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In a rare Oval Office address, President Barack Obama on Sunday night will urge Americans not to give into fear following attacks in Paris and California, while trying to assure the public that he takes the threat of terrorism seriously.

As posters here know, I have more often tah not been a supporter of Obama. But as an excellent opinion piece stated here on Friday, he has totally lost his voice when it comes to foreign affairs in general, and terrorism/ISIS in particular. He has zero crediblity and I, fo one, am sick-and-tired of his "nuanced" approach. At some point you have to display some balls, not just brains. And he has failed miserably in that regard.

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Posted in: Toshiba, Fujitsu reported in talks to merge loss-making PC units See in context

Toshiba Corp and Fujitsu Ltd are in talks to split off and merge their personal computer units, people familiar with the matter said, as Japan’s electronic conglomerates seek to retreat further from loss-making businesses.

And just who the hell would invest in the combination of two money-losing ventures who's markets are being over-run by better, more agile competitors. Oops, here's the answer:

Splitting off weak operations into joint ventures has become common practice for Japanese electronics conglomerates. Smartphone screen maker Japan Display Inc, for example, was formed in a government-backed deal in 2012 from the ailing display units of Sony, Toshiba and Hitachi Ltd.

The good old J-government, probably as part of their "innovation" efforts, will once again bail out these morons. Japan at its socialized best.

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Posted in: A company’s location and size, in addition to the type of employment it offers, can make it difficult for a large portion of female employees to use their maiden names. It’s even harder for full-time See in context

A company’s location and size, in addition to the type of employment it offers, can make it difficult for a large portion of female employees to use their maiden names. It’s even harder for full-time homemakers, who have a tough time gaining the acceptance and understanding of those around them.

Nonsense. All you are doing is rationalizing ignorence and refusal to change. How in the world does a company's size and "type of employment it offers" make it difficult to use someone's maiden name. Get out of the 19th century Japan.

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Posted in: Japan cuts female leadership goal in blow to 'womenomics' See in context

Tokyo in 2003 set a goal of 30%, with current Prime Minister Shinzo Abe repeatedly saying increasing the number of women in senior jobs both in the private and public sectors was key to his “Abenomics” growth blitz.

Last Thursday, the government’s gender equality bureau slashed the target ratio to just 7% by 2021, from just 3.5% now.

Holy cow! Twelve years after setting the goal, and they have only attained a level of about 10% of that goal! Begs the question how bad it would be if tey weren't really trying.

“It doesn’t mean that we gave up the goal of 30%... but the new target reflects the most ambitious figure at this point,” Cabinet Office official Yosuke Konno told AFP.

And this is the reason it will never be attained, and Japan will just continue to decline -- an out-of-touch male bureaucrat is talking the usual double-speak to rationalize another governent failure. The people of Japan deserve so much better.

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The president of Liberty University has urged students at the Christian school to carry concealed weapons on campus to counter any possible armed attack, saying that “we could end those Muslims before they walked in.”

Yup, that's the Christian way. In fact, I think it is the 11th commandment -- "end all those Muslims before they walk in". How sad and sick that fear, ignorence and prejudice has gripped the "Christian right". Although, it was probably always there. Recent events have just brought it out into the open.

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Posted in: U.S. adds 211,000 jobs in November; unemployment steady at low 5 pct. See in context

The US economy seems to be the only one on a tear these days

Not according to some of the posters here. They say the U.S. economy is a "disaster". LOL. The world's largest economy grew over 2.0% last quarter, and is adding around 200,000 jobs every month, and the Fed is about to raise rates. Japan should pray for such a "disaster".

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Posted in: Investors to keep eye on revised Japan GDP figures next week See in context

Nominal GDP is an aggregate measurement and pretty much meaningless in a country with a declining population.

Nonsense, as usual, since the GDP base is what the government bases its tax and spending assumptions/budgets on. And, as you point out, with a declining population, and also an aging one, which means increased social welfare costs, plus an increased military budget, it is critically important that Japan have a rise in total GDP. Otherwise, they have no choice but to just pile on more debt. Wow, "basic arithmetic" from one of those "enemies".

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Posted in: Investors to keep eye on revised Japan GDP figures next week See in context

“A jump in capital spending suggests that output may have been flat last quarter instead of the initially reported 0.2 percent quarter-on-quarter decline.”

Now there's cause to celebrate -- being flat instead of down. My oh my how Japan Inc's expectations have declined.

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Posted in: Senate rejects more gun background checks after Calif attack See in context

The plan was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association.

Thursday’s renewal of the issue showed an erosion of support for the proposal in the Republican-run chamber.

Hypocrites. The right bashes Obama for wanting to allow in 10,000 Syrian refugees, but won't even pass legislation that would keep folks on the U.S. "no-fly" list from buying a gun. Why, because the NRA is against it, and Republicans are in mortal fear of the NRA. Over rules even common sense. Maybe the poster who said yesterday that the U.S. is "broken" was right afterall. We have let a "terrorist" group, the NRA, with less than 5 million members, or less than 2% of the U.S. population, turn our great country into a war zone. Disgraceful.

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Posted in: Do you think the mass media brainwash or try to brainwash the masses in your country? See in context

Do you think the mass media brainwash or try to brainwash the masses in your country?

If you've ever watched FOX News, you would not even have to ask this question. They convinced, in cahoots with W and Cheney and Rumsfeld, about 40% of Americans that Iraq was tied to 9/11. Which was a pure lie.

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Posted in: Attackers in California shooting had thousands of bullets See in context

and police said he and his wife had enough bullets and bombs to slaughter hundreds when they launched their deadly attack on a holiday party.

Wearing black tactical gear and wielding assault rifles,

And let no one forget, according to the right, he had a "God-given right" to have them. Ironically, he used that right in the name of another "god" to kill 14 innocent people. Way to go NRA.

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Posted in: Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in Islamic State oil trade See in context

Is this the same kind of "proof" they used when determining their airplane crash in Egypt had nothing to do with terrorism...?

Possibly. Or it could be the same "proof" they had that the Malaysia Airlines flight was downed by Ukrainian forces believing they were shooting at Putin's plane.

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Posted in: California shooting rampage leaves 14 dead; 2 suspects killed in gun battle with police See in context

Another sad day in a broken country.

PT -- I think taking this one admittedly sickening event, and extending it to a whole country, is a bit of a stretch. However, I will agree that the fact that this kind of event has become "the new normal" in the states means that the minority has managed to circumvent common sense, and that is very troubling.

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Posted in: Russia building new military bases on islands claimed by Japan See in context

Apples to oranges. It seems you have no any idea of geopolitics at all.

yamashi -- garbage. It is only "apples to oranges" because you want to believe it is so. And I did not call Russia a "terror group". That was the whole point. The person who has "no idea of geoploitics at all" is the one who thinks Putin has anything but self-serving motives to increase Russia's role in the world and is willing to do anything to achieve that -- whether it be through direct military intervention, like in Syria, or by using terrorist groups to obtain his goals, like in Ukraine, or by supporting Hezbollah via Iran. But nice try with semantics, since you can't address the real issue. The Russia you are so quick to defend, is pissing all over your own country and putting military bases on islands Japan lays claim to. No "apples to oranges" at all. Same strategy, just a different tactic. You do know the diffrence, right?

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Posted in: Tokyo government to pay a quarter of new Olympic stadium cost See in context

The Tokyo government will pay 39.5 billion yen ($320.8 million) of the total cost.

Imagine how many day-care centers and staff that could buy to make it easier for female workers, which Tokyo and the country dsperately need. Or what it could do to solve Tokyo's homeless problem. Yup, great priorities Japan. Mark my words, when the Olympics are over, and Tokyo/Japan will still be facing the myriad of social problems it has today. And foolish decisons like this will be to blame.

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Posted in: Russia building new military bases on islands claimed by Japan See in context

Russia building new military bases on islands claimed by Japan

Wow, how quickly the table turn. I got almost 20 "thumbs-down" yesterday on a post congratulating Turkey for refusing to apologize to Russia for downing their plane, including the nonsensical post below:

yamashiDec. 01, 2015 - 11:34AM JST

@jerseyboy"it's nice to actually see a national leader draw a line and stick to it".

Some westerners always praise any anti Russian actions even in case if the mentioned actions are done by terror group or terror sympathizers . We can see it all the time, here and there.

Care to lecture me now yamashi about Russia? Is this a "terror group or terror sympathisers" installing military bases on islands Japan claims? LOL.

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Posted in: J.League says it won't punish student who sent racist tweets to Patric See in context

The 28-year-old striker, who the league said had accepted the apology, was shocked by the abuse.

Funny, I don't read in any of his quotes that he "had accepted the apology". In fact I read:

“I hope the matter will be properly dealt with. To the person who has posted this, you should not do these things as a human being.”

IMO, properly dealing with this would have meant making this kid publicly apologize to Patric in front of the press, along side team and league officials, to show they take this seriously. Instead, in typical Japanese fashion, they do the LEAST they can do. Did anyone bother to read the " as a human being part" of Patric's comment?

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Posted in: Womenomics: Success or failure? See in context

Without even reading the artcicle, the answer is a resounding "failure". And the following just proves it:

Commenting on recent statistics showing increased female participation in the workforce, Matsui said the government’s “top-down pressure to raise female employment,” has had an effect. “However, in terms of substance,” she added, “many of the jobs taken up by females are in temporary or part-time roles.”

Great, more female temps and part-timers. Now that really screams of "Empowerment" doesn't it?

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Posted in: Turkey won't apologize to Russia over warplane downing See in context

Turkey won’t apologize to Russia for shooting down a warplane operating over Syria, the Turkish prime minister said Monday, stressing that the military was doing its job defending the country’s airspace.

Bravo. Unlike Obama, it is nice to actually see a national leader draw a line and stick to it.

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Posted in: Bond girl See in context

Saw the movie here in the states a couple of weeks back. Not nearly as good as Skyfall. In fact, thye could have cut at least 30 minutes out of it, and it would not have suffered at all. Knda do hope this is Daniel Craig's last go-round as 007. He was just going through the motions in this one. Agree that Ms. Harris is lovely though.

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Posted in: Besides waiting for the governments and the United Nations to solve the global refugee issue, I believe private-sector businesses and individuals should also do something. See in context

Tadashi Yanai, the chairman and president of Uniqlo’s operator Fast Retailing Co, saying the company’s Uniqlo clothing chain intends to hire 100 or so refugees at stores in Japan and abroad in a major expansion of its program of supporting displaced people.

Good on him. But, logic says the majority of these hires will have to be outside of Japan, since Japan only allowed in 11 refugees last year. But at least it is an important start and great moral example for others to follow.

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Posted in: Japan's factory output rises 1.4% in October See in context

Japan’s production overall is making “one step forward and one step back,” the ministry said.

Kinda describes the entire Japanese economy the last 30 years or so.

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Posted in: New Rocky story 'Creed' balances brutality and theatricality See in context

Saw "Creed" yesterday here in the states. If you are a fan of the "Rocky" series you will definitely enjoy it. In fact, like most reviewers, I'd say it was far better than anything since Rock II. Mainly since Stallone is not the focus. He is more in a supporting role, and almost understated. But I only paid $6.50. You'll have to decide if it is worth 1800 yen.

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Posted in: Japan misunderstood: 3 stereotypes that live on See in context

While stereotypes all possess a grain of truth, let’s not make the mistake that everyone falls into such stereotypes.

Valid point. However just as valid is the fact that in Japan, especially as it relates to the three stereotypes referenced here, that "grain of truth" is more like a full silo. Sure there are exceptions, but, there are also dozens and dozens of statistics, which say these are valid generalizations. Just take #1, "The nail that stands up gets hammered down". I read recently where the majority of college grads in Japan want lifetime employment, rather than face the prospect of moving between jobs. In other words, they crave security and conformity, because we all know that is what Japan Inc. demands.

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Posted in: Toshiba's third-party accounting probe comes under fire from lawyers' group See in context

A third-party probe set up by Japan’s Toshiba Corp to investigate its accounting practices has been given a failing grade by half of a group of influential lawyers, who said it was not sufficiently independent and did not examine a key division.

Did anyone really expect anything else? Come on, everyone knows "corporate governance" is a complete myth in Japan.

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Posted in: Weak data latest bad news for Abenomics See in context

Japan on Friday published a string of mostly weak data, the first major figures since news that world’s number three economy had slipped back into recession.

The figures on Friday showed that core inflation, which excludes volatile fresh food prices, fell 0.1% in October, marking the third consecutive monthly decline.

Meanwhile, household spending for the month fell 2.4%, underscoring concerns that consumers remain cautious.

Ouch. So flooding the economy with trillions of yen has neither spurred the intended inflation, nor increased domestic consumption. But, don't worry, Alex, Jeff, and Guy will have lots of great theory to quote us "economic illiterates" about how this is perfectly OK and no cause at all for concern.

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Posted in: Gov't to tackle maternity harassment, day care to slow population decline See in context

Japan has set its sights on stopping maternity harassment, increasing day care centers and allowing more workers to take time off after childbirth in a bid to slow its declining population and shore up the economy.

Horse left that barn so long ago it isn't even in view anymore. LOL.

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Posted in: Japan plans extra budget, handouts to pensioners to pump up recovery See in context

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered cabinet ministers to prepare an extra spending package, including cash handouts for the poorest pensioners, seeking to breathe fresh life into Japan’s stalling recovery.

Wow, LDP Economics 101 -- print more cash and give it to tthe elderly and farmers. With 2015 government spending at a little over 103 trillion yen, this is not a small amount -- the defense budget is 4.98 trillion for comparison. Once again points to just what a collusal failure Abenomics continues to be.

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Posted in: Obama administration says states lack authority to block refugees See in context

Trying to legalize 5 million Illegals by bypassing congress, operation fast and furious, Obamacare and way too many others to list and we don't need to get off topic, but it would be safe to say, the list is a lengthy one.

What bass is convenietly hoping is that we all have incredibly short memories and have forgotten the fact that "The Gang of Eight", a bi-partisan group of lawmakers, including four Republicans, came up with a comprehensive immigration plan/bill, and it passed in the Senate. But, Boehner, knowing it would also pass a vote in the House, refused to bring it to a vote, for fear of the "haters" like bass --aka The Tea Party types. But what is really funny, is that Marco Rubio is also hoping the "haters' will forget about this, since he was one of the Gang of Eight, but has had to run from that, since he needs the "haters" votes to get the nomination. And bass says it is Obama who cannot be trusted. LOL. The majority of Amercians support immigration reform, and a path to citizenship. And, the vast majority also expect Congress to do their job. But, when a lousy 40 of so members of the "Freedom Caucus" keep that from happening, the President needs to act. Plain and simple.

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Posted in: Obama administration says states lack authority to block refugees See in context

You seem to forget we have laws that are just for the society and then there are laws for liberals only and they can break them whenever they feel like it.

Yup, much better we let "leaders" that compare refugees to "rabid dogs", write our laws for us. LOL.

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