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One of the techniques countries use when in economic difficulty is to weaken their currency, as Japan and South Korea did, for example. Greece currently is stuck with a relatively strong currency, the Euro which they cannot devalue. A currency should be in balance with the economy. The Euro would work best if all the member economies are of equal strength. But now there is a large difference between member economy strength and the Euro is essentially in balance with Germany's economy. Germany is not going to agree to weaken the Euro so that Greece can attract investment, increase tourism and increase exports.

Perhaps, at this point, it makes sense for Greece to leave the European Union and go back to a weakened drachma to gain this investment, increased manufacturing output and greater tourism. It also reduces the control that their European Union creditors have over them which would strengthen Greece's position in negotiating with them.

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So, making people wait in line for the "Build your own hamburger" terminal which will slow down ordering, make people grumpy waiting for slow people and make ordering more complicated, will save McDonalds? Sounds as ridiculous as wanting to go to McDonalds to be touched by strangers. Actually, maybe I wouldn't want to be around the people who find it exciting to touch strangers at McDonalds.

Panera in the US is booming. They don't touch customers and you don't stand in line waiting for a turn on the build your own sandwich computer terminal. Could it be, perhaps, that they offer much healthier food?

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Hey, "herfornow," you don't think Japanese people should be proud of their country? There's something wrong with this you think? And you also believe this will lead to aggression?

Germans are proud of their country and I don't see them trying to start a World War for the 3rd time.

If you have a problem with Japanese people becoming proud of Japan then the only thing I can think of is that you want them to be easy to push around and manipulate so they don't stand in the way of some personal agenda that you support.

You do realize that all the Japanese who were aggressive are dead, don't you? Japanese people alive now had nothing to do with the past. I don't understand why Asians don't understand this. Nobody in Europe keeps whining to the Germans and Italians about being proud of their country and becoming hysterical if a German picks up a gun. They don't daily ask the Germans for apologies. The UK was bombed to bits by the Germans and yet are now close allies with Germany and Italy and never mention the past aggression. Europe moved on and all of Europe is much better off for it.

You must come from a country that has always been perfectly civil and fair and the poster child for love of mankind and humanity. What country are you from?

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There are 535 members of Congress (House of Rep + Senate). 48 are upset about the TPP. That's a handful. The article makes it sounds like the majority of the US Congress feels this way. It's just 48 who want to get reelected by looking like they are doing something for their auto industry constituency. Otherwise they wouldn't have said anything. I don't understand the point of this article. That 8% of congress would vote against it? So what?.

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Again? The comfort women? The Germans took French women in WWII. I never see the French running around Europe with little statues. Germany bombed the hell out of England. I don't hear the UK going on and on about Germany having to apologize over and over again. It's because it's not the same Germany. That Germany is gone. Those people are dead. Today's Germans are not responsible for what happened in their past so nobody keeps whining at them (or Italy). Those Japanese are dead. The Japanese people alive today had nothing to do with it. Why doesn't S Korea and China just use seances to complain to deceased Japanese spirits from that era? That even makes more sense.

And so here are the S Koreans and Chinese whining constantly about this. As if China doesn't have a long list of human rights violations they've committed.

I think S Korea ought to think more about their future and stop teaching their children to hate Japan. Shmucks.

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What the hell is up with the South Koreans? I have never heard the US keep demanding apologies from Germany and Italy like South Korea keeps asking for with Japan. Germany bombed the hell out of England but you never hear about Great Britain asking for apologies from Germany all the time. And don't they think the Germans took French women for their own pleasure? Are the French running around Europe with little statues?

We (US) don't teach our children to hate today's Germans and Italians (or Japanese) for their past generation's transgressions, but quite the opposite. We are taught about the rebuilding and the friendship that developed afterwards. We're proud that we turned from enemies to allies. The American people like them all. We only care about the future.

Do the S Koreans not realize that the Japanese caused the US incredible loss of life? That the US has every reason to dislike the Japan of the past as they do? But those people of yesterday's Japan are dead. Today's Japanese people weren't alive at the time. It's NOT their fault. The people whining and running around Asia with their little statues were not alive at the time. They were never hurt. They just want to act like they were hurt as an excuse to hate. Disgusting.

South Korea and Japan have common enemies. Working together now is what is important.

The bottom line is that Americans are unhappy that South Korea is depending on our country, our taxes, our children's lives, to protect them because they won't build a strong allied force with their neighbors to protect Asia and themselves. I have to pay taxes so people can run around Asia with their little statues and hate our other allied friends instead of taking care of themselves?



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For the VPN question. Yes, the thing a VPN does is encrypt data for privacy and also provides reliability meaning that any attempt to alter any data will be recognized. But it cannot hide the IP address of the server that you have the tunnel to which is the VPN provider's computer and the VPN provider knows who you are and will have to tell under a court order.

In peer networks, you connect to a bunch of computers asking each to give you missing file pieces. In turn those computers are asking you if you have the missing pieces they want.You and these other computers are part of a swarm. Getting pieces from one another and sharing these pieces with everyone else in your swarm who doesn't already have the piece.

So everyone in the swarm knows two things. That the other computers they are connected to are downloading the exact same file as them, so they know, for example, it's a Harry Potter movie and second, they know the IP address of these other computers that are downloading Harry Potter in their swarm. If one of the computers in the swarm is a police computer it is saving these IP addresses. Then the police find out which ISP (Internet Service Provider) or VPN provider owns each collected IP address and they find out who was using the IP address at that exact time and they know who the pirate is.

So, they don't need to see anything you are downloading. They have proof of what it is you were downloading because your computer was asking their computer for missing Harry Potter pieces. So the encryption does nothing to protect your identity.

Also you are allowing connections from other computers and when you let another computer connect to you, there are ways it can connect and determine the IP of the computer with the file which is your computer.

Remember, a VPN is meant to keep your information secret and to protect your data from being tampered with. It was never designed to hide your identity and so is not very good at hiding you.

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A VPN won't help you. The hacker who hacked Sony the first time thought he was safe using the VPN service. It's quite easy to trace you back. While the VPN services say they delete logs, they are only talking about the logs that keep track of which URLs you visit, but they all keep the connection log that simply indicates the time you logged in and logged out. So if they have a log that a particular IP address was downloading a file at a certain time and date, they trace the IP back to the VPN provider and they simply need to get the connection log and see what real IP address was connected to the VPN server at that very time and they have you.

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