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"the woman had consulted police in April about suffering domestic abuse "

no social workers coming around dispatched by the kops, to check on her well being, no welfare check if the male is removed from the household, no effiminization education for the kids, no pipeline to prison for the males? Their really missing out.

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I was coming out of a 711 and a of no fixed anything schizo-smegma kept staring at me. I'm asking myself do I need to fetch the keystones, but all he did was kept twitching his head back at me, like he was going to do something. Without fail I will see 3 a day in Trokyo.

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Posted in: Man clinging to moving car hits utility pole, dies; driver arrested See in context

I've seen drama like that in okubo near shinjuku, and in yokohama kanai, gotanda these areas have a lot cat tracks, so sometimes drama may help keep the cats in line , causes every eyes are watching.

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Posted in: Man arrested after convenience store clerk mishears him say 'I have SARS' See in context

"Why do Japanese phone for the cops every time they don’t understand something?

And why do the cops come when it is obvious that no crime has been committed?"

IMO: Because they have the best support system for them here. The US consulate, and base for VET's will do 0 to protect.

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Posted in: Man arrested for filming up woman’s skirt on train platform See in context

"Why is this a thing? Does it happen in other countries"

he probably was raised that way.

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Posted in: Truck driver stabbed on Yokohama street after dispute with motorcyclist See in context

"A police officer drew his gun and ordered Tamura to drop the knife."

It looks like its time to start having JAPAN'S police officers equipped with tasers, and body cams

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" has admitted to strangling the woman, but denied intent to kill"

of course you did , you stupid liar.

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"Yeah you'd think at that age the judgment gates are around the corner"

Most of them dont believe in that, they believe in reincarnation.

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"he threw a fire extinguisher from inside a train onto the tracks."

This dimwit should be charged with domestic terrorism, endangering public safety, and brought up on National charges. And confined for life to a mental asylum. Too many of these manchild nutcracks wandering around.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 1 wounded in crossbow attack; suspect arrested See in context

Well its getting summertime, expect more cases like this 10 fold....and much more.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to steal cash card from elderly man See in context

It seems the "scammers" are getting more aggressive and desperate and up close and personal more than the usual "ore ore" phone scammers.

"Police who were waiting outside"

that's getting better, take a bite bigger bite out of crime.

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Posted in: Okinawan governor seeks to back anti-hate laws with criminal punishment See in context

"According to a 2017 survey conducted by the Ministry of Justice, a third of foreign residents reported they had experienced inflammatory remarks owing to their ethnicity. "

"Furthermore, 40% of respondents claimed they had experienced housing discrimination"

That percentage is discouraging.

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Posted in: Pervert hunter arrested by Tokyo police for less-than-pure intentions See in context

@pudus, you may have point : current US cv19 deaths close to 100, 000, unemployment at 36.5 million, wont take too much before the beast is unleashed at every angle.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating couple in their 80s outside their home See in context

"they said there had been some bad blood"

Sorry but bad blood is everywhere these days.

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Posted in: Man arrested for robbing bar says he needed money after losing job See in context

"Absolutely zero sympathy from me."

me too

The days of coddling , sympathizing , etc, for their idiotic criminals is over, cause that criminal behavior logic will get a westerner thrown "upside down" in many other countries cya.

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Posted in: 72-year-old man arrested for spitting at convenience store employee See in context

@ TheLongTermer

"I was once spit on by a racist oyaji. Wonder what would of happened if I went to the police? Probably would of blamed me."

It is said: unfortunately that and the increases of murder, and etc., will surely bring the curses and wrath....

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Posted in: Man arrested for assault, stealing face mask from woman See in context

Aw he got caught so  he has denied the charge, and quoted him as saying, “I don’t remember this happening at all.”

IMO perhaps electrodes attached to that skull will jog his convenient memory lapse.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abandoning mother’s corpse at home See in context

@ No BusinessToday 

"Not a day goes by without a corpse-in-the-house story here."

and the place is lit up with apparitions, IMO

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting college student, stealing her underwear See in context

sounds like they went on a raping spree, down there in yokosuka least 3 cases, amazing

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Posted in: 2 men stabbed in Tokyo apartment over noise dispute; one dead See in context


"I had the choice to assault a crazy neighbor who harassed us about reasonable living noise. We moved house to the countryside and I’m not in prison."

I had one before and the mgr. was in cahoots with it, had to split before the grapevine got too long.

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Posted in: Woman conned out of ¥14.2 mil in coronavirus scam See in context

@pudus, that's right...

"receiving a call from a man impersonating her older brother,"

yeah he could speak Japanese lingo so convincing, he could even sound like her big brother-very skilled verbal scam tricknology aimed at their elderly, respect for the elderly goes out the window in Japan.

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Posted in: Man who got suspended sentence for assaulting woman arrested for stalking her See in context

Her family needs to hire some yaks, to provide jungle justice.

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Posted in: 5 youths arrested over death of 81-year-old homeless man See in context

IMO: I wonder what make "these" go after the helpless homeless in Japan, are they mentally deputized by their peeps to clean up Japan? or that they are so rigidtized that when they see something that does not fit their closed loop micro box mental mage of right and wrong, particularly what they may deem is rejected or unwanted, even a the cost of a life, driven to make something right? Typically with the gang strength approach. On the other hand if the homeless man had killed all 5 of them, then he would be further looked down on , even in self defense, Luckily the western world for a long time knows how Japan operates.

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"This man is sick but doesn't look a threat to society, we need to rehabilitate him. He needs psychiatric treatment, mentoring and coaching."

Japan's mental health system..really?

Yeah your view and followers perhaps the termites of your society, and he may have given her the wuhan to boot.

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Posted in: Truck plows into ramen restaurant after colliding with car See in context

"moving in a suspicious way," "it took off and hit the truck at the intersection."

They did not want to see the kobanites at all cost, perhaps must have been doing or had something very suspicious.

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Posted in: Actor Makoto Sakamoto arrested over domestic violence See in context

roughing up his wife, mother-in-law; he struck her

pop goes the weasel...

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Posted in: Woman suspected of killing mother-in-law, elderly neighbor, then trying to kill herself See in context

"Woman suspected of killing mother-in-law, elderly neighbor, then trying to kill herself"

pop goes the weasel...

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Posted in: Man arrested for fatally stabbing estranged wife on Saitama street See in context

"Police said he pulled her off her bicycle and stabbed her several times as she lay on the ground."

snatched, and stabbed on a public street at dusk, that's pretty rough.

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Posted in: Former justice minister's aide arrested over election scandal See in context

If you’re talking about Kawai stepping down in Oct last year, it was all over the news at the time. And as new developments happened in the case they have been reported."

Yeah , here on the east coast we dont get a lot of translated Japanese news, but lately we have been getting a hell of a lot about the corona virus problem, in Japan. Many people are saying Japan is very dangerous now and some US airlines wont fly there. I even heard of a travel ban.

Thanks for the insight :)

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Posted in: Former justice minister's aide arrested over election scandal See in context

"It may have been sudden but it’s hardly now. Katsuyuki Kawai was the Minister of Justice from September 11, 2019 to October 31, 2019."

thanks 4 the heads up...

I also wondered why high profile or sensitive news was reported month's or years later, as to allow the the stench to evaporate.

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