropriate for this shred of human debris.

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Posted in: Woman who accused Bill Clinton of assault to campaign against Hillary's presidential run See in context

Back in 1992, along with coining the term "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", Hillary was also in charge of the Bimbo Eruption Unit. This was the outfit that worked overtime to silence, intimidate, and/or denigrate any woman who brought up Slick Willy's indiscretions. Later, she came out with the idea that victims of sexual assault need respectful attention. Well, she should be careful of what she requests because it looks like there will be a lot of "attention". Some folks call that Karma.

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Posted in: Tomato-harvesting robots developed See in context

University of California at Davis, CA [aka UC Davis] developed a tomato harvester and the little red golf ball sized tomato that it would pick about thirty years ago. Now, if this thing can harvest and not squish a Beef Steak Tomato, that would be a break-through.

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Posted in: California burger chain Carl’s Jr.’s to open 1st Japan store in Akihabara See in context

The world's premier electronic shopping bazaar and the Famous Star from Carl's Jr. What a combination!

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Posted in: Coffee-drinkers less likely to die from certain diseases See in context

Another benefit is a lower incidence of colon cancer that wasn't mentioned in the article. I'm one of those people who can go to sleep after a late night cup of it.

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Posted in: Global warming: What if we do nothing? See in context

Since Hurricane Katrina about ten years ago, the Atlantic hurricane seasons have yielded fewer storms and less than one landfall on average. Hurricane Sandy had become extra-tropical and then linked up with a Noreaster (cold weather storm) to create a monster that savaged the Jersey shore. But, it was not due to "global warming". Meanwhile, down in Antarctica, the ice cap has grown by billions of pounds.

Rush Limbaugh started an Armageddon countdown clock almost ten years ago when Al Gore claimed that the world would suffer coastal calamities if the carbon fuel consumption was not cut. That clock is within 70 days of completion, but the Florida coast is still intact, the NW Passage is still closed, and the NYC subways haven't filled with seawater.

This clock runs out about a week before the Iowa Caucus and the NH Presidential Primary a week after that and it will be interesting to see how those elections are effected.

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Posted in: USB-powered heated gloves See in context

Well, I suppose they would work at home; but where I work, the IT folks would shut down my computer 15 seconds after I plugged it in. How to meet people you have only heard about....

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