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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for robbing post office in Gunma Pref See in context

IMO Japanese news hardly ever disclose the motive if determined. But some other websites like fuked discussion boards talk about truck drivers and their increasing meth use, and desperate attempts to support their habits which may or may not be the motive in this case. But whose to say that murder will strt to accompany these type robberies in the future?

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for placing knives on prince's desk See in context

The outcome prove Japan is FOS, if a non J did it would be the end of them. The Judge is a a dim wit.

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Posted in: How to apprehend a 'chikan' and protect women from being groped on a train See in context

"I hate people who turn a blind eye to things"

Yeah when they do thangs, this usually happens, but if a non J does, they become a trove of super mega inquisitorial blether source.

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Posted in: Prosecutors probe 2 Americans for allegedly helping Ghosn escape See in context

"Arrest them and hold them indefinitely without bail."

Japanese Style!

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing convenience store on New Year’s Eve See in context

"He approached the counter and threatened the 55-year-old male employee with a knife, handing him a note which read: “Put the money from the cash register in a plastic bag.”

hmm...been watched, but never did anything.

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Posted in: 48-year-old man arrested for attempted murder of mother See in context

"Police in Tokyo have arrested a 48-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder after he slashed his 80-year-old mother with a knife."

Well hopefully in this case the ultimate JP wellspring has gotten custody.

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing downstairs neighbor See in context

another site: tokrep:

“I had some trouble before,” the suspect was quoted. “This year, a complaint about noise reached me via a real estate agent, and I thought I had to kill him. So, when he came home, I went downstairs and stabbed him.”

Yeah PUD seems like you got a point.

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Posted in: Man beats fast food worker because one chicken nugget was missing from his combo meal See in context

"What a great reason to earn an arrest record' Eureka!

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Posted in: Two men beaten, robbed by gang in separate incidents in Sagamihara See in context

"first incident occurred at around 4:30 a.m"

"the second incident that occurred 40 minutes later about two kilometers away,"

Probably as discussed on other websites, i.e tokyoreporter ... the growing meth problem increases , expect to see more robberies

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Posted in: 79-year-old man suspected of sexually assaulting caregiver after giving her sleeping pills See in context

@wowyz, have to agree, the standard american diet, (SAD) can take you out early.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man suspected of sexually assaulting caregiver after giving her sleeping pills See in context

" 79-year-old Morioka has admitted to drugged, groping the 38-year-old caregiver who was visiting his home"

sleeping pills can be deadly, his next step could have been necrophilia, followed by a stroke.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to life in prison over bullet train knife rampage See in context

"So there are qualified psychiatrists among the ranks of the prosecutors?"

yeah seems like that's the only time "they" can access them.

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Posted in: Groper says he couldn’t resist 'young females’ breasts' See in context

"Sense of entitlement of the j-man in japan"

a sick merry go round...

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of sister and her 3-year-old son in Saitama See in context

"Japan needs mental healthcare help ASAP."

When he resisted arrest he should have gotten some lead soup.

That would send out a signal.

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Posted in: Japan plans harsher road rage penalties after high-profile incidents See in context

Some of those "sidewalk cyclist ragers" loose it if you ring your bell at them, as they block the center of the sidewalk, and then they want to tell you to use the street bike lane, even though hundreds of them use the marked sidewalk bike lane. The problem with these "---" is they have a strong need to control; something , meanwhile a huge lack of control exist nation wide.

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Posted in: Man pleads guilty over deadly knife rampage on bullet train See in context

"The guy was already out of circulation from decent mainstream society, the Japanese just doesn't have the social infrastructure to pick him up."

YEP and they never will.

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Posted in: Man indicted on drug charges escapes while being transferred to police custody See in context

@ theFu.....yep!

"chaining feet so running isn't possible", and bright yellow jumpers with hidden built in GPS.

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Posted in: Former entertainer Tashiro arrested for 5th time over possession of drugs See in context

@Do the hustle

"Japan definitely is a land of contrasts."

Nothing new:

Japan has ALWAYS been a "land of contrasts"

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Posted in: Man arrested for injuring 14-year-old daughter with umbrella See in context

Poor girl, child abuse leads to other issues.

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Posted in: Man suspected of puncturing tires of cars, bicycles See in context

"etsuya Kohori, who was arrested on Friday, has admitted to puncturing a tire on a car in an apartment parking lot in Chuo Ward "

Poor grown baby someone didn't give him his nanny assistance so he went of a childish rampage, institutionalize him, already.

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Posted in: Man admits fatal abuse of 5-year-old stepdaughter See in context

" the spineless bureaucrats who did not even try to check up on the girl."

But if it wan a nonJ they would have been on it...That is Japan...

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Posted in: Woman arrested after threatening police officer with knife in Sendai koban See in context

"Wow its getting pretty brazen these days..."


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Posted in: Driver appeals 16-year prison sentence for ramming motorbike from behind, killing rider See in context

"These wanna-be Yaks think they are nine feet tall and made of steel inside their cars."

This archipelago protects them.

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Posted in: 87-year-old man arrested for molesting 8-year-old girl in park See in context

"Police said Utsugi approached the girl and a friend from behind while they were playing in the park."

One of these POS's is going to do that to wrong child, and get a dirt nap.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting, robbing woman on her way home See in context

"The suspect, Koji Shiokawa, a company employee"

Probably a heartless sprung meth zombie

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Posted in: Man arrested for molesting elementary school girl See in context

"subjected to obscene acts against her will"

Such coddled termites wont be satisfied until they rot their country's foundation.

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Posted in: Gang member arrested over murder of woman in love hotel See in context

"I doubt a yakuza dude is going to get a fair trial anywhere anyway."

I think you dont know the j-system.


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Posted in: Gang member arrested over murder of woman in love hotel See in context

"I see plenty of older people driving in and out of their parking lots."

yeah a lot of yaks and thangs

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Posted in: 46-year-old man arrested after attempting to burn older sister to death See in context

".not the first time that police have been summoned"

that's how its done..they like to come after something happens, its more interesting.

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Posted in: 58-year-old police officer accused of groping woman See in context

"A 58-year-old Tokyo police officer "

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