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jerseyboy comments

Posted in: TEPCO admits it delayed report of Fukushima meltdown See in context

nakanoguy01 -- I think maybe its you who could use a "brush up on reading comprehension". Or stop trying to defend TEPCO with your usual semantics. First off, regardless of the circumstances behing them suddenly dicovering that 5% defined a meltdown by their own definition, the key stattistic is:

despite early damage estimates ranging from 25 to 55%.

And you don't need a damn manual to make bells go off at that level.

Second, the spokeperson at the government "watch dog" agency was fired just for using the word "meltdown", even though history has proven he was doing the responsible thing.

Finally, your comment that "regardless of what language was used, within a few days, everyone knew how much radiation was being released and could make up their own minds on how best to cope with the situation" is just pure nonsense. TEPCO and the government have a responsibility to keep the public safe and provide the information necessary to make informed decisions. Saying that people should have figured out that they were, "softening their langauge" is insulting to say the least.

Luckily, to use your term, I knew they were "liars", and got the hell out a few months after the non-meltdowns. And am now, as I type this, enjoying the view of sunset over the mountains from my patio, and put worrying about TEPCO and its incompetence way in my rearview mirror. Sorry for you folks you didn't have that option.

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Posted in: Amari says it'll take him a week to explain graft allegation See in context

and now under fire over a media report of a funding scandal, said on Friday that he had done nothing illegal.

also said it would take about a week before he gave a fuller explanation.

The minister reiterated that he would investigate accusations

“It is true that the president of the company in question visited my office, but my memory is a little vague about what actually happened,”

“I am terribly sorry that the magazine report is causing disturbance.

Perfect recitation of the "caught with your hands in the till" script from the LDP textbook. Japan and its dirty politics will never change.

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Posted in: Iran prisoner swap puts Republicans in a tough spot See in context

Vowing to isolate Tehran may only isolate the U.S. from many of its allies.

No sense talking common sense to the Republican candidates at this point. They are too far down that road already. "Might is right" is all their base wants to hear.

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Posted in: Director Bay: Benghazi movie steers clear of politics See in context

Saw the movie here in the states this weekend. It's a solid, well-written, well-acted, and well-directed action movie, which as Bay says: "What this is is an inspirational human story....It’s a movie that honors all first responders, from firemen to policemen to the men and women in the military that do this." And, if there is a "villian" in the story it is much more Obama than Clinton, since Obama had military assets just an hours flight away, and refused to deploy them. He was lucky the folks in the moview were so courageous, or the death toll would have been closer to forty, rather than just four.

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Posted in: Japan congratulates Taiwan's Tsai on victory See in context

Japan has congratulated Taiwan’s first woman president Tsai Ing-wen after she swept to power in a landslide election victory

How long do you think it will be before countries are congratulating Japan on their first woman PM? I would put the over/under at 50 years -- easy.

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Posted in: Merging U.S., Japan work cultures a challenge for Beam Suntory See in context

The head of Japanese whiskey maker Suntory said Friday that merging work cultures remains a major challenge,

Hence the reason why so many Japanese acquisitions of foreign companies fail -- YOU DON'T TRY TO MERGE THEM. You let the American culture flourish as well as the Japanese one. And if this guy, or the other senior management at Suntory, is not capable of managing diverse cultures, then they are in the wrong jobs. It's called glablization -- think globally but act locally. Carlos Ghosn did not try to make Renault be like Nissan.

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Posted in: IOC asks for transcripts suggesting 2020 Olympic bid bribery See in context

The IOC is ready to examine allegations of possible bribery in the bidding for the 2020 Olympics.

The Olympic body said Friday it has asked the World Anti-Doping Agency’s independent commission for transcripts from its report on doping and corruption in track and field that raises the possibility that $5 million in sponsorship money was paid to help Tokyo secure the games.

I suspect this is going to be another fiasco for Japan -- like the Tokyo Games logo and the stadium design. Japan undertook this process in the supposed hopes that it would show the world it has recovered from the Fukushima disaster. But all it has demonstrated is that their government is inept, and now possibly involved in bribery. The citizens of Japan, who are footing the bill for this masive ego-stroke, deserve better.

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Posted in: Japanese CEOs are underpaid. Not only that, most of their salary is fixed regardless of performance, and they won’t make bold decisions for fear of missing out on cushy adviser roles after they retire See in context

Atsushi Saito, 76, who is currently non-executive chairman of private-equity firm KKR Japan Ltd, where he works two days a week. (Bloomberg)

Well, he would know, since he apparently occupies one of those "cushy adviser roles". LOL.

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Posted in: Obama, wiping tears, makes new push to tighten gun rules See in context

Obama’s voice rose to a yell as he said the constitutional rights of Americans to bear arms needed to be balanced by the right to worship, gather peacefully and live their lives.

Spot on. Suddenly because of the NRA, innocent people's right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' has been steam-rolled by this scared protection of the Second Amendment. That is simply wrong.

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Posted in: U.S. auto sales hit an all-time high in 2015 See in context

U.S. auto sales hit a record high of 17.47 million in 2015, topping the old record of 17.35 million set in 2000. Analysts expect sales could go even higher this year as unemployment continues to decline and more young buyers enter the market.

Toyota’s U.S. sales rose 11 percent over last December. Honda’s sales gained 10 percent, while Nissan’s were up 19 percent.

Merry Xmas Japan and Abenomics. The U.S. economy in general, and the auto market in particular, are making up for some of the pitiful performance of Japan's own domestic economy.

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Posted in: 80-year-old Tsukiji fish market holds final New Year auction See in context

Japanese eat about 80% of all bluefin tuna caught worldwide, and stocks of all three bluefin species - the Pacific, Southern and Atlantic - have fallen over the past 15 years amid overfishing.

Sushi restaurateur Kiyoshi Kimura has prevailed in most of the recent new year auctions, and he did so again this year in the bidding for a 200-kilogram tuna.

Absolutely no shame. Japan has led the decimation of bluefin tuna stocks -- worldwide -- but still insists on having this idiotic auction to see who is willing to pay the most for a fish that simply represents that avarice. Why not give the 1.0 million or so yen to a conseravtion group working to save bluefin? Nah, that would actually show some real respect for the species rather than eating it.

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Posted in: Gadgets get smarter, friendlier at CES show See in context

Televisions will play starring roles at the show as usual, with giants such as Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio among contenders in a market rapidly shifting to ultra-high definition.

I hope for Sony's sake it can be competitive in this area. It would be great to see, for them and Japan.

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Posted in: Line-up See in context

Went there once during New Years, and, honestly, it was not worth fighting the crowds. Got much more enjoyment out of going first thing every New Years Day to Zojoji Temple and watching the monks do the sunrise ceremony. Truly "spiritual". Happy New Year to all JT folks.

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Posted in: Japan's factory output down 1% in November See in context

Japan’s production overall is making “one step forward and one step back,” the ministry said in a statement.

No, ya think? No there's some real brilliant insight into the economy. No wonder it is stuck in neitral.

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Posted in: Japan, wary of outsiders, keeps doors closed to refugees See in context

Out of the 7,533 people who applied for refugee status in 2014, or appealed earlier refusals, only 11 were approved.

Defines the term "disgraceful". Japan can hide behind its langauge and cultural barriers all it wants, and the rest of the world will galdly watch as it fades even further into irrelevancy. Remember two sayings all you Japanophiles: "Be careful what you wish for", and, "We have seen the enemy, and it is us."

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Posted in: Japan business lobby head won't commit to higher wages See in context

The head of an influential Japanese business lobby said Monday it won’t pass on the government’s requests to its members to raise salaries next year,

Nor should they. As the article states, 65% of the J-companies are small, domestically-oriented ones, who have not seen an increase in domestic comsumption cannot afford to raise wages. While the large, export-oriented ones, do not want to increase their fixed costs even more, while trying to compete with the likes of the U.S., China, and SK. in a global economy.

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Posted in: Abe faces make-or-break test three years after taking office See in context

It was an irresistible promise: elect me, I’ll bring back Japan’s once-soaring economy and restore its battered national pride.

LOL. Sounds earily similar to many of the statements being made by the Republican candidates here in the U.S.

“Compared to the magnitude of Abenomics’ stimulus, the economy’s performance has been feeble,” said Ryutaro Kono, economist at BNP Paribas.

The understatement of the year.

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Posted in: State-backed fund in advanced talks to invest in Sharp See in context

But INCJ is now looking to inject funds into Sharp’s overall business and pursuing broader restructuring including cost cuts and deals such as a merger with Toshiba’s consumer electronics arm, people with knowledge of the matter told Reuters this week.

Guees that qualifies as "innovation" now in Japan. How truly sad.

INCJ has asked Sharp’s main creditors to forgive part of its roughly 700 billion yen ($5.75 billion) debt in return for investment, the people said. The lenders are keeping Hon Hai’s offer on the table to win better terms from INCJ, they said.

Another zombie company kept alive by a government bail-out and more "free" loans from the dutiful banks. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Report shows Japan loopholes aid illicit trade in ivory See in context

">Report shows Japan loopholes aid illicit trade in ivory

Shocking, absolutely shocking. Who could possibly imagine Japan, the country that almost single-handedly devoured the world's supply of blue-fin and other varieties of tuna, and is hunting whales as we speak, despite an international outcry, would also be involved in illcit ivory trade? Must be a typo."

This post was removed for being off topic, but the one mentioning the NRA wasn't. LMFAO. Really? Mods, you need to connect the dots once in a while. At its core, this is a story about Japan once again being an environmental terrorist and arrogantlycontributing to the destruction of natural resources around the world. I just highlighted two other examples.

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Posted in: IOC approves switch of cycling venues for Tokyo Olympics See in context

A sound decision to reduce money wastage and encourage visitation to and promotion of an area outside of Tokyo. This is exact kind of 'bait-and-switch' that I think most citizens could get behind.

Hogwash. did you bother reading the facts? The new location will only seat 4,300, and is two hours away, via an expensive Shinkansen train ride. Yup, that's going to "encourage visitation". And I don't think "most citizens" are thrilled with the track record of the Tokyo Olympics so far -- one screw-up after another. Plagarized logo, facilities that will be late being ready, a disaster for the main stadium -- that will seat 20,000 less than promised -- and lots of back-tracking on locales.

And Fukushima is not immediately relevant to this. I don't claim to have a deep understanding of government finances but I sincerely doubt that resources/funds are being directed away from Fukushima and towards the Olympics. The issue is clearly important, but is separate. You may as well jump and down shouting 'Fukushima! Fukushima!' every single time you catch the government daring to work on something else.

And Fukushima is directly relevant to this, for two key reasons. First, one of the big parts of Abe/Japan's pitch was that the games would allow the world to see Japan's miraculous recovery from the disaster. Second, the reality is that they are still dumping thousands of gallons of readioactive water into the ocean and thousands of "refugees" from the disaster are still in shacks. You are right about one thing, however, you don't have a deep understanding of how government finances work, especially in Japan. Bottom line, government spending in Japan is a battle between Japan Inc. and the people. And, once again, Japan Inc. won.

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Posted in: IOC approves switch of cycling venues for Tokyo Olympics See in context

After months of negotiations, the IOC on Wednesday approved the cycling venues for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, including the cost-cutting move of indoor track events to a facility located two hours from the host city.

The Tokyo Olympics -- aka "The Bait-and-Switch Games".

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Posted in: Abenomics has not succeeded in improving economic growth. The only fields where it had a positive effect is the stock market and on the huge exporting enterprises. But those benefits haven't helped th See in context

Abenomics has not succeeded in improving economic growth. The only fields where it had a positive effect is the stock market and on the huge exporting enterprises. But those benefits haven't helped the smaller companies and … especially non-regular employees.

Wow. Haven't smithinjapan, GW, Yubaru, sengatsu, myself and others been saying this for well over a year?

2016 - I'm outta here! Japan is beyond repair.

Just figured that out? Been "beyond repair" since 3/11 when the disaster hit the country at the worst possible time -- when the aging/declining population and an at-best fragile economy, could not take the shock.

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Posted in: Trump rejects criticism of his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering U.S. See in context

Anyway, I will say this, as hurtful and inflammatory as his comments were, he is tapping into the fear of what many Americans feel

bass -- so glad you admitted the obvious. All those folks who know God is on their side, and have all their guns to protect themselves, are the ones running scared. LOL.

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Posted in: Special intelligence required See in context

Interesting that in the picture there's only one woman shown as having the required special intelligence. Is she the role model for womenomics the panel's looking for?

PT -- thought the same thing. But I think the answer is simply that in Japan, only men can possess "special intelligence".

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Posted in: Fox suspends 2 analysts for language against Obama See in context

Not only prime time, Jersey. But nice try.

bass -- just how bad at math are you, or, just how badly do you want to decieve the folks here? As I stated, the average FOX News primetime viewership is a small fraction of the 120 million you claim -- 1.72 million to be precise. You know full well the 120 million number is a bold-faced lie, but, you keep repeating it anyway. Just like FOX.

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Posted in: Fox suspends 2 analysts for language against Obama See in context

Yes, I worked for more than 12 years with msnbc,

120 million would disagree.

bass, please. If you had been any closer to Msnbc than the front of your flat screen, then you would know what an out-and-out lie the 120 million figure is. The fact is FOX News' average primetime rating is a small fraction of that, and they only got about 10% of that number for the first Republican Presidential debate. But, please, just like your heroes there at FOX, don't let the facts get in the way of stating your point over-and-over again.

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Posted in: Fox suspends 2 analysts for language against Obama See in context

The analysts, former U.S. Army Lt Col Ralph Peters and actress Stacey Dash, were each ordered off the air for two weeks.

And this is why FOX is just a joke. Stacey Dash is simply a struggling/has-been actress with NO basis for commenting on any news subject, but appeals to the older, rural, lower income/education, white male demo that FOX commands. They only care about ratings and continuing to throw red meat to their base -- no matter what bass may claim.

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Posted in: 5 ways college life is different in Japan and U.S. See in context

Academic pressure

To get into a Japanese college, you have to pass rigorous, competitive entrance exams, which high school students spend a huge amount of time studying for. But once you get accepted by a college, you’re on easy street.

But in America, every day we had to study our butts off! In my classes, I had a report to write every other week, on top of reading the textbook and other assigned materials, plus getting my term papers ready to submit.

In simple terms, one provides the student with an actual education, while the other is just four years getting ready to do the endless rounds of corporate interviews. And people in Japan actually wonder why their corporate "leaders" are failing so miserably in the increasingly-competitive world. Uh, duh!

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Posted in: Revised figures show Japan avoids recession in 3rd quarter See in context

Japan’s economy grew 0.3% in the July-September quarter, revised data showed Tuesday, just weeks after initial estimates showed that it had fallen into recession, denting Tokyo’s Abenomics growth blitz.

Thank God. And here I was thinking Abenomics was not really working. Silly me. Amazing what dumping 80 trillion yen into the economy can buy. LOL.

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Posted in: Helping firms to enter and expand in Japan See in context

“When you have a small company you have to be very efficient”, she said. “Working mothers are very good at fitting a lot of work into a short space of time, because they have to leave on time”.

By contrast, men — who, in Japan, are not expected to get home to make dinner — suffer from mission creep

“Something I observed when I became an employer”, she said, “was that men can sometimes stop working and stop thinking for extended periods of time. And that is not great for productivity in a small company”.

Silvester, who has a 15-year-old son, attributes part of her success to the support of her husband. “I had an advantage because I married an Englishman”, she said. “I have to contribute to the family finances, and we split the house chores equally”.

Maybe the J-government should hire this firm. Then they would no have to be lowering their goal of women in senior positions from 30% to 7.5%.

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