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Posted in: The number of academic degree holders produced by universities is seen as a measure of the schools’ value. Therefore, universities may grant degrees to students even if they don’t deserve them. See in context

I think this is totally true. Especiall because a failing student often is regard as a failure in teaching by the professor. However, sometimes people simply are not fit for certain tasks, or not motivated in enough to make the effort it needs in order to perform in a manner which would be worthy of passing. Just because you fail, you are not necessarily stupid, sometimes it simply is not your subject. It should be part of education to help to those people find what they are good at and what they can excel in. But failing them in unsuited subjects is part of the process as well. There is no point in people having a degree in a subject that they are totally oblivious to.

Though I dont think this is merely a problem in Japan. When I graduated in Germany from my high school I really felt like it wasn't worth anything after I saw that some people in my year managed to graduate as well although they simply did not deserve it.

I dont think having a rule like simply fail 50% of the class is a measure that is suitable in the long run. You need to assess it individually according to the subject and the students. If 50% fail then, ok ... If 10% fail, ok ... if 90% fail, ok! But this is a challenge for the education system.

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