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why not have both? those who want to just stay still keep to one side, those who want to walk/run/fly etc use the other side of the escalator? nanny state indeed....

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Posted in: Zozo says new body-measuring suit overcomes flaws of original See in context

maybe the "flaws" were intentional.

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Posted in: Yakuza have their fingers in Go To Eat campaign See in context

Talk about finger food.

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Posted in: Tokyo added to Go To Travel subsidy program as discount raised to 50% See in context

so much for stay home, stay safe.

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Posted in: Japanese university awards first-ever ninja studies degree See in context

the guy is the second picture has to get his axe together.

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Posted in: Fans rush to see panda cub as Tokyo's Ueno zoo reopens after 4-month closure See in context

The flashlights may disturb the animal? Plus the photo-taking will hold up the lines, encourage crowding etc.

Anyway, such panda-monium....

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Seoul seems to be doing well, for hte city of its size. Remember Korea never had a lockdown, just like Taiwan.

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it seems like safe distancing is not practised or preached, unlike in south korea etc.

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Posted in: Covid-19 lockdowns stimulate condom demand See in context

actually they are being used to press lift / elevator buttons.

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Posted in: Covid-19 lockdowns stimulate condom demand See in context

they have a name for these babies, covinials or corona babies or something....

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Posted in: Hot spring inns invite onsen lovers to go virtual amid virus spread See in context

why am i not surprised that their youtube videos are only in japanese....

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Posted in: Abe's wife criticized for group shrine visit See in context

opps she did it again....

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Posted in: Koike takes tougher stance than Abe on coronavirus See in context

did everyone just conveniently forget she was also insisting on holding tokyo 2020 only weeks ago?

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Posted in: Etihad to trial technology designed to identify passengers with symptoms of illness See in context

that is a bit intrusive. what if i were too excited for my trip etc? lol.....

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Posted in: Thailand grants automatic visa extensions to foreign tourists See in context

right, this will be useful in august 2020?

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Posted in: Inn in Ishikawa Prefecture opens its doors to travelers stranded in Japan due to COVID-19 See in context

that is a really nice gesture!!

i saw on the news that there is a group of russians stuck in haneda airoprt for weeks now as they cannot get a flight to fly home and the hotels are too expensive etc.

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do people still send letters these days?

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

errr, that took awhile (for them to realise that they are facing a national crisis.)

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Posted in: 13-year-old donates over 600 handmade masks amid shortage in Japan See in context

so selfless!!

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Posted in: Warnings fail to stop Japanese crowds from viewing cherry blossoms See in context

cherry blossoms : signs of hope, blah, blah, blah....

hope for increased cases. geez....

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Posted in: Daughter of former SMAP star Takuya Kimura becomes a model in Japan See in context

she's quite pretty. good for her....

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Posted in: Cluster suspected at Oita medical center after 2 more virus cases confirmed See in context

Why is Germany faring so much better than adjacent countries? Why is Japan seemingly unaffected

is germany really better though?

the last count they have:

Germany 16,662 cases 46 deaths

Taiwan on the other hand is doing much better.

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Posted in: Cluster suspected at Oita medical center after 2 more virus cases confirmed See in context

Talk about (anti-) social distancing.

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they look like turtles

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Posted in: Doubts growing in Japan over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike has said it is "unthinkable" to cancel the Olympics but the decision rests with the IOC, which is planning emergency talks with international sports federations over the virus on Tuesday, according to an IOC source.

is it more thinkable to have infected athletes, spectators and visitors?

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talk about social distancing.

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Posted in: Abe says no need yet for emergency declaration; Tokyo Olympics still on See in context

is there a bet on this in japan or elsewhere?

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Posted in: Graduation ceremonies scaled down in Japan due to virus See in context

it did not look too scaled down to me.

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Posted in: Former emperor, empress to move out of palace on Thursday See in context

i wonder if the royal couple would be spotted in public places in the new residence....

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